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keping dogs cool

a damp cloth

leogirl  Female  Essex
3-Jul-2018 01:22 Message #4720034
Our 2 dogs very much appreciated when their " Daddy " bought them some special cooling cloth to hang over the upper part of their neck and back fastened by a stip of Velcro .
When I looked at the material used ,it struck me that it looked like artificial leather, used to clean windows or wipe down cars.
For a tiny fraction of the cost the dogs can keep their back cool and the sides of their belly, using new cloths came in the kitbag for cleaning the car.
the genuine cooling cloths are called Chiller .
still do not take a dog out for a walk on the pavement in this heat

JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire
3-Jul-2018 09:37 Message #4720042
Apparently the most effective area to help keep dogs cool is the tummy. My pooch has a cooling coat - similar to what you have described, but it wraps under her tum too.

It seems to work well, but must be kept damp.

I’m walking her very early and very late. It’s better to not go out than to walk when it’s hot.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
3-Jul-2018 10:58 Message #4720048
Dogglet has mat thats filled with some kind of gel, you put it in a cool room for 30 mins and then let the dog (or yourself) lie on it and it absorbs body heat, its great, we got it from aldi, but I know other plaes do them. Me and Monty go for shorter walks in the evening, we could both do with a longer walk though, but its too hot, I'm half way through decorating the kitchen but I've had to stop that as the paints drying as fast as I can get it on the wall.
3-Jul-2018 12:03 Message #4720057
How about wrapping camping ice-pack in a small towel? Stays cool for ages and stays damp. Ideal for bassists at festivals when it's 30C on stage!

HonestBob  Male  the Central region
3-Jul-2018 14:22 Message #4720063
Well a mate of mine has a Newfoundland, and he gave me a tip a while back...

Get a towel and soak it in cold water, and lay it down I the shade for the dog to lay on. Now my dog isn't the type of dog that lays on the ground, he is used to beimg spoiled.

So I tried it anyway, put the wet towel down and I went about my business. I later went back out to find the towel and the dog were gone! So I went looking and I found them both! The wee bugger had dragged the wet towel up onto my bed and lay on it there... My bed was soaking!
3-Jul-2018 16:46 Message #4720070
Ho Ho! Love, Cat =^..^=
joolsy  Female  Essex
3-Jul-2018 16:53 Message #4720073
Ha ha the little rascal ... He likes his home comforts lol :)
joolsy  Female  Essex
3-Jul-2018 17:01 Message #4720075
The funny things animals do Bob ... Me cat simba thinks he is Hannibal lecter... With his twitching mouth watching the birds in the big bowl of water having a bath ... He gets jealous also of me giving his cat biscuits to the hedgehogs .. Stands guard watching them eat .. His face is a picture lol lol ...I'm as nutty as the cat telling him oi leave em alone they are house guests lol
CloudChaser  Female  Cornwall
4-Jul-2018 10:31 Message #4720157
You can make your own cooling coat from old towels or even combat trousers with ice packs in the pockets. There are lots of free patterns online to make your own pet cool coat.

Those cool mats they sell in B&M, Lidl, Aldi etc should be banned. They contain silicon and if the animal's claws puncture them the gel is poisonous to them when they either lick it or groom themselves if it's on their fur/feet.

And in this heatwave it's better not to walk the dog at all, as the pavements burn their pads, and the heat can cause them heatstroke or heart failure.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
4-Jul-2018 10:48 Message #4720166
The mat I have is of good quality and Dogglet has his claws clipped regularly, but I will keep an eye out for any leaks.
CloudChaser  Female  Cornwall
4-Jul-2018 10:52 Message #4720169
Yes best to keep an eye on him. A friends disabled dog laid on hers and the seam just came apart, luckily my friend was with the dog when it happened. I think she paid quite a bit for hers too, it wasn't a cheapie. x
leogirl  Female  Essex
6-Jul-2018 23:37 Message #4720316
Thank you about teling dog lovers about the poisonous gel in those cooling mats cloudchaser,,. My dogs don`t like laying on the wobbly gel cool
Now I have placed the large gel mat on top of the dog crate which keeps it shady , but also cool. ( I think )
NoSaint  Female  Devon
7-Apr-2020 19:03 Message #4775736
How are dogs coping with the lockdown?
Neros1954  Male  Devon
7-Apr-2020 21:18 Message #4775775
I would imagine a lot of dogs are becoming very frustrated staying indoors and probably not going for the walks they are used to. You cant explain the dangers of a virus to a dog.

Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
7-Apr-2020 22:04 Message #4775802
I usually walk my dog four times a day and now it’s once or twice. Lots of poo in the back garden now.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
7-Apr-2020 22:09 Message #4775804
my mate always says, big dogs, big logs.
Greencare  Female  Berkshire
8-Apr-2020 00:01 Message #4775834
I bet a lot of pets are confused because they are not allowed out or their owners are home all day.

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