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Siesta09  Female  Essex 7-Feb-2019 21:26 Message #4734760
Hi all I have an Android smartphone which is 4 years old. Yesterday I charged it up as normal, then disconnected it and left it on the side. I went back to it and it was really hot - far too hot to use and I turned it off and today cant turn it on at all. I have tried to recharge it and hold the on button the same time as the volume button but nothing. I cant take the battery out (is a sign on back of phone saying cant do it and is screwed down). It was starting to go downhill so guess could do with a new one but what happens about my messages and photos? I can access numbers and diary via Google on my pc but no sign of the photos. Any ideas please? Thanks
Beach  Male  Dorset 7-Feb-2019 22:12 Message #4734779
Smartphones are powered by lithium batteries and, while lithium technology is energy dense and brilliant for delivering a lot of power in such a small format, they require battery management systems, (BMS), to safely monitor the electrical charge inside the cell(s).

The BMS controls the input re charging … for two main reasons.

Reason 1. Protection of the cell(s) by the BMS

If a lithium battery cell drops below a certain voltage, the chemical effect of such a situation can, in certain circumstances, encourage the battery cell to start deteriorating, (I call it eating itself) … SO … a circuit in the BMS usually kicks in to halt a battery from working if it is approaching that depleted battery stage.

This phenomenon presents a user with a situation where they assume the battery is dead forever … and sometimes that is the case BUT it is also possible to trickle charge some lithium batteries very slowly until … they turn on again and come back to life. :-)

This trick only usually works on battery cells that can be removed.

Reason 2. Avoidance of over charging by the BMS

If a lithium battery is overcharged, above and beyond its optimum charge, there is a real danger of the battery heating up, catching fire or exploding SO … a circuit in the BMS usually monitors voltage to ensure such an event cannot take place.

A battery can also overheat when a smartphone is expected to work very hard processing images, video or similar high demand applications. My own old Samsung J smartphone really gets hot when processing data intensive 360/720 VR, (virtual reality), apps.

Accessing data from a dead battery/smartphone obviously is a no no and maybe your phone has reached the end of its life which, sadly, means you would not be able to access your data … though you could remove any additional micro sd cards to retrieve data on them.

One other thing you could experiment with is connecting a DIFFERENT charger … just in case the problem lies with your existing charger delivering incorrect voltage.

Borrow a charger from a friend and see if the phone reacts more favourably.

If you were really lucky, a replacement charger might resolve the issue.

If not, be VERY WARY of the device and leave it outside, on a clear concrete floor or is some steel ammo box like container because, if they catch fire, they usually explode with a ball of flame the size of a netball or bigger. (Check out YouTube to see just how volatile an unhappy lithium battery can get).
Siesta09  Female  Essex 8-Feb-2019 07:40 Message #4734795
Thank you - the woman in Tesco (who contract with) tried their charger for about half hour and nothing - the phone had been charging before it went wrong.

Better keep the phone switched off then, not that I can do anything else! Presumably I've lost all my texts too :-(

Thanks anyway :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 08:21 Message #4734796
All is not lost … maybe

Even though you may not be able to, physically, recover data from your cooked phone, it is an Android smartphone so it will have been set up with a gmail account which, presumably, you still know the details of. (Email address and password).

Possible solution to cooked phone problem?

If you purchase another, identical (or newer model) Android phone, you could retrieve ALL the data associated with the gmail account of the cooked phone simply by signing in with your relevant, cooked smartphone gmail credentials on that replacement/new phone.

All the same apps, all the Google photo app photos (taken with the cooked phone but stored on Google's photo app account), should be still there waiting for you … being now visible on the replacement or new phone signed in with the original gmail account.

Sure. Your phone text msgs would not show up under the gmail account but, providing you originally registered the cooked phone using default settings, Google should have backed up ALL the data and photos automatically and all that data should reappear when you sign in with ANY Android smartphone by using/logging in with that prior gmail information.

The gmail account connected to any Android smartphone is just like the number on the door of any house.

Signing in with an an original gmail account on a smartphone is no different than using spare keys to get back into your house!

Hope this helps. :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 08:31 Message #4734797
And, of course, you could sign in your cooked phone's gmail account from a regular PC … to view photos, etc via that PC.


You could post the cooked phone to me, (or find someone like me in your own area) and let me see if I could extract the battery and either coax it back to life or, in some cases, replace with a new battery. :-)

Warning though. It is easy to damage a phone when attempting to extract a battery not designed to come out easy although, if you just want it working enough to extract/rescue information, then, yes, getting someone to mend/replace or coax the battery back into life is a gamble worth considering … if the data is worth so much time and trouble.

Otherwise, just bite the bullet and accept that the thing is dead. :-(

Out of interest.

What make and model Android phone is it?
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 8-Feb-2019 09:06 Message #4734800
I've never had a smartphone where the battery isn't removable by taking the back off. But I know some manufacturers do this (as do Apple) to ensure that it can only be serviced at one of their own service centres.
If it's a screw down back it must be designed to be removed (by someone) so can't you just contact the manufacturers website/helpline to see if they have a service centre to return it to.
If they do have to do a system restore to bring the phone back to life you will probably lose any data (messages, pictures and music etc) stored on it.
Beach  Male  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 09:33 Message #4734802
That's the distinction.

Anything Google related, (within the operating system of the device), may be recoverable … in relation to the Google account assigned to that operating system. Include micro sd cards as well.


Anything phone manufacturer related, (the in-built memory storing contacts, phone numbers, text msgs, photos etc), may be lost to the average punter though I note there are zillions of youtube videos claiming to show how to retrieve contact details, txt msgs and photos from a sim card's 128k memory!
Siesta09  Female  Essex 8-Feb-2019 10:17 Message #4734809
Its a relatively basic model, Moto G but has lasted over 4 years - I don't use it for gaming or anything that will use a lot of power. I have managed to sign into my google account on my pc so thankfully can see where I am supposed to be on the calendar (theres me saying I don't need a book diary ) and my contacts are there but not the photos - all I did was take the photo, didn't think of storing them in google? The camera isn't great so theres nothing I deem 'precious' on there, of family or friends or holidays as use a normal camera for that, but there are things I would have liked to have kept over the last 4 years! Thank you for the offer of looking at it, will have a think (maybe the photos will miraculously show up in a new phone lol) I think it was starting to slow down but is just annoying its crashed. Thanks for your help :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset 8-Feb-2019 11:08 Message #4734813
You are very welcome.

The moment you confessed there is nothing I deemed 'precious' on there, I was relieved and can, therefore suggest you just acknowledge the loss and dismiss it!

Take out the sim card, any internal micro sd cards and then dispose of it responsibly, (not via landfill) … or offer it to a geek for spares/repairs. :-)

Moto G's are quite cool little smartphones. A, kind of, high end budget device and the later ones even had real, rather than simulated, gyroscopes which meant they could be used in cheap VR headsets and deliver, quite impressive, immersive VR experiences.

If you wanted to chance it, in return for attempting, (though not guaranteeing to recover your files), I'd trade my time and effort trying to locate your lost data for the actual device itself … if you wished to recycle it my way. (I do this all the time in my little biz … offering to rescue lost data for free … in return for the laptop, smartphone or tablet the lost data might be on. :-)
justfem  Female  Cambridgeshire 8-Feb-2019 11:28 Message #4734816
If you've nothing else to lose you can try the freezer trick. Just put it in a sealed bag overnight in the freezer. Take it out the next day remove from bag and allow it to warm up and dry out totally naturally for a few days. DO NOT attempt to use straight away. You may find there's enough charge to revive data or you may be able to charge the battery a little. It may or may not work but I know of people who have jump started phones like that. Disclaimer, it's not my fault if anything goes wrong.

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