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It The Film.

Send in the clowns.

mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 17-Sep-2017 09:37 Message #4701084
I see the remake of the film " IT " is upsetting clowns, they suggest they are losing bookings because of the horror film, are clowns being a bit sensitive it's only make believe after all.
I will be watching the film myself but won't be going to the circus, do you like clowns.
barney  Male  Surrey 17-Sep-2017 12:16 Message #4701110
First of all how did they manage to condense a book like "IT" into a film, the book is about 800 pages or so.

Like circuses I thought clowns were a dying breed anyway.
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 17-Sep-2017 13:11 Message #4701118
The book is usually better barney, visual is probably easier in a condensed form, but nothing like using ones imagination.
Plenty of clowns still around though.
barney  Male  Surrey 17-Sep-2017 18:23 Message #4701132
I read the book years ago and the reason it was so long was that there was a long build up to the final which is why I can't see it transferring to film but I maybe wrong.

"Plenty of clowns still around", tell me about it lol.
Timmee  Male  Hampshire 18-Sep-2017 10:38 Message #4701159
Loved the book - will probably catch the film some time. I'm prepared to be disappointed as it's rare for a film to live up to the book.
I thought 'Atonement' was amongst many honorable exceptions to that rule.

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