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Sunday Huggy thread

Come and get them

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 10:23 Message #4734957
Morning Huggers one and all,

It's a bit grey, overcast and wet here so a few (((HUGS))) will help brighten the day. I hope elrond was well anchored down and warm as once again the north has had the colder, windier weather, although it has been quite gusty here the last couple of days.

Valentine's Day this week, a bit of a non event for singles. Do you treat yourself to something nice - food, flowers etc? I've got a longer than usual work week this week so will probably just want to rest by the time it gets to Thursday.

Let's get the show on the road. Let the (((HUG)))fest commence
contender  Male  Leicestershire 10-Feb-2019 11:29 Message #4734963
Morning Twinkle

Well very wet here due to the rain, although at this time seems to have stopped. perhaps it will dry up for a nice afternoon?

My plans for today i am unsure of at present, although i could return the Club membership to my former sailing club for one and also look for some flexi piping?


leogirl  Female  Essex 10-Feb-2019 11:50 Message #4734965
HELLO Twinkle .
Warm {{{HUGS}}} to you and all Sunday huggers to follow {{{HUGS}}} and xxx
Dull weather here although the drizzle stopped. yesterday it was very windy- was worried that branches of my silver spruce would break !
Yesterday also an eventful day . My son-in law and my daughter had to come and help me to ague on the phone for me with Voda phone as they mis sold me a telephone contract that I could not use because of my deafness. I specifically wanted text only, pay as you go …
Enjoying my 2nd huge mug of tea before I dash off direction Braintree to have lunch with friends and have a look in freeport for new walking shoes that are waterproof.
On Valentines day I will look after the dogs as their mum and dad are flying to Jamaica ! now, THAT is some Valentines present!!! .
I bought a light , white T shirt for daughter with little red hearts on it. Perfect for Jamaican . temperatures.
A friend is coming for coffee and will buy something to eat with it that is within SW limits. .

{{{HUGS}}} and enjoy your week !
Phoenixnights  Female  Nottinghamshire 10-Feb-2019 13:16 Message #4734972
Hi Twinkle and Sunday huggers,

Had a very wet 'walkies' this morning and just as I thought it was brightening up a bit , its now getting very overcast AGAIN !

Roll on spring ! I dint mind cold or windy but torrential downpour is a bit much.

So today am just cooking lunch for a friend and not much else , it seems.

Hugs to all ((hugs)) and a lovely rest of weekend.
elrond  Male  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 10-Feb-2019 15:14 Message #4734981
(((hugs))) twinkle, warm dry calm sunny day up here

(((hugs))) to all
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 17:58 Message #4734989
Hello contender,

The rain has been on and off here too. I managed to do my shopping without getting wet but it was cold.

Flexible piping? Do you have a plan in mind?

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 18:01 Message #4734990
Hello leogirl,

I hope you won the Vodaphone battle between you and that you enkoyed your lunch. Any luck with the new walking shoes? Jamaica, lucky them - warmth. The tee shirt sounds like a lovely present.

Good luck with the SW limits.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 18:03 Message #4734991
Hello Phoenixnights,

There is a bit of a wet theme going on today so far. I hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friend.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 18:03 Message #4734992

You are so lucky weatherwise for a change. Make the most of it :)

leogirl  Female  Essex 10-Feb-2019 19:07 Message #4734998
hello twinkle,

I did win the battle with voda phone and get all the money back. . What a folderol and what stress it gave me.
My son who is in IT will be able to get me the mobile phone text, pay as you go services I need .

had a lovely time with friends I HAD NOT SEEN FOR YEARS! Meal was o.k , but was not impressed with the cleanness of the pub. it smelled a bit.
I am a bit fussy perhaps.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 10-Feb-2019 19:19 Message #4734999
Hello Twinkle

Oh dear, rain, rain and more rain, here in the Chilterns, Twinkle. However, hugs are still in order. Always nice to have a hug (((hugs))).

We still went off to a CB sale as it was only mizzling at 7.00am but by the time we got there, it was chucking down. I still managed to buy a couple of bits for Ebay though. lol. So then off we went to the Toby Jug and had breakfast which was really good. Still nothing happening regarding our house hunting. Its like a game of cat & mouse at moment... complicated. We also went to my place where the carpenter finished his work this week. The tiler and electrician have to go in during next week so its beginning to look a bit better. I do not feel at ease going there now.

Its turned colder tonight, but at least its stopped raining.

(((hugs))) to everyone
V xx
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Feb-2019 22:04 Message #4735007
Hello Victoriana11,

It has been miserable today although the sun did make an appearance for a short while this afternoon.

I'm glad you have had some luck and good things happen today. The house hunting is talking it's time but better to get exactly what you want rather than settle for something not quite right. As for your place, I know that feeling of waiting for one or other trade to finish. Hopefully if you don't feel at ease to go there it will be easier to let it go.

Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 11-Feb-2019 01:16 Message #4735019
Good Evening Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers. Abit late as tend t frget ehat day it is. I have jus spent six nights in Peueran and just returned to Lovina. It was lovely there being able to snorkel over all the coral etc. ntainous scenery reall stnning. did ave a terrific thnderstorm the day before yesterday thugh. I had been walking alog little trails into the mountains and due to the odd rumble started walking back. Hweve5r the heavens suddenl opened and dived for cover under somebodies car port. The problen was the road outside suddenly turned into a river. When the rindid eventually stop I ended up paddling through it all.. Nice and sunny here today though ad I have water gardens surrounding where I am staying. Lots of dragon fles to watch and also three loose rabbits that have the run of the place hopping around here. Have a lovely swimming pool and the sea a minute walk away. Leogirl be very wary of buying any walking shoes from so called walking outdoor shops at Freeport. I bought a pair of boots there to go walking inthe Montserrat Mountains in Spain and they lasted less than two weeks. the soles just came completely unstuck and flapping up and down. On the other hand I have a pair of Moshulu Sandals, made in Italy, not from a walking shop at all and I have had them two years now, walked everywhere with them and still going strong.

Sending very warm (((Hugs))) to all.

(((Hugs))) (((Hugs))) (((Hugs)))
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 12-Feb-2019 09:35 Message #4735095
Sorry, Twinkle, and Sunday Huggers, that I missed Sunday! I was painting! I hate painting ... paint goes everywhere in excess except the walls!

Hope you are doing well, Twinkle and hope all Sunday Huggers are having a good week. Catch you on Sunday!

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