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or Nasty neighbours.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 14-Feb-2019 22:20 Message #4735294
Have you ever had a noisy or nasty neighbour?
Did you manage to resolve the issue in any way?

Example 1.
A friend of mine had a very noisy neighbour.
He rigged up a microphone, recorded all noise and sent it back through the wall, with a 1 second delay.
The neighbour could not cope, and moved.

Example 2.
Was speaking to someone today, he had a very nasty neighbour.
The neighbour came out, gave him abuse, said something must have messed on his garden.
Said it was disgusting, and he should sort it * out.
So he did, when the nasty neighbour crawled out of bed at 4pm the next day.
All of the garden had been dug over, and loaded with fresh manure.
The neighbour moved, and the house is still empty.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 14-Feb-2019 22:44 Message #4735295
Over the years have had both types, never really been able to resolve the issues apart from one.
When living in a downstairs flat the neighbours upstairs used to be very noisy but I put up with it for a long while because I couldn't really understand the noise. Then over a short period noticed the noises were of a female sobbing/crying. When the sobs turned to screams I went up and had words, the young woman said she was ok, they both said it was games that got a little out of control. Don't know if it was my look of disbelief or the fact I said if I found out different I would break his neck but they left that week.

I do like your example one though.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Feb-2019 10:55 Message #4735318
Yep, I've had noisy neighbours, neighbours who bring half a nightclub home with them to continue the party, half the neighbours in the street complained and nothing happened so I went round in my satin and embroidered sexy nightie and dressing gown with my hair all over the place and told them if they didn't turn the music off and I had to come back it would be with an axe that would be put straight through the music system. I went mental at the bloke who owned the house after nearly being hit by a blood soaked tampon lobbed by his then girlfriend out of the bedroom window, he stopped going out with her after that and it quietened down. Then we had problems with the neighbours the other side, they had teenage kids and more or less less lived in the garden, the kids were fine it was the parents. He insisted he was in the music business and had to check his levels, what he actually did was do karioke competitions and looked and sounded like a malnourished love walrus, they had game cocks in their garden and they yelled at each other from dawn to dusk, the BBQ was constantly lit and wafting meaty smoke into our garden, there were always piles of rubbish in their front garden, I was so glad to go to uni, students were much quieter and well mannered.
Ilsmileforu  Female  Durham 15-Feb-2019 12:47 Message #4735326
Where I used to live I had neighbours who were both in their late fifties.
At 4.30 am each morning they used to put the music on blasting, I had to get up at 5.30 am for work.
This went on for months, then one day they moved , I am not sure if the neighbours on the other side reported them.
I heard later they had bought a bungalow, quite a distance away.

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