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X-ray result

Osteo Arthritis

Aely  Female  Hampshire 16-Nov-2017 22:05 Message #4705577
I've been having problems with my right hip since I slipped on cellar stairs way back in the early 1980s. I finally got round to getting it checked out with an x-ray in about 1988 and it was thought I had damaged a muscle or tendon as nothing showed on an x-ray. It got more bothersome a few years ago with something occasionally getting out of kilter giving me short-lived excruciating pain if I twisted my leg walking on a bad surface but I joined a gym, used leg strengthening equipment and did stretching and exercise classes which brought it back under control and then kept it ok with Pilates. Unfortunately the gym closed about 3 years ago and I was unable to find anywhere else I could do Pilates. The few classes on offer seemed to be for a maximum of 6 or 10 weeks, with waiting lists

In the last few months my hip has became increasingly stiff and painful if I sit down for very long and I am finding it difficult to reach my right foot to put a sock on so I took myself off to the doctor and last week I got another x-ray.

I have slight damage and Osteo Arthritis in my left hip but my right hip is classified as severely damaged with OA.

I'm actually surprised I am not in more pain but I guess I have just got used to the gradual increase in discomfort over the years. It was the stiffness that took me back to the doctor rather than the pain, which is really just an annoyance. It is an ache rather than the excruciating flash pain I was experiencing before I started at the gym.

Just another problem to add to the missing disc in my neck and the after effects of two frozen shoulders.

I've been advised to see the Physio at the surgery and continue looking for a Pilates class.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 16-Nov-2017 22:06 Message #4705578
yoga would be good for you...
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 17-Nov-2017 08:31 Message #4705587
I’ve also got osteoarthritis hip issues (as a result of my rheumatoid arthritis), and was in a lot of pain. Just over 12 months ago I saw a physio, I did all my exercises then have been doing Pilates since - it has made a huge difference to me, I have much less pain and my range of movement has increased.

Would swimming help? That’s another thing I find really helpful.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 17-Nov-2017 09:09 Message #4705597
I find aloe vera juice helps a bit too, just 1 cap a day in a little orange juice, I feel like someone's been down my spine with a can of 3in1.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 17-Nov-2017 09:11 Message #4705598
The flash pain may have been due to an overstretched or tightened psoas muscle (can be either) and the pilates and gym work resolved it.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 17-Nov-2017 18:54 Message #4705632
Manthing did his back in on saturday, was walking with the aid of my dads old rollator and after two sessions with a chiropractor is almost as good as new, he's very sceptical about anything even slightly alternative and has had massage, manipulation and accupuncture and is totally amazed at how well he's recovered. He even thinks its worth the money which is a mid sized miracle, a chiropractor won't be able to heal your OA but they could make life a lot more comfortable?
Aely  Female  Hampshire 18-Nov-2017 14:29 Message #4705711
Minnie, the flash pain did seem to me to be muscle related. I never suspected OA as a cause of the stiffness and ache.

Unfortunately a yoga class is even more difficult to track down than Pilates in this town. At one time the gym offered a "bastard" class with elements of yoga, tai chi and pilates which was really good but it got stopped because the official bodies of the disciplines are purists and the lady could have lost her certification.

As for swimming, I can't swim, well, not more than a few strokes before I need diving equipment. I don't seem to have natural buoyancy. Short, thick bones, limited lung capacity and a problem breathing at all if my chest is surrounded by water. I did find swimming easier in the Med, warm, salty and calm.
Pickled  Female  Middlesex 30-Nov-2017 15:48 Message #4706796
Aely that sucks - am so sorry. I have no advice but I noticed you mention a local gym class that was axed. Have you thought about looking what you need on Youtube? I think it's marvellous! I do Tai chi and Yoga on Youtube every morning. It took me a while to find a video that suited me but now it s great. I do 'classes' when it suits me and mix and match the exercises. Obviously make sure you see a physio too...
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 30-Nov-2017 17:31 Message #4706799
Are there any dance classes nearby? A good one will build up up with the correct body stretching and yoga exercises. Apparently there's growing evidence that partner style dancing is helping those with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. You don't need a partner to join the classes. I've taken up Brazilian Zouk a form of singular and partner style dance fusion. We've had some Brazilian stars at the Manchester Zouk scene for the past month and have been been building up on yoga style stretching exercises.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 30-Nov-2017 17:45 Message #4706800
You can see a number from one our dance choreographer, Giuseppe Palumbo, on his youtube channel:
They Flash Mobbed Manchester a while back...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 30-Nov-2017 18:42 Message #4706802
Did you get any help from the physio Pickled? I had a physio appointment in the hope they could help me devise some exercises to help build up my core strength so as my muscles could do more of the work my bones can't and the bloke was useless, thought exercise was boring and didn't know why core strength is important. I've seen several physio's and none of them have really been any good, whats worse is that I seem to know more than they do about exercises and how muscles, bones and ligaments all work together and I'm no expert, nit by a long shot.
Pickled  Female  Middlesex 30-Nov-2017 19:42 Message #4706804
WH I did, yes. I think it really depends what it's for (and a little who you get) . I had a torn acl in my knee and the physio worked wonders. My back, however, needed a chiropractor (physio was useless)...

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