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Did you watch first date last nite

joolsy  Female  Essex 14-Feb-2017 09:30 Message #4677627
Hi me darlins ... Did you watch first date last nite ... It was so embarrassing lol ... To cut along story short ... It was about should the man pay for the meal ... Imo the guy did come across as flash Harry and not a gentlemen ... I'm feeling embarrassed as I've been on quiet a few meals and me lovely date ... Will not let me pay ... I cook him meals and he has a fridge full of beers ... Think I'll arrange a surprise and I'm going to pay lol ... What are your opinions .on the guy on first date
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 14-Feb-2017 10:34 Message #4677643
I thought the guy was up himself from the start and when it came to paying he deliberately tried to embarrass her in front of the waitress.
barney  Male  Surrey 14-Feb-2017 13:15 Message #4677664
I saw that, the bloke had a real attitude problem. Made her pay her half and when she said is that enough he said another tenner.
She should have told him what she really thought of him for embarrassing her.
joolsy  Female  Essex 14-Feb-2017 14:26 Message #4677673
He was real plonker wasn't he ... I felt so for the lady .. I would have said extra tenner eh ... You cheapskate ... I like you to no I'm priceless and out of your league ... Tell ya what I'll pay in full ya Buffon lol lol ..
barney  Male  Surrey 14-Feb-2017 15:20 Message #4677680
As I have said in another post I watch the programme a lot and it beggars belief how some of the men treat the women in what they say and do.
Mind you its not only the men, a lot of the women go off to the toilet and spend ages on their mobile describing the man to their mates. The height of rudeness.
People don't seem to have a clue these days about dating.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 14-Feb-2017 15:58 Message #4677685
The guy was a plonker as mentioned above, the way he went about asking her to pay was embarrassing... I don't think he was unreasonable in expecting a women to pay her share of the dinner date. Her attitude after that I thought was P poor, and I thought they were a ideal match for each other.

The two other occasions on First Dates that I can remember, where a dispute about the bill happened... One was quite similar to this one, and the other made headlines across the world, as I saw (on Youtube) it was spoken about on TV in Australia and USA... The cheap looking Marilyn Monroe wannabe and the Fireman, I think the bill was £130 and after her saying something like "I never pay on a date" and he asked something like "Why not? Because you're a woman? What happened to equality?" she begrudgingly stumped up £30... If I remember correctly.

The two that had been on a date before looked a lovely couple :D
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 14-Feb-2017 16:38 Message #4677687
He was a very rude and appeared to enjoy being rude. There is nothing wrong with sharing the bill but a dignified "Shall we share this" or "Do you agree we pay half each" or something similar. Even the restaurant staff were talking about it.
iii  Male  Avon 14-Feb-2017 16:44 Message #4677688
I've said it before - I'll say it again - going out for dinner is a bad things to do on a first date.
coffeelover  Female  Norfolk 14-Feb-2017 19:23 Message #4677702
He was awful and I am glad she stood up to him.

With regard to people on their mobile phones in the toilets, i am sure this is contrived by the programme makers. I have seen men do the same on the program.

We have to remember it is a show, there is a degree of editing and directing. If you notice the conversations with the daters beforehand, and sometimes after, is not filmed at the same time, check out clothes and even nail polish colours!

I still love the show.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 15-Feb-2017 08:54 Message #4677746
Yes I totally agree he was an ar5e in the way he handled the bill settling issue.
However, he knew from quite early on from what his date said that she did not favour the reputation of where he originated from, and she did not like the fact that he smoked (I don't see the point in the show matching them if she was so anti-smoking). So he knew already that there would not be a 2nd date, so maybe he could have tactfully suggested the dutch route.
But is that any worse than the women who we regularly see go to the toilet to ring their "bestie" to say what a terrible date they're on and rip the guy to shreds (although they sometimes deserve it), only to then go back to the table and allow the poor sap to pay the bill, believing he's in with a chance of a 2nd date only to then be shot down in flames and not even qualify as a friends room candidate.
One guy in this series was so distraught when it happened to him he got in the cab and said "take me to the nearest tube station" which is hilarious as you can virtually see St. Pauls underground station from the restaurant.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 15-Feb-2017 09:54 Message #4677762
"But is that any worse than the women who we regularly see go to the toilet to ring their "bestie" to say what a terrible date they're on and rip the guy to shreds (although they sometimes deserve it), only to then go back to the table and allow the poor sap to pay the bill, believing he's in with a chance of a 2nd date only to then be shot down in flames and not even qualify as a friends room candidate."

Exactly, The poor sap could end up paying a small fortune on women on first (and only) dates. Money that could really be spent on better things.

Have we ever saw a woman pay for a date? and I don't mean half...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 15-Feb-2017 10:12 Message #4677764
I haven't seen the program at all, so I probably don't know what I am talking about, but most if not all of these type of programs are set up and edited for maximum effect, and the candidates are chosen for a bit of controversy, playing to cameras, some desperate wannabe celebrities etc, trying to be controversial.

Maybe this show is different, but I doubt it.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 15-Feb-2017 20:34 Message #4677815
Yes it is.
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 16-Feb-2017 10:32 Message #4677849
I caught up with this show yesterday and agree with everyone about the guy's bad manners in handling the bill sharing issue. I thought the lady dealt with the situation in a very dignified manner.

I think if I'd been in her shoes, I would have paid for the lot and told him to poke his money...not quite as cool as she was but it would have given me satisfaction to say that obviously music production doesn't pay as well as being on a pension...yeah right.

I do enjoy watching first dates but I agree with D, that in this instance the couple were poorly matched.

I did read somewhere that each participant is given £30 towards the cost of their meal which makes me wonder why the bill is often an issue.

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 16-Feb-2017 11:48 Message #4677859
It sounds as though it could be a bit of a laugh to watch, so I might give it a go sometime, even if it is a bit false and edited and stuff.

I have just read that they are given some money to cover the bill, and the waiters are actors and actresses. But if they make an entertaining program out of it, then that's what these things are about.

I like watching 'Come Dine with me' every now and again, especially the voiceover, Dave Lamb. He is funny.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 17-Feb-2017 20:19 Message #4677979
If it's not your thing then you are probably wasting your time forcing yourself to watch it. I think it's very well filmed. I also think the guy mentioned was rude and out of order with his behaviour.
bella111  Female  Devon 17-Feb-2017 23:38 Message #4677995
Well said Young Woman Raach84 not being patronising,

But how else can you say well said if someone is a lot younger, other than the above, I have to say you are a very sensible person as in what I have read, and good for you raising two young kids on your own...

And the points you raise, and question quite agree, dont worry in for an op next week so you wont have to answer, or yuk me, lol..

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