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Does anyone actually date on here?

Curious to how this site works...

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Achilledlife  Female  Suffolk 5-Jul-2017 16:15 Message #4694244
I have been on and off here for years and it never seems to change or the people.
So now I'm curious, how does this site work? Does anyone date or just chat?
In the words of a song, `Should I stay or should I go now?`
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 5-Jul-2017 16:30 Message #4694245
I suppose it's inevitable that wherever you get a group of people together, dating might happen, but my guess is there is very little going on here now.
I'd be amazed if any of the 40 or so people who regularly contribute to the threads are getting dates as a result. The truth is, I think, none of us are actually looking or making much effort...
iii  Male  Avon 5-Jul-2017 16:40 Message #4694246
The babe has obviously never used the opening line, 'Oi! Fancy a shag?'.

Try using that in your pms - none of this 'hello, how are you?' nonsense.

If it doesn't work after sending it out to 200 people get back to us.
Achilledlife  Female  Suffolk 5-Jul-2017 17:26 Message #4694249
Hmmm worth a try but from my experience on other dating sites, it's best not encouraged.
shewolf  Female  Somerset 5-Jul-2017 18:16 Message #4694253
I'm wondering too
sunnyagain  Female  Hampshire 5-Jul-2017 18:16 Message #4694254
If you look at Who's Online there are always people there who don't post on the forum. As the forum is quiet there's no much to read so presumably they are dating? Just a guess.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 5-Jul-2017 18:56 Message #4694257
Well I guess if you are going to wait to be found it could be a long time.

if you join in the threads you get to chat to many and may catch someones eye or visa versa. I my experience those I have met have been through posts or threads I have started for whatever reason.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 5-Jul-2017 19:54 Message #4694260
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 6-Jul-2017 06:40 Message #4694277
I have met a couple of guys from this site and dated one of them for a while and the one I dated I know has met other women from the site so dating does go on.
AdamBostan  Male  West Yorkshire 8-Jul-2017 14:54 Message #4694516
I have met people on here, dated only two.
I think many people don't have good attention spans.
You begin a conversation, they then disappear and return 1 month later to respond, as though no time had elapsed. lol
jackie4lost  Female  Dorset 8-Jul-2017 21:24 Message #4694556
I know someone who has been successful on this site she has a partner now and they are talking marriage. I had a date years ago with someone on here but nothing came of it. Another guy who literally lives within 3 miles of me just chatted for about 4 years which was ok but makes you wonder why join a dating site unless you are looking for a relationship. But then are people on here looking for that or just to chat. Most dating sites seem pretty much the same I've had a few dates some good and some disastrous.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 8-Jul-2017 21:44 Message #4694561
I had to make myself available in the singles room to post. I will change it back after.

Just some quick points and observations.

When I joined the site, I dated a few over a couple of years. I did not use the conversations at all at the time. None of my dates did either. We contacted and messaged privately. It was about 2 years before I took part in my first public conversation.

I personally would not want to date anyone who uses public conversations. Just my own personal choice, and some females feel the same.

Nowadays I don't date. Partly due to heart failure ( not from an MSE broken heart ), and partly other reasons.

People do sometimes date from here, I know that some have worked out well.

Some haven't worked out so well, and then it can become public dirty washing, insults etc etc. Not very nice, but a damn good laugh for most observers.

Good luck.

Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 9-Jul-2017 00:18 Message #4694564
Yes, dating does go on. Have dated from here and met new friends too.

Personally, i would not have a problem dating someone who contributes to te conversations, though i wouldn't want the relationship publicised through the forums.
Stephano  Male  Hertfordshire 9-Jul-2017 08:14 Message #4694579
I know this site works because I met someone on here in 2008.
We used to talk, and eventually when we met, we got on great together and had a relationship that lasted 8 years.

I,m back here now and hoping I can find someone to enjoy my retirement with.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 9-Jul-2017 10:42 Message #4694608
I was with someone for 10 years that I met just after I joined. We parted company three years ago. No dating since then. Although, have met up with a few people that I knew already, but hadn't met before. There is one person that I like, but nothing happening there, unfortunately.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 9-Jul-2017 16:34 Message #4694634
Same here Mini . actually two I have met over last few years but nothing came of it...shame
Achilledlife  Female  Suffolk 10-Jul-2017 11:20 Message #4694762
I have to admit I am hesitant to say hello to anyone on my local search because I recognize them all from being here years ago.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 10-Jul-2017 11:45 Message #4694770
Yes they most certainly do date on here :)
Cautious1954  Female  Berkshire 14-Jul-2017 17:44 Message #4695184
I have dated from this site too. You get a good class of gentleman compared to some other sites.
HAPPYMATT  Male  South East London 20-Jul-2017 21:03 Message #4695993
gee don't go would love to know more about you Matt from Leiston
Eggandchips  Male  central London 23-Jul-2017 11:24 Message #4696192
Anyone fancy a date :D
MAXIMUS  Male  Hampshire 24-Jul-2017 13:40 Message #4696300
i have been here on and off for over 10 years now , i have met,dated and made friends with some lovely people throughout the years . Dating certainly used to go on behind the scenes , i certainly did'nt advertise the fact when i dated ... i just carried on quietly . The site is what you make it but i feel it's best years have sadly been .

Max ... ;o]
mikesmiles  Male  Dorset 26-Jul-2017 20:48 Message #4696515
I joined here years ago and although never dated anyone I made a friend who I no longer see, I think she got married and all that entails. Otherwise its become a very quiet place. Over bearing individuals can have that effect on any website I guess!!! No names mentioned of course.
funtasticviv  Female  Lincolnshire 27-Jul-2017 18:47 Message #4696564
I would personally say no it's not a dating site. It is however quite Clicky , which is why I don't come on here very often. It's more just for chatting on the forums.

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