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Dating bi-sexuals.

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 12-Jun-2017 07:55 Message #4691770
Most people these days when talking about sexuality say it's up to the individual, live and let live, it's the person not what they do sexually and other such general acceptances of other peoples sexaulity of preferences.

But would you date someone who ticked all the boxes but admitted gthey were bi-sexual? Would you make the assumption they would be promiscuous?
badman  Male  Suffolk 12-Jun-2017 08:12 Message #4691774
I could never be bisexual.

I could't stand being rejected by both female and male.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-Jun-2017 08:32 Message #4691775
Why would they be any more promiscuous than anyone else?

if you don't trust any partner, then it sounds like they are not the one for you.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 12-Jun-2017 08:46 Message #4691777
Been there, dated one, he WAS promiscuous and I wouldn't do it again.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 12-Jun-2017 09:34 Message #4691781
Not my type of thing.

But I suppose for anyone that way inclined, they get the best of both worlds! lol ;-}
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 12-Jun-2017 13:11 Message #4691794
I think there is an assumption by many that bi-sexuals are promiscuous or want the best of both worlds or are less trustworthy. Of course all that is rubbish and maybe those who are not bi-sexual can't quite understand it. Even in this day and age there are still some that don't understand that being gay isn't a choice or lifestyle it is how that person is born. Promiscuous people are just promiscuous.

If I met and fancied a bi-sexual and he fancied me and everything about him was ideal and just what I was looking for. If he fancied men and women equally I don't think it would stop me seeing him although I would want to know a bit more about him.
iii  Male  Avon 12-Jun-2017 14:03 Message #4691799
The only good think about dating a bisexual is the possibility of a 3 some.
BlackMark1  Male  Leicestershire 12-Jun-2017 17:15 Message #4691823
No problem at all. I dated a bisexual lady in quite a long term relationship and couldn't tell the difference.Suprise!! There was certainly no suggestion of threesomes or having the best of both worlds and why would there be as you date partners you trust and want to be with.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 12-Jun-2017 17:48 Message #4691833
I brought my children up to learn about various sexualities and how modern society is intelligent enough to know and accept not everyone is the same or fits the stereotype. I think men seem to have more of a problem understanding and as soon as they hear bi or lesbian start thinking of threesomes or perfomances for their benefit like naughty schoolboys.
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 12-Jun-2017 18:13 Message #4691840
If my respective partner was in a monogamous relationship with me then she wouldn't actively be bi-sexual would she?

It would make for some interesting conversations though, I imagine.

Beach  Male  Somerset 12-Jun-2017 19:10 Message #4691859
* I think men seem to have more of a problem understanding and as soon as they hear bi or lesbian start thinking of threesomes or perfomances for their benefit like naughty schoolboys. *

A hell of a disparaging generalisation there, Raach84.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 12-Jun-2017 21:12 Message #4691880
Yes but correct.
Beach  Male  Somerset 12-Jun-2017 22:05 Message #4691886
Mmmmh ...
But the good news?

That means I can generalise right back at you. Yippee! :-)


I'd say bisexual females are, if not more promiscuous, then at least a damn sight more adventurous and fun than some dull stereotypical heterosexual dolly bird gyrating around their handbag on a dance floor!
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 12-Jun-2017 23:02 Message #4691895
Is it some sort of competition? You are rather childish and boring so I'll say goodnight.

Beach  Male  Somerset 12-Jun-2017 23:34 Message #4691897
Ha ha.

Goodnight struggling mother. Sleep tight. xx
bella111  Female  Devon 12-Jun-2017 23:42 Message #4691898
That was a bit rude, Raach has never come across as struggling, either as a Mother, Woman or Human Being, Perhaps you are jealous of the fact you are getitng older I do not have a problem with that as perfectly comfortable in my own skin and feel I am the bees knees lol...(Joke) just in case some of you home in on that...
Beach  Male  Somerset 12-Jun-2017 23:52 Message #4691900
It wasn't rude, Bella.

I was quoting Raach's own words, uttered on my thread discussing non voting MSE members.

In post 21 of that thread, she wrote *"On the contrary Andy Mac. As a struggling single mum with little income and two children who's education, employment and future are my greater concerns in life ... *

And if she intends to be cute and turn my little light hearted chat into a personal, vindictive slight aimed at myself, she should expect some sort of disparaging return fire.
Beach  Male  Somerset 13-Jun-2017 00:04 Message #4691901
You sound like an unpleasant piece of work yourself, Bella in clearly throwing some of my own fears at me, presumably with the intention of offending or upsetting me.

Yes. Sure. I did, indeed, use a Midsummer original post to publically lament the way I felt about getting older ... and you have chosen to throw that personal revelation straight back at me, presumably with the intention to hurt me with something that obviously rattled me at the time I penned it.

I'm sure you feel very good about that.


But notice my self discipline, Bella Notice how I am not choosing to cruelly respond with further negative comment.

Just think yourself lucky I haven't.
bella111  Female  Devon 13-Jun-2017 00:12 Message #4691903
Well you have just shown you do not have any self discipline (laugh laugh) oh dear I am being cruel to such a sensitive being... Think myself lucky I do not think so I am quite willing to say I can be a bitch if you cross me male or female and I do not worry a damn what anyone else thinks... Online and most of the time in person.
A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 13-Jun-2017 08:47 Message #4691915
Looking through the posts I would say Raach's remarks were spot on and this reflects almost everything I see offline too. The thought of two women together does bring out the schoolboy humour in men.
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 13-Jun-2017 09:45 Message #4691918
Just to add a bit of balance to 'men and the disposition of some to two gay women' - I've had conversations with women who were intrigued, wanting graphic details, about what may have taken place in an all-male boarding school - so it's not one-sided at all!

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Jun-2017 11:41 Message #4691922
I think women are curious on many levels Jason, is it inherently abusive, how formative an experience is it and possibly wanting titillation from it. I think men are curious about "what women do" in a different way, so many men can't seem to imagine that women just arn't interested in them and seem to believe that a womans sexuality must ultimately serve them, its like a womans sexuality only becomes valid when theres a man there. This whole idea of "women performing" for men is insulting to women as it invalidates their sexuality and it demeans the men too making them consumers of sex in a way that many women are really uncomfortable with.
Beach  Male  Somerset 13-Jun-2017 12:37 Message #4691929
I can't remember where I read it but there was some white paper or study or something that claimed that a huge percentage of the world's population had a latency towards being bisexual, meaning that, potentially, the state is a natural disposition or had been more prevelant at some point in our evolutionary past.

Bonobo monkeys, one of the last big mammals discovered, (in the 1920s), bond their whole society based on a sexual remit that sees them valuing any and every combination of sexual bonding ... as a means of uniting their troupes / tribes.

Mind you. We don't need to look backwards thousands or millions of years to trace such potential natural trends because as recently as 2000 years ago, the whole of ancient roman society simply did not distinguish the sexes, (or even species), when it came to such matters.

I'm not going to pursue that last sentence any further but I'd say that sexual preference, attitude or behavior is likely to to be pushed to the limits that any society allows it to reach ... which is a little disturbing when we think of the boundaries that have been breached in our own 21st century.
iii  Male  Avon 13-Jun-2017 12:59 Message #4691936
I do find lesbian pornography very interesting.

One thing I've noticed in lesbian pornography is that they do actually orgasm, and they actually seem to be enjoying themselves.

When is comes to male on female pornography the woman seems extremely bored indeed, and the man thrashes away as if he's jack hammering stone or something. It seems very fake - possibly aimed at the sad market.

You seldom see a woman cum in male on female pornos.

Unless it a totally over the top squirter or something.

Not cool at all.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 13-Jun-2017 13:09 Message #4691938
My knowledge on the subject is limited although I haven't led a sheltered life. Interesting posts from wonderoushen and raach84.
As Jason says both men and women can show an interest but men much more so and it's men who are often aroused at the prospect of seeing two women together.
I think the common tit spends too much time watching porn.

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