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ok we had a bit of snow...

then it rained and now we have a skating rink for a road

eurostar  Female  Merseyside 2-Feb-2019 20:05 Message #4734402
but when did I suddenly start making weird sounds when trying to walk on ice?
I found my self out loud muttering words like,, oooer,ooer,,,don't fall,,, hate ice … I slip slided to the pavement,

my mate says only old people make noise when they

is that true? I now old?
alliez  Female  West Yorkshire 2-Feb-2019 20:13 Message #4734404
Don't mutter ... hum or la out loud Bolero and you'll look like it's all intentional and you're not impersonating Bambi on ice!

I'm afraid I've resorted to granny grips on my shoes if it's icy ... yes i admit it, I'm old!
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 2-Feb-2019 20:14 Message #4734406
ooh good thinking allies...……..ole ole ole
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Feb-2019 20:27 Message #4734413
I used to have a bit of a crush on Jayne Torvill
Ilsmileforu  Female  Durham 2-Feb-2019 21:45 Message #4734418
I was out with my sister the other day, we walked nearly into town when she fell flat.
I had to lift her up again, their is hope for me yet as she is 14 years younger.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 2-Feb-2019 22:14 Message #4734420
you are making noises because for once you are sober !

as you well know, when inebriated it doesn't hurt when you fall down, does it ;¬)
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 2-Feb-2019 22:19 Message #4734424
hey fosy I walk, run dance and skate without falling when inebriated,,,so you may have a
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire 3-Feb-2019 11:39 Message #4734441
Just don't ride ya bike when when inebriated Euro !

fosy  Male  Leicestershire 3-Feb-2019 12:03 Message #4734442
looks like snowy is inebriated inebriated...;¬)
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Feb-2019 14:10 Message #4734451
alliez, my Mum used to put her pop socks (tights) over her shoes to help grip the pavements when it was icy.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 3-Feb-2019 17:33 Message #4734457
Some amazing snow roller things have formed in Wiltshire. They look la bit like like wheels.

It looks a bit like a hoax type thing, a bit like corn circles and stuff, but they are supposedly just a rare phenomenumunmnm ( probably too many eminems there ) when the weather conditions are right. I don't think it's April 1st yet.

Pictures on the BBC site.

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