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Neglected bunny


Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 8-Feb-2019 13:34 Message #4734830
I was always concerned about next door neighbours that they bought a new hutch, with a beautiful white rabbit with blue eyes as I knew what was going to happen.It was in a communal yard so noticed after afew month, there was no food water been given to it, wasn't exercised ,loved or handled or cleaned out.
On a night I would go give it bits of food and fill the water bottle up it was gagging for water the last night I did it.
I went away for afew days , on return I saw the hutch and water bottle thrown in and the padlock on top, as it was locked in, Mmmm maybe it was taken in for the winter I thought !, later I checked the hutch and it was dead in the bottom section where it's food was supposed to go, it laid there for the weekend, I heard a friend go next door with her children , look in the hutch and say "Laura I think your rabbits dead !" - her casual answer, " I Know" , - They got it for the kids, and these people always were unapproachable, and have other animals too.

While all this going on, calls to the rspca were made back and forth, had to relay details over and over, and it's all call centres now. They lied about coming out and speaking about animal care to them and said there was water in the bottle, and couldn't disclose any answers I asked them .They said as the rabbits died you can always raise concerns again about the other animals, so they wanted me to call in again ,which I had already mentioned, unbelievable ...

In the end the poor rabbit couldn't get out to get its own food, starved to death suffered god knows what pain , mental trauma so if they get another,I will act quicker and just bloody take it as I hate to see suffering.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 8-Feb-2019 16:38 Message #4734837
I had a neighbour like that some years ago.
The rabbit was not being looked after, I ended up looking after it.
A young couple so stressed up with kids, they forgot about the rabbit.
One day I made a lovely stew.

Sorry Powly only kidding.
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 8-Feb-2019 17:15 Message #4734838
Yeah, of course I'd like to do something but they have 4 kids now, I took pics of the bunny, rspc dicks told me to do so, so when I move gonna enlarge pics and stick them to their windows and doors for the street to see...
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 8-Feb-2019 18:31 Message #4734841
The RSPCA are useless. Very rich yet closed down the hull kennel because it needed repair work.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 8-Feb-2019 19:04 Message #4734845
I am so sorry to read your thread Powly. There are some evil b*ards about . I cant bear animal cruelty . I do agree that the RSPCA dont seem what they used to be. Perhaps they need a bit more publicity about their lack of help, on the media sites. They are a very rich organisation and their leaders are extremely well paid - they earn far too much for what they do,
justfem  Female  Cambridgeshire 8-Feb-2019 19:14 Message #4734847
I agree the RSPCA are generally useless. However, I don't lay all the blame on them, some of it is our legal system.

To be fair sometimes their hands are tied. On one occasion there was a stall in our local shopping centre that was being allowed by the centre to sell totally sealed cubes with tiny fish in them. I was so incensed I reported it to the RSPCA and they explained that because they were fish there was little they could actually legally do except put pressure on the shopping centre. I think they must have played merry hell with the centre because they were removed soon after.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 8-Feb-2019 20:05 Message #4734853
I think rabbits often get a bad deal. They are bought as pets then left outside and ignored. Maybe pet shops should be obliged to give more instruction to buyers.
I agree the hands of the RSPCA are often tied. It’s a sign of the times where the animal owners all want to exert their rights and are unlikely to take any advice unless it’s backed up by legal documents. I think pet owners generally have become less caring.
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 8-Feb-2019 22:42 Message #4734864
While working in Oxfordshire at Willow farm,rspca unit,we had about 25 volunteers there all hands on, they were left a legacy, the management/ chairman etc , closed the unit down saying they wanted to expand with a coffee shop and new premises - petitions followed, demonstrations, press coverage got us nowhere. And of course their proposal never happened.
As for the neighbours with the rabbit - they got away with it haven't they ?, but then must think got away with what ?.

HotOrWot I agree shop owners to give more instruction to buyers,bad deal indeed
leogirl  Female  Essex 8-Feb-2019 23:11 Message #4734866
Why o parents buy their children pets when the parents KNOW they will not look after them ?
I think it`s dreadful to pretend to be an pet loving family and than, when the glory wears of let it die in a horrible way.
If someone can not look after an animal anymore, why not ask for help and give the animal away who can look after it??

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