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They are now

Down !!

Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 6-Jan-2018 22:27 Message #4708980
So, just in time before 7th Jan so as not to bring any bad luck, all the decorations, cards and of course, the Blinkin Lights are down.

Back to normal for me - Madness102

What are your dreams for the New Year? Have you made plans or a list of "to do" in 2018??
bella111  Female  Devon 6-Jan-2018 22:30 Message #4708982
A Diet, and more Hols, and decide if I want to move decisions decisions...
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 6-Jan-2018 23:16 Message #4708986
Holidays, long weekends, plays (drama(, poetry and talks, finish decorating and updating house, have a good clearout, start writing stories again.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 7-Jan-2018 08:30 Message #4708995
Madness ...

"What are your dreams for the New Year?"

To wake up every morning! ;-}
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Jan-2018 11:07 Message #4709006
I've got a garden to plan, and plant, I've already got some of the plants, roses I bought in a sale reduced to £1:25 from £8:99, some plants I've bought with me and I've had some trees as xmas presents. The new garden will be in three, an orchard area with the greenhouse in it too, a vegetable garden and an ornamental one nearest the house. I think I'm most looking forward to creating the ornamental garden as its something I've never really done before, it will be mostly perenials, shrubs and things to attract wildlife, I'm hoping that this will be good for the overall health of the garden, as one of the ornamental beds will be dividing the ornamental garden from the vegetable garden I'm hoping to attract lots of friends to help keep the unfriendlies off my veg. If I've got time I want to do the front garden too, that may have to wait for next year though.
leogirl  Female  Essex 7-Jan-2018 12:05 Message #4709012
my list " to do" for 20018 is to travel more , pay more attention to my filing system TO MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR MYSELF..., slim 10% of my body weight , go to the gym more often and not to get rattled by people who seem to do all these tasks effortlessly ...
I still have the Christmas cake ... anyone for a coffee and a slice?
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 7-Jan-2018 13:00 Message #4709015
"Down" ... mine never went up as i flew to Egypt on the 18th Dec and didn't return until 1st Jan so couldn't see the point of putting them up ;-) lol

Andy Mac
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 7-Jan-2018 13:11 Message #4709016
I took all my decorations down last night however I still need to hoover today. At this rate I think within the next five years my artificial tree will be only wire.
I need to spend less time on the computer and more time reading. I will have one evening computer free and try and read at least a chapter every day. I need to get back to walking daily and get my health back on track.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Jan-2018 13:47 Message #4709020
Every year, bad luck happens. maybe it's because although the decorations are down, some are probably still in their upright positions in the loft.

I didn't put any up myself this Christmas, as I was away with family, who had some brilliant ones, so I may put some up now, to see if I am one of those people who get good luck from it, a bit like people having good luck with number 13, or walking under ladders, or breaking mirrors or something.

With regards to dreams for this year, first and foremost it is better health for members of the family, and hopefully some further breakthroughs in medicines to help the suffering. And not just for family, but for anyone suffering anywhere.

For myself, I hope to get my heart a bit better. The electrics of it is working much better now, but the pipes and tubing are a mess still. Once it is all sorted, I will be taking my pensions from 39 years of work, and hopefully enjoying what time I have left.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 7-Jan-2018 15:57 Message #4709038
now they are up all year :)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Jan-2018 17:45 Message #4709055
Mine came down on wednesday.

Leo, filing is easy, you chuck everything into a cupboard, and when you want something you kneel before the cupboard and ask the filing fairies for the document you want, come back 5 minutes later and it will be in the top 6 documents. Mess with this at your peril, if you start messing around trying to do it yourself then you'll never find anything, let the filing fairies do what they're good at and never worry about it again.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Jan-2018 19:25 Message #4709070
lol at w/hen... you are sooo right
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 7-Jan-2018 19:33 Message #4709074
Considering all decorations should be down on or before 5th Jan, before Epiphany on 6th, the house opposite me still has them winking, and flashing - be interesting to see how long they stay there. Additionally a house about 6 doors along has had flashing coloured lights up since August - and they are STILL there.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 9-Jan-2018 15:59 Message #4709229
First : Andy - hope Egypt was a lovely break and not too hot and hope the camels were friendly!
Leo whats this about cake?? I thought you said you want to lose 10% so heres news : that is NOT the way to do it !! ha ha
T/weed: I sincerely hope you get your wishes come true - a good heart and good health to your family - and the rest of the world.
w/h : is this your Mums garden? I hope she is sharing in the planning which will give her new focus - hope she has also come to terms with the invaded crowd at her home!!
BluePoppy: yyour list is something I aspire to, I love AmDram and poetry etc - also clearing out the house is very cleansing and cathartic - but if I clear out any more I wont have a bed 2 sleep on !! Ha ha. Good luck with story writing, have u had anything published yet?

RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-Jan-2018 17:16 Message #4709233
All my decorations are down and disposed of. They were made by myself and the kids and are not of good enough quality to last another year. My tree was an offcut of a friends tree so that's gone and the cards are being recycled. I have packed away my brand new set of flashing coloured lights which I got for nothing on freecycle. A very cheap Christmas and a lovely enjoyable one.

New year. Lose a few pounds and get more exercise. Make plans for 2019.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 13-Jan-2018 06:31 Message #4709505
Madness102, Egypt was fantastic 26 to 28 degrees every day but what i found strange even though the story of the birth of christ is far closer to Egypt than the UK and even though the hotel i was staying at put on Christmas and New years party’s the general consensus of the local people seems to be that Christmas and New Year is just another working day, you don’t see Christmas trees, lights and the frenzy of the run up like here in the UK.
Yes, the hotels have minimal lights and decorations but thats only because they are catering for westernised guests, it really brings it home to you the true meaning of christmas in the land where it all began and it certainly has nothing to do with the spend, spend, spend frenzy like here.

Andy Mac

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