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Hairy or smooth?

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 23-Feb-2017 16:36 Message #4678543
Do ladies prefer men with hairy chests or smooth or something inbetween?

Is it important for ladies to shave under their arms?

Smooth, beard or designer stubble?

There is plenty of choices to be had.
Templar2013  Male  South East London 23-Feb-2017 17:08 Message #4678553
I travel a lot in Europe and the ladies many countries don't appear to have our obsession with smoth armpits.

Sometimes I go without shaving for a few days and running my hand over my face feels rough and I wonder how that feels to a ladies soft skin when kissing.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 23-Feb-2017 17:44 Message #4678557
Smooth chest
Beard or smooth - designer stubble is scruffy
Underarms - don't know if it's important others but it is to me
joolsy  Female  Essex 23-Feb-2017 17:54 Message #4678559
I like hairy men lol ... Hairy chests are lush ... Hairy arm pits are a no no .. I like to be smooth everywhere
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 23-Feb-2017 18:55 Message #4678575
I love a nice hairy chest, but I am not overly keen on hairy faces if they are rough and prickly.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 23-Feb-2017 19:12 Message #4678583
It dosen't bother me either way. its the person I'm interested in not their hair.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 23-Feb-2017 22:53 Message #4678607
I'm a bald headed guy, with not so designer stubble, and a hairy chest. The chest hair seems to be love or hate it from women.

Never had a woman say much about my facial hair.

It is vital a woman shaves under her arms!!! I'd be quite shocked if she didn't, and I think I could safely say... I wouldn't be trying my luck with her after seeing hairy arm pits.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 24-Feb-2017 10:39 Message #4678630
But what if you were in her bed before you realised she didn't shave? Would you get up and leave or do you ask women you go to bed with if they shave before you go to bed with them? What about shaving legs do you expect women to shave their legs too?
barney  Male  Surrey 24-Feb-2017 13:02 Message #4678639
I think if I got to the stage where I had got the lady into bed and then realised she had not shaved under her arms it would be a case of grin and bear it and do your duty for your Country.
londonlee  Male  Buckinghamshire 24-Feb-2017 13:29 Message #4678642
Hairy armpits are ok. Preferable to a lady with designer stubble.
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 24-Feb-2017 15:03 Message #4678646
I'm like WH ... who cares what your body is like as long as it's clean.

I've been told before that it's unnatural for a woman to have hairy legs. That particular chap didn't get the idea that it's perfectly natural for women to have hairy legs and that the unnatural thing to do was to shave them :0))
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 24-Feb-2017 18:26 Message #4678657
"But what if you were in her bed before you realised she didn't shave? Would you get up and leave or do you ask women you go to bed with if they shave before you go to bed with them? What about shaving legs do you expect women to shave their legs too?"

I have been known to ask "What is it like down there?" Before things escalate, the answer is usually a indicator to other things like arm and leg hair.

I think it's pretty common for women to have shaved arm pits and legs, rarely see women with hair in either place.

If we were already in bed, I could soldier on with hairy arm pits, provided her arms were down. Hairy legs... I think I'd be out of there carrying my clothes and shoes!!! Haha
leogirl  Female  Essex 24-Feb-2017 18:30 Message #4678658
what do the Italians say?
A kiss without a moustache is like soup without salt.

The moustache has to be luxurious and soft and of course, clean !

mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 24-Feb-2017 18:33 Message #4678660
I went out with an Italian girl and she didn't have a moustache.

Wry  Male  Norfolk 24-Feb-2017 19:28 Message #4678672
I prefer smooth palms and shaved tongues.
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 24-Feb-2017 19:45 Message #4678677
I had one curly hair growing out of my right nipple, I used to love that curly hair but my wife at the time ripped it out in a fit of jealousy and it never grew again. :0(
shewolf  Female  Somerset 24-Feb-2017 20:00 Message #4678680
I love hairy men give me a gorilla type and I'm happy hairy back and chest very sexy
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 24-Feb-2017 20:55 Message #4678683
I'm a hairy monster anyway and I grew my beard out of spite when I was at uni. It's part of me being a rebel that I've kept it and I've grown my hair long out of cussedness over the past year or so. It also keeps my head warm in winter. I'll get bored of it eventually and it'll be a trip my hairdressers to lop it off again. I don't particluarly care what others think. I'm perfectly happy with my own body... hair 'n all... and that is more important to me :-)
bella111  Female  Devon 24-Feb-2017 22:17 Message #4678692
I remove you notice I dont say shave everything other than what is on my head.
I dont like beards, or maybe wild ones, nor mustashes.
I am not over fond of hairy men as in chest.

Otherwise I am not bothered...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Feb-2017 13:03 Message #4678732
HB if you asked me that, one of us would be leaving.

I can't use depilatory creams as on me they don't get rid of hair they turn it ginger. Luckily I'm not very hairy as I can't shave or wax either my skin is too fragile and I end up bleeding.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 26-Feb-2017 11:19 Message #4678811
Ooooh i'm with Joolsy, i like em smooth all over as well ;-)

Andy Mac
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 26-Feb-2017 11:38 Message #4678818
I always wanted to be a barber but when i tried to sign on at collage no one was running courses for "Gynaebarbers" ;-) lol

Andy Mac
Trevor  Male  South West London 27-Feb-2017 00:03 Message #4678883
Ladies please remove your moustache.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 27-Feb-2017 07:09 Message #4678888
I went to a bit of a party at the weekend and we ended with lots of hugs and a few platonic kisses when it ended. One nice looking guy gave me a very nice hug but his designer stubble was like a heavy duty file against my cheek. Smooth woukd have been much nicer.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 27-Feb-2017 08:27 Message #4678891
"Designer Stubble" lol!

Too bloody idle to have a shave, more like!

Perhaps someone should incorporate a shaver into a mobile phone!! lol

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