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The Virgin Suicides


Timmee  Male  Hampshire 9-Jan-2018 12:40 Message #4709216
I picked this DVD up for 50p in CEX - not having seen it since it first came out in 2000. I kind of remember it was really good.
Despite being a very tragic subject, (under Sofia Coppola's direction) it is full of many wildy comic moments of black humour and in addition has a very insightful & subtle way of protraying a whole way of life of a decadent society at a particualr moment in history. It almost has the feeling of the Truman Show about it at times.

The Lisbon family (parents James Woods and Kathleen Turner) and the Girls are excellent - as are the local boys who date and discuss the girls.
Special mention should go to Josh Hartnett (Sergeant Eversman in Black Hawk Down) who plays the local Romeo (Trip Fontain - whom girls just cannot resist.) The section that establishes is powers in short vignetts is absolutely hilarious - with high-school girls fawning over him and delivering their home-made baking to his door.

We stayed in with our friends to view this on a wet, unpleasant morning and then went to see the new Star Wars movie at the cinema in the afternoon. I didn't find much to impress me in the Star Wars movie, but Sofia Coppolas 'Virgin Suicides' is a true work of art. It's ostensbily nothing like Mike Leigh, but it does have that same mix of humanity, tragedy, comedy and absurdity characteristic of a Mike Leigh or Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine.

As to the girl's suicides - they remain unexplained so you'll have to draw you own vague conclusions or remain puzzled - I did both.

Another favourite moment of black humour from the film? During the hysterical local TV coverage: the account by a sobbing teen of the Grandma and the pie. (I'll leave that for you to discover that one - if you see it.)

Regards, Timmee
Chr-is  Female  Kent 9-Jan-2018 13:12 Message #4709220
Thanks for the recommendation Timmee, I'll see if I can find it on Netflix.
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 9-Jan-2018 19:23 Message #4709245
Ah Netflix - I don't have that (he said jelously.)

Love to hear your opinion if you see it.
Chr-is  Female  Kent 10-Jan-2018 13:40 Message #4709302
Did look, couldn't find it on there.
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 11-Jan-2018 09:53 Message #4709341
Even Netflix has its limitations then.
Try Youtube for trailers and CEX for cheap DVDs.

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