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Should the scum be allowed to return?

I don't think so!

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tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 15-Feb-2019 10:00 Message #4735307
Shamima Begum - Scum.

She went off to join Islamic State a few years ago, now wants to 'come home' to have her baby, having supposedly no regrets for joining IS.

Part of the report on the BBC says A British woman who fled to Syria as a schoolgirl to join the Islamic State group could be prevented from returning to the UK, the home secretary has said.

"My message is clear," Sajid Javid told the Times: "If you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return."

He added that if Shamima Begum, 19, did come home she could be prosecuted.

Ms Begum, who is pregnant, told the paper she had no regrets but wanted to have her baby in the UK.

"We must remember that those who left Britain to join Daesh were full of hate for our country," Mr Javid said.

Also Shamima Begum's fighter husband is reported to have been Yago Riedijk - a Dutch English-speaking convert. In her interview with the Times, she says their first two children died of complications linked to both malnutrition and a lack of drugs inside the war zone.

So the way I see it, she wants to come back to have her kid here, then what?

Despicable scum. It should not be allowed.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 15-Feb-2019 10:18 Message #4735310
Although I wouldn't quite use the same language, I do actually think as she knew what she was doing, she should be made to accept the consequences of her actions and told perhaps, that if she wishes to give her child a fair chance, to work towards improving the systems of childcare in her chosen country.
Of course, you do realise this raises a lot of other questions...such as does a 15 year old understand the consequences of their actions? I think it's been said our brains don't fully develop emotionally until we're in our late teens early twenties? whether true or not I don't know, I do know I was taught at a very early age if I did something wrong I would be punished and fully understood that.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Feb-2019 10:30 Message #4735311
Unfortunately, I think under International law we (the country) are obliged to let her return as she is a British citizen and we cannot make her stateless. Even the supposedly nasty Tory Government who kill people at will (allegedly) will let her come back.
It does seem ironic though that we will pay to support a mother and kid, mothered and fathered by our enemy - people who wanted to, and in fact did, kill British citizens in barbaric fashion.
Let's face it, she is unlikely to ever contribute to society, she will have her kid, she might be prosecuted but I seriously doubt it. She's not going to work, pay tax and contribute to this country's finances in any meaningful way, she will live in some paid for Council accommodation and just exist like a Vicky Pollard type character.
Where were the parents in all this I wonder - it's they who have failed her...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Feb-2019 10:42 Message #4735315
I agree with Terry, I feel very mixed about this case, she knew what IS were and joined them anyway, she's shown no regret or remorse. As a human being I feel for any mother who's had two of her children die and understand her wish to be in a safe place with this next one, but will she radicalise this child and possibly others she may have? Under international law we cannot make her stateless and as uncomfortable as that law is I think we should think very carefully before casting it aside, I can understand the people running the refugee camp where she now is wanting us to take our trash home, why should they want to keep her and deal with her?

I think if she can make her way back she should be allowed to enter the country, then imediately arrested, she undoubtedly has information useful to counter-terrorism officers.

I don't think at 15 you really do know your own mind as well as you think you do, but you are capable of making informed choices. I don't like this automatic assumption that everyone under the age of 16 or 18 is a victim, a child who can't make an informed choice, although lots of people make some very bad choices at that age, I don't like this mollycoddling of young people and giving them a screen of victimhood to hide behind. If anything I think young people should be given more responsibility not less, childhood seems to be ever lengthening and I think it increases the likelihood of people going seriously off the rails not lessen it.
leogirl  Female  Essex 15-Feb-2019 11:40 Message #4735321
Perhaps Shamina Begum could apply for Dutch Nationality . Has she not married a Dutch subject, a mr. Riedijk?
I would very much like to know how that would be received!!!

barney  Male  Surrey 15-Feb-2019 12:11 Message #4735322
As far as I am concerned she can rot where she is. She threw her passport away so now she is stateless.
If she comes back she will spend the rest of her life telling her kid that the nasty British and Americans killed its dad.
The usual liberal hand wringers are saying we must allow her back but on the radio phone in this morning not one person wanted her back and called her scum.
How do we know she had two children who died of malnutrition and lack of drugs, she might be saying that to gain sympathy and if she did shows what living with ISIS is really like.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Feb-2019 12:29 Message #4735324
It's funny, since this story broke, the people I expected to welcome her with open arms have been the most scathing and the ones I expected to say "rot in hell" have been the most forgiving.
Just shows how wrong you can be...
justfem  Female  Cambridgeshire 15-Feb-2019 12:46 Message #4735325
As I understand it it doesn't come down to whether she is a British citizen or not rather than requesting that the UK government helps her to return back to the UK. As we as a country do not currently do not hold any representation in that country and particularly as she shows no remorse, quite the opposite, I do not see why we should treat her as a special case.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 15-Feb-2019 12:53 Message #4735327
barney 15-Feb-2019 12:11
As far as I am concerned she can rot where she is. She threw her passport away so now she is stateless.

Unfortunately not true Barney.
Would that also mean if you were just careless with your passport while away, the Government could declare you stateless.
In fact it is illegal for any country to make its citizens stateless.
Yes, the UK government does have the power to remove citizenship from people either naturalised in the UK or those with dual citizenship if it believes their activities to be "seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK".
The law says that the Home Secretary should have a "reasonable belief" that those being stripped of their nationality will not become stateless. You could argue and quite rightly that what she did justifies it, but that is all open to interpretation.

One thing is for sure, her phone must be ringing off the hook with all the Human Rights lawyers offering to sign her up to represent her.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 15-Feb-2019 13:18 Message #4735329
She did publicly boast that she had thrown out her passport. Its a bit different to' losin'g a passport.

In my opinion, she should stay where she is, if she likes it so much. She has also boasted about seeing " bins full of severed heads, and was not phased by it". She has had 3 pregnancies in 3 years - I wonder if all with her 'husband'. Where is he in all this anyway. She has obviously been brainwashed, but I doubt she will change now.

As for her being important enough to give vital information to us about Isis - I dont think so.

I wonder if the Human Rights lawyers (if they sign her up) would comply with EU rules, as we are on the verge of Brexit.
justfem  Female  Cambridgeshire 15-Feb-2019 15:33 Message #4735339
I'm sure the Dutch would be very gracious and let her claim asylum in their country so that she could push their tax paying citizens down the healthcare waiting list.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 15-Feb-2019 16:29 Message #4735340
What I'd like to know is why now? She's 9 months pregnant and apparently just about to drop baby No.3.
I thought airlines refused to fly any women that close to full term.
So how is it exactly she intends to get here and if it flying who is going to do it.
Or will HMG be expected to foot the cost of repatriation on a non-commercial flight.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 15-Feb-2019 17:30 Message #4735343
Wishful thinking. She won't be allowed to fly until the baby is born. I read that she is almost full term. And even then, she will be met off the plane and may even have the child taken from her to prevent radicalisation, if what I was reading is correct.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 15-Feb-2019 17:30 Message #4735344
Despite Mr Javids fine words, he knows he can't stop her returning.
She will be dangerous in the UK, both directly and indirectly.
I do hope the child is taken away and given a chance.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 15-Feb-2019 17:31 Message #4735345
oh, didn't see onlinemse before I posted. I agree.
barney  Male  Surrey 15-Feb-2019 17:54 Message #4735348
Knowing how it usually works the Government will bring her back on a private plane, then straight to hospital for check up and then housed in a flat or house. All at our expense, how nice for her.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 15-Feb-2019 19:12 Message #4735355
I think we should allow her back...After the baby has been born as I suspect the only reason she wants to come back is for the baby to have British nationality.

By allowing her back we are showing ourselves to be better than IS.

Lead by example.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 15-Feb-2019 20:09 Message #4735360
A quote from the head of MI6, The head of MI6 has warned that the Islamic State group is reorganising for more attacks despite its military defeat in Syria.

Alex Younger, the UK's intelligence chief, also told of his concern about jihadists returning to Europe with "dangerous" skills and connections.

They should expect to be investigated and possibly prosecuted, he said.

His comments come after Shamima Begum, a teenager who ran away to join IS, said she wants to return to the UK.

Also her family have now called for the government to bring her back urgently.

I personally wouldn't trust her at all. Surely she will be thoroughly investigated.

And little baby is caught up in it all. Oh, sweet little baby, coochie coochie coo, who stands a major chance of growing up with the same hatred, and will then gladly murder our children and families.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 15-Feb-2019 22:50 Message #4735370
leave he where she is, she wanted to leave home for something better...

to repatriate would cost the taxpayer.

she wants to use the nhs, thats a cost to the taxpayer.

she would use the welfare system, thats a cost to the taxpayer.

has anyone considered that if people found out where she was living she would need round the clock protection and a change of ID, thats a cost to the taxpayer.

she chose to open her legs...blunt but true, and 9mths ago the writing was on the wall for isis, but she still decided to spawn a child for a lost cause.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 15-Feb-2019 23:41 Message #4735373
Ghurkas fight for this country and had to fight to settle here
Jamie bulgers killers were aged younger than 15
She is showing no remorse
Keep her out
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 16-Feb-2019 07:34 Message #4735381
Unsurprisingly, the parents are now suddenly concerned about their daughter and her kid and want the Government to bring her home.
It's a bit sad that she would rather speak to a journalist than her own parents...
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 16-Feb-2019 07:57 Message #4735382
Maybe she knows what they would they would be thinking and be better to talk to a journalist as they do not know her personally.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 16-Feb-2019 07:59 Message #4735383
But then what do i know lol
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 16-Feb-2019 08:31 Message #4735384
Maybe the best way forward, so that at least the UK can still maintain we've done more than can be expected for this women given her actions, is a compromise.
If it is indeed this women's parents fear for their unborn grandchild, then let the mother have it where she is in Syria.
Allow the newborn in as a refugee to live with the grandparents as it's guardian and leave the mother where she is.
It's her radicalisation, and subsequent actions in supporting the actions of ISIS in the caliphate that is the issue.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 16-Feb-2019 10:20 Message #4735388
No, I certainly don't want her back living amongst us! She has turned her back upon the UK, to go and join ISIS, she has made her bed, now it's time to lay in it.

I do however feel that she will be brought back, given a pitifully weak sentence, in a luxury prison, then put into a fantastic house, paid for by us of course. She will then live off benefits as the trauma she suffered from her trip to Syria, has rendered her unable to work.

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