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Who Wants to Live Forever? pined Freddie Mercury

And what will be written on Aubrey De Greys tombstone?

Beach  Male  Dorset 6-Feb-2019 19:51 Message #4734651
I’m assuming that one of Man’s oldest upright walking ancestors, Australopithecus afarensis, AKA the 4 million year old fossil, Lucy, lived her estimated 40 – 50 year life-span due to the fact that she didn’t have the kind of energy consuming brain that we Homo Sapiens have utilised over these last 150,000 – 200,000 years.

Until about 30,000 years ago, human lifespan was approximately 30 years and even up until the 17th century, the average lifespan of a human was only 35 – 45 years.

Primarily, we have scientific and medical advances to thank for our current longevity, (now averaging 75 years in the west), along with, more recent lifestyle and technological innovations, (dietary advances and health apps), running alongside a newer wave of DNA and gene editing research determined to unlock the secrets of disease, ageing and immortality.

Aubrey De Grey is an interesting chap. He’s been a pioneer at the frontier of, amongst other things, life rejuvenation research for most of his own lifetime and his research, (too varied to go into here), is aiming to foresee a future where humans won’t die of age related causes.

I’ll, briefly, throw in my own fascination of a subject I’ve been writing about on forums for the past 15 years … the idea of decanting/downloading a human mind directly onto a chip or storage medium … to enable us to traverse space in nuclear powered, graphite based, humanoid form, free from the troubles of ‘wearing out’ due to entropy or biological decay. (The fundamental basics of such an idea is now taking flight. It's called Neural Lace Technology … but it consists of merely a head cap (or surgery) to interface our existing biological brain with some parallel computer linked directly to the internet, though NOT the independent, unbound idea I have for freeing mankind of its biologically tethered existence). :-)

ANYWAY. I tend to keep one eye on De Grey’s research, primarily to learn about his own efforts at curing ageing. A concept that might, ultimately, boil down to a process of simply switching off or neutralising nature’s own biological ‘ageing switch’.

In any event, Aubrey De Grey, (to my mind), has become the canary in the mine with his own life representing, to me, a living experiment where, presumably, Aubrey is already pursuing age defying procedures on himself, (by applying science, good diet, exercise or whatever), alongside more profound experiments and initiatives to prolong his very own existence.

All that said, I hand over the, (above), concepts for you to discuss … along with your thoughts on what you even think of the terrifying/wonderful idea of being able to, perhaps, live for eternity.

When I was a little boy, I read a short story about a man who had such an opportunity but, to be immortal, he was rigged up to a machine that delivered him EVERY human experience there ever was. Trouble was, he had already visited EVERY place, experienced EVERY sexual fantasy, lived EVERY human experience A BILLION TIMES.

His hell became choosing an experience … before the machine chose a random experience for him.

Living forever is, possibly, a greater terror than being dead forever.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 6-Feb-2019 20:13 Message #4734657
Not sure if i want to live forever. Maybe if i meet a fantastic exciting bloke who makes me smile
everyday, loves me so much he would never want to leave me. Then i might consider it. Ha ha
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 6-Feb-2019 20:13 Message #4734658
Not sure if i want to live forever. Maybe if i meet a fantastic exciting bloke who makes me smile
everyday, loves me so much he would never want to leave me. Then i might consider it. Ha ha
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 6-Feb-2019 22:58 Message #4734679
we must die for the sake of the planet.
Beach  Male  Dorset 7-Feb-2019 00:28 Message #4734680
That's a pertinent point, Fosy.

Until very recently, I always used to say that Gaia, Mother Earth would soon recover … even if we humans destroyed ourselves with our rampaging of earth's natural resources or some thermo-nuclear catastrophe but, currently, I'm not quite so confident about that hopeful future.

Is it possible that we have broken the planet so much as to have tipped it beyond any ability to re-create paradise again once we had destroyed ourselves?

Or … presenting an alternate scenario; would a teeming mass of immortal humans, (should that time ever come), pose a threat to the rest of our galaxy, (or galaxies), by extending our destructive and selfish mentality, locust like, out into the universe?

Maybe there is a reason we haven't yet encountered other, alien, life. Maybe Planet Earth is given a wide birth by other, civilised, species with them being all too aware of just how littered with trash and troubles it has become in this particular quadrant of space.

Remember that long, thin, object known as "Oumuamua" that entered our galaxy from another galaxy back in 2017?

The very well respected Harvard astronomer, Avi Loeb, (chair of Harvard's astronomy department and author of hundreds of astronomical papers), states, quite categorically, that the object could never have reached the speeds and orientation, (it had), to enter our galaxy, (from another galaxy), by following all the "natural" laws of science that we attribute to every other space body or particle we know about.

I laughed when I heard about that. Not because I doubted the astronomer's observations but because I imagined that, if it was some alien device, (or craft), being navigated by aliens from beyond our galaxy, then they had, probably, decided to put their pedal to the floor so that they might enter and exit our own part of the neighbourhood, just about, as fast as they could … to make sure they kept a decent distance between them and us! lol
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Feb-2019 11:42 Message #4734706
I agree Fosy, but I think what SoB was talking about was the idea of us or our concious mind being up loaded onto a computer. I don't think I'd like that, I enjoy having a body that interacts with my world.

The other point to this idea is, if there is life after death, reincarnation etc, then by uploading our conciousness into a device for eternity, stop us from evolving on our spiritual journey or going to heaven/hell wherever you think we end up?
Beach  Male  Dorset 7-Feb-2019 12:03 Message #4734710
Yes. I'd pondered that one, Hen … and also pondered the nightmare idea of my acute anxiety being uploaded into some eternal machine whereby I might live forever … but within some hellish anxiety episode I could never escape from.

Here's an interesting Sci Fi plot …

A future world where Uploaders versus Soulers, compete to see their version of the future materialise with a clanking, metallic, futuristic, humanoid based set of humans determined to develop immortality competing against a hippy like group of genuine, earth/nature loving humans wishing only for real peace on Earth. :-)

Beach glides away in his sandals, ringing a bell while scattering sweet scented flowers to all and sundry.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Feb-2019 12:32 Message #4734718
I do not wish to live forever for the sake of a planet or aliens and whatever is going on in this world.
I would want to be happy, carefree and dance around and be stupid or even be like Beach wearing
sandals and scattering sweet scented flowers wherever i go and maybe have someone scattering
sweet scented flowers at me making me laugh ha ha lol
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Feb-2019 18:49 Message #4734739
The thought of an eternal panic attack is horrible! I think some of the quality of life is because its finite, I wonder if life was eternal if it would lose its quality? I wonder if there would be a movement to force us all into an uploaded eternity so as we wouldn't die, regardless of whether we wanted it or not? Would there be laws passed to stop us "teminating" ourselves in the way that assisting a suicide is illegal even when the person you're assisting is very sick and its their wish? Where would the Chrisitan church stand on it, esepcially the life at all costs born againers who seem to have some very definate ideas about when its OK to kill someone. They want to ban abortions because they believe its murder, but they seem to be firm believers in the death penalty, but thats not state sponsered murder, its justice.

I know its something thats been the subject of many Sci-fi books, although I can't bring to mind what they are as its so long since I read them. I supose if we were housed in a machine then we would use less resources, hey, we could end up in an eternal MSE chat room, Hen runs screaming form the room.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 7-Feb-2019 19:19 Message #4734746
What was the book by Isaac Asimov? made into a film starring Robin Williams, think it was 'Bi-Centenial Man'?. It looked at this from the other side of the coin, from an AI perspective.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 7-Feb-2019 22:48 Message #4734784

sob covered two aspects, but the one i responded to was "is aiming to foresee a future where humans won’t die of age related causes. "
Beach  Male  Dorset 7-Feb-2019 23:29 Message #4734789
I think I've missed that film, Terry.

I know the name but I'm sure I haven't watched it yet … which could be a treat I shall look forward to experiencing.

I actually have a thing for Romantic Sci Fi movies and it really is surprising just how many films have covered my favourite theme. Love story played out in different or parallel time periods. You know … simultaneously like The Time Traveller's Wife, the classic Donny Darko or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. (A weird, non-linear movie).

Beach likes anything non-linear. :-)

If I ever wrote a novel, (and I have pondered the idea), it would have to involve romance spanning either eternity or time travel.

And even in reality, I've experienced the most romantic relationship since being with my Jackie … (the recent relationship being several years ago) yet that real life, true potential love story was thwarted by a bizarre aspect of time. (And tragedy and bereavement).

And here today, in the here and the now, that real life 'relationship' still hangs on by the thinnest of gossamer threads with J, (the girl in question), and myself still communicating … but just once or twice a year … via a letter or a card … or a rare phone call.

There is no space or time or place for J and I to build a life together … but neither of us seem to want to finally break off communication … so I experience a "Love Story" that still exists … but on a time scale where an hour of communication takes about 2 years to manifest. :-(


Sorry. Where was I?

Right, Terry. I'll look out that movie! :-)

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