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Village Names

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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 15-Aug-2017 17:36 Message #4698328
When we pass through a rural village, the name sometimes sounds like an eccentric actor who maybe 'resting' at the moment.

Shepton Mallet was a recent visit of note. 'Dear Shepton may have given us a wonderful performance of Hamlet!'

Can you think of any suitable names and the performance they might have been noted for!
barney  Male  Surrey 15-Aug-2017 18:17 Message #4698329
Oi Chris, Shepton Mallet is a town not a village, I should know I used to live there.

It was originally known as Sheep town.

Windsor Hill is not far from there so the Merry Wives of Windsor.
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 15-Aug-2017 18:29 Message #4698330
On the contrary barney,

Shepton Mallet (or Dear Shepton to his friends!) is a resting actor! .. Hence the thread!

As for Windsor Hill ... I hear Dear Windsor used to be famous for his pantomime roles!
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 15-Aug-2017 18:35 Message #4698331
I understand also that Action Trussell was once noted for his dulcet tones on the boards!

A bit of a song and dance man in his day!
The Dim Reaper  Male  Devon 15-Aug-2017 19:09 Message #4698333
Crapstone , a very poor actor
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 15-Aug-2017 20:49 Message #4698339
Brightwell cum Sotwell - a creaky old historian/ museum curator who smells of mothballs

Clifton Hamden - a 1940s bounder and cad

Ginge - a bespectacled radio presenter :-o

All places near me...
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 15-Aug-2017 21:02 Message #4698340
I'm on a roll now...

Uffington - a mythical asthmatic dragon

Appleford - an old car used during apple harvest time

Aston Upthorpe - posh old bloke who is a private detective and drives around in a flash car
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 15-Aug-2017 21:05 Message #4698341
Good old Aston!! .. Always admired that Jag he drove with the distinctive throaty roar!

Haven't seen him years .. the old duffer!
barney  Male  Surrey 15-Aug-2017 21:09 Message #4698342
Sorry Chris, I misread the thread and what you meant.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire 15-Aug-2017 22:10 Message #4698344
Last I heard, Aston had found a lady friend- Mavis Enderby
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 15-Aug-2017 23:13 Message #4698348
Aston Upthorpe has a lady friend!?

I thought he had a secret desire for Anderby creek! ;-}
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Aug-2017 18:56 Message #4698417
Ufton Nervet, a rare rodent.

Theale, used by lisping blacksmiths.

Gloy, the place were free range glue runs from a crack in the rocks.
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 16-Aug-2017 21:02 Message #4698426
Sorry Wonders but that's drifting into the Meaning of Liff - a favourite of mine truth to tell - see the link

The thread is about villages ( or perhaps settlements or Hamlets) who's name conjures the image of a type of thespian character we might all long to see.

For example, at the weekend I passed Western Downs in Staffs - now to some, dear Uncle Weston was the type of man whose hand one shook but you never hugged him - if you knew what was good for you! Wondering hands .. nuff said!
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 16-Aug-2017 22:29 Message #4698427
Letcombe Regis - a distant cousin of the queen who thinks he's the bees knees.

Toot Baldon - aged society gal, wears too much make up and is far too familiar with Harvey's Bristol Cream.

Marsh Baldon - Toot's elder brother, completely eccentric and bit wet behind the ears plus smells of mildew.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 17-Aug-2017 11:39 Message #4698464
Well, that me told then, I'll go and sit on the billy no mates step.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 17-Aug-2017 13:31 Message #4698474
lol at wonderous.
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 17-Aug-2017 18:25 Message #4698483
No rebuke intended Wonders - and I'm sorry if that's how it was taken.

It shows how easily text can be mistaken from what was intended.

My purpose was just to keep on thread and to develop a theme. I also enjoyed what you added but largely because I enjoy the 'Meaning of Liff' which germinates new words from imagined scenarios to great effect.

Lightheartedness was the aim - I hope that's how this is interpreted. :0)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 17-Aug-2017 18:32 Message #4698484
Its alright Chris, I replied with the intent of humour.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 17-Aug-2017 19:01 Message #4698487
Hutton Rudby and Saffron Walden, who both starred in that long forgotten classic 'MSE - The Wonder years'

Unfortunately neither could handle the pressure of life at the top. Both turned to drink and the only roles they were able to play after that film, were as a pair of trolls in the follow up, 'Whatever happened to MSE?', which was panned by the critics, especially the highly acclaimed critic Upton Snodsbury.

A very sad story.
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Chris2mates  Male  Lancashire 17-Aug-2017 20:39 Message #4698493
I suspect Upton Snodsbury may be my very favorite name!!

Such class!!

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