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Geez! I hope I don't get raided by the cops!

I'd have a hard time explaining this one!

Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 10-Jan-2018 09:24 Message #4709268
Late November, last year, I decided some of my attire could do with replacing so I scoured the internet for likely vendors to replace my thinning socks and elastically depleted underpants and opted for a visit to my local Asda's sock department to satisfy my pedal requirements but the upper undergarment proved a bit more problematical.

You see, in my dotage, I don't need 'pulling in' or 'stringing up' - just a gentle cool support is sufficient - after all, there isn't that much there to support!

Loose boxers were out as they leave everything dangling and skin hugging boxers have proved to be 'too hot to handle' (so's to speak) so briefs was/were the order of the day. Now quite why manufacturers universally adopt the use of thick materials, and a double layer of such at the front, eludes me but my marathon search for a suitable alternative wasn't in vain for, lurking within the labyrinth of vendors on eBay, I discovered a firm in China that seemed to answer all my prayers so, expecting a long delay, and seeing how cheap they were, I ordered 2 pairs, one each of two sizes that were deemed appropriate.

Just after Christmas they arrived and, upon inspection, seemed to be just the ticket. There was a slight difference in size but they seemed well made and certainly lighter than previous models I'd worn so I tried them on and there didn't seem to be much difference between them, and they were comfortable. Not wishing to wear 'virgin' clothing in such a delicate area - after all, no-one knows what processing chemicals could be lurking within the material I cast them into my laundry basket.

This morning, with them having gone through my normal laundry cycle, I extracted a pair from my dryer in preparation for wearing them after my morning ablutions and was shocked to the core!

If the cops had raided me at that moment I'd have been hard pressed to explain why I had two pairs of kids underpants in my laundry!

They had shrunk to the size that would probably be more beneficial for a five year old!

OH well - it's back to the drawing board!

Or eBay!

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 10-Jan-2018 10:04 Message #4709270
Never mind all this 21st century internet shopping! lol.
Take a trip to a local Market, (there must be some that trade all year up Morcambe way) if not take a trip down the road to Blackpool, there's bound to be some there, (try Waterloo rd market) ;-}

You'll probably get Three pairs fer a fiver, praps less, (plenty good enough for 'everyday' work wear!)
You could get almost a weeks supply, fer a Tenner, and a day out into the bargain!

While your there, get some socks as well. their usually cheap enough to wear 3 or 4 times and chuck away! lol (sometimes 5 pairs fer about 3 quid!) and if ya get 2 packs all the same colour, if one gets a hole, you only need chuck one out. lol. ;-}
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 10-Jan-2018 10:09 Message #4709274
Aint ya got a 'Primark' in Morecambe? lol

their usually good for that kind of stuff ;-}

There's a Primark in Blackpool, just behind the Tower! lol :-}
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 10-Jan-2018 10:11 Message #4709275
I'm imagining the cops sipping tea in your kitchen as they wait for the tumble dryer cycle to finish - so that they can see if the fresh full-sized pair (which you just put through the wash to prove your innocence) has shrunk down to the same size as the pair which originally gave them concern.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Jan-2018 10:45 Message #4709282
A double piece of material is to catch the drips for men who have dangly foreskins or don't shake it properly, its stops the outer clothes from being bleached by urine.

If you aint got a Primark then go to good old M&S, Tescow do a good range of mens undies too as I found out when getting some for Manthing.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 10-Jan-2018 13:23 Message #4709300
so whats wrong with Aldi or Lidls Jason, they both sell men's underwear and their thermal stuff is excellent.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 10-Jan-2018 14:01 Message #4709303
They were Lidl undies, when they came out of the washing machine.
Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 10-Jan-2018 16:21 Message #4709306
There is a big fairly new Primary in Lancaster which he could go to.

Seeing as he had mentioned wanting some new nix on here last year, I actually bought him some, think I got them from Lidl in Cyprus... ungrateful git didn't like them lol, they were far too close fitting boxers. Hey ho.

Woosey, Argos personal shopper lol x
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Jan-2018 19:45 Message #4709318
Agronaut, please allow me to introduce you to the art of precis.

So you realised that your undies were pretty scummy in their bird repellant rankness and after a long search, you went for some cheapo old Chinese rubbish. You got ripped off good and proper dude when they shrunk to nut scrunching minisculity in the wash. Buy cheap! Buy twice!

There see, it wasn't hard really was it?

Think that's what you meant anyway.
PollyValentiniusPoppy  Female  Worcestershire 11-Jan-2018 00:08 Message #4709333
Not all garments are suitable for tumbling, my jeans for example.

Betcha didn't check the label prior to chucking them in the dryer.

Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 12-Jan-2018 17:29 Message #4709472
And Primark mens socks are 5 pair for £2 - I know cos I buys them - any lady will tell you that ladies size 4 to 7 only fit size 3 !!! So over to the mens size 6-8 perfick !!

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