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Famous landmarks.

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 23-Oct-2017 13:10 Message #4703676
Have you seen many of the worlds famous landmarks? The wonders of the world even? Have you been disappointed!
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 23-Oct-2017 18:10 Message #4703691
A few. The Eiffel Tower wasn't as impressive as I thought. The Atomium was. Can't remember offhand what else I've seen that would be deemed a landmark but got up close to a glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska last month which was more impressive than anything man-made I've seen!
Toxophilite  Male  Leicestershire 23-Oct-2017 19:20 Message #4703700
I was quite impressed with the Eiffel Tower but then I was only eleven at the time!
Had another school trip to the Austrian Alps to do a bit of skiing when I was 16, always wanted to go back.
Also seen the New York skyline and been up the Empire State Building, that was pretty good too.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 23-Oct-2017 19:51 Message #4703702
I was impressed by the Eiffel tower. Most impressive site for me was looking into the crater of Mount Vesuvius.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 23-Oct-2017 20:24 Message #4703703
I went to Egypt in the 70's, and didn't get to see the pyramids, which was disappointing.

I was on the ships and we were docked in Alexandria. There were a couple of trips during the few days we were there, but I was working in the day and couldn't go. I did get a couple of nights off though, and saw a few bars, so not all bad.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire 23-Oct-2017 21:25 Message #4703710
I too was very impressed with Eiffel Tower - and I was also about 11 - we went to the top!

Been to top of Twin Towers and Empire State in New York but was very impressed with Stat Lib - went to the crown windows, which sadly are closed now but shall never forget it.
coffeelover  Female  Norfolk 23-Oct-2017 22:22 Message #4703711
I had dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Pos5 Offuce tower, when it was all in operation still.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 23-Oct-2017 22:28 Message #4703712
the mombasa tusks, close up look like a pop riveted diy job.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 23-Oct-2017 23:45 Message #4703715
Blackpool Tower, and I've done the "walk of faith" at the top! ;-}

And, I rode "The Big One" at the pleasure beach, at it's 'grand opening', at the time it was the Highest roller coaster in the world! :-}

A couple of years ago I went to Felixstowe to see the BIGGEST container ship in the world, (19,224 containers) MSC Oscar, arrive at the port on it's first visit to the UK. :-}
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 24-Oct-2017 01:16 Message #4703716
CL... That reminded me of when I had dinner in the revolving restaurant high up at Niagara Falls. I thought I wasn't going to be able to as I'm claustrophobic and can't go in lifts...but the lift was a glass one going up the outside of the tower (which is OK for me), and the falls were all lit up with changing rainbow colours at night. Stunning.

Classic "wonders" I've seen: Grand Canyon; Golden Gate Bridge; Taj Mahal; Pyramids and Sphinx;
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 24-Oct-2017 01:29 Message #4703717
But actually enjoyed more being in Bourbon Street New Orleans; climbing Mount Sinai to see the sunrise from the top; the natural beauty of Xcaret; the NASA space centre in Houston; seeing sea turtles hatch off the coast of Barbados; taking part in the Whale census at Cabrillo Point, San Diego...that kind of thing. And actually seeing the many beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Cambridgeshire - as good and better than any I've seen around the world.
coffeelover  Female  Norfolk 24-Oct-2017 21:00 Message #4703753
I have been to Nigeria falls but di£not go in the restaurant there
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 25-Oct-2017 00:09 Message #4703766
I was disappointed by the Palace of VErsailles it seemed tacky and an expensive rip off
Aely  Female  Hampshire 25-Oct-2017 20:37 Message #4703834
I went to the Horseshoe falls. Niagara falls looked insignificant in comparison, across the river.

OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 26-Oct-2017 08:42 Message #4703857
The Horseshoe Falls on the Canada side is the largest of the trio that make up Niagara Falls.
The other two across the river on the US side that make up the trio are the American Falls & the Bridal Veil Falls.

I think it depends when you go, as in the May I went there was a lot of water going over all 3 Falls.

The Maid of the Mist boat ride up to the base of the Falls really showed the power of the Falls, as did the walk behind it. One of the most awesome things I've seen on my travels.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 27-Oct-2017 01:24 Message #4703970
Yes it was the Horsehoe Falls on the Canadian side that I was referring to. I'm always in awe of the power of water. Can you imagine going over those Falls in a barrel, as some have done?!!

In terms of disappointment, I thought the pyramids and sphinx in Cairo were distinctly a grubby crowded area with Pizza Hut overlooking them!

I had to laugh at the reverence we were encouraged to have when going round the Pilgrim Village in Cape Cod. The guide was telling us, in hushed tones, that the roped off bed we were viewing, was a "real feather bed"! My aunt snorted and said it didn't look as comfortable as the one she slept on as a child:)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 27-Oct-2017 08:07 Message #4703981
I don't really do those kind of trips, I hadn't even done any of the other European capitals until a few years ago.
Although, I did go to Boukhara and Samarkand in Uzbhekistan with all ancient the blue onion domes, magnificent site. I have seen the sun rise over Everest, and photographed 12 out of the 14 peaks over 8,000 metres in the Himalaya. I have been to Macchu Picchu and flown over the Nazca lines. I have been to the Taj Mahal and watched tigers in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. I have never added up my bird list, but it will be more than most will see in a life time.
The Forbidden City in Beijing was a big disappointment and the Great Wall is barely visible on the ground most places, let alone from space. In fact, China was nothing like I expected at all. Chairman Mao and his cohorts destroyed almost everything of any historical value and when I went there in 1993, it was the most filthy dirty, grey, down spirited, soulless, empty place that I have visited in the world.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 29-Oct-2017 13:35 Message #4704117
I went to Egypt in 2012 and managed to get to see the Sphinx and the great Pyramids, in fact i touched them and even sat on one of the lower levels of the great Pyramid, i went into the boy king’s tomb (Tutankhamun) in the Vally of the Kings, i went into a few museums in Cairo and Luxor, visiting the Luxor Temple and the most splendid Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut and many many more wonderful sights.

I’m thinking of going to Egypt again this Christmas but to a different area this time so i’ll be looking for some new sights to see like the Aswan Dam, Khufu Ship, Naama Bay, the Siwa Oasis and many more, i’ll have a fortnight to do it :)

Andy Mac
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 29-Oct-2017 19:47 Message #4704154
"Blackpool Tower, and I've done the "walk of faith" at the top! ;-}"

I walked the beach but will never do that again...that sort brown sediment on top of the sand has put me off Blackpool (The Lancashire one) for ever!
vintagedave  Male  Northamptonshire 2-Nov-2017 14:50 Message #4704508
Hello Chiog,
Luckily I have seen one or two. Man made ones include the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Brandenberg Gate, The Grand Plaz Brussels, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Royal Palace Bangkok, Edinburgh Castle, and one or two more. Natural ones include Lake Constance, the Aurora Borealis, the Austrian Tyrol, the English Lakes, the Vosges Mountains, the Gobi desert, the Yangtse Gorge. Never yet been truly disappointed, particularly with the natural landmarks.

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