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Can it give the wrong impression?

brisinger  Male  Lancashire 11-Feb-2017 18:52 Message #4677294
Can sites like this give the wrong impression of a person's personality?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 11-Feb-2017 18:54 Message #4677295
For sure.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 11-Feb-2017 19:21 Message #4677299
I wouldnt necessarily say wrong impression, but certainly a different one to the real thing.
Eschifer  Female  Cheshire 11-Feb-2017 19:31 Message #4677303
I would say that depends on the person and what impression they want to give out to others.

Online and real life are very different as I came to learn.
joolsy  Female  Essex 11-Feb-2017 19:35 Message #4677305
Some are not true to there selves ... You can be who ever you want on the Internet ... I choose to be me ... But I've had a few surprises with the guys lol
Eljer  Male  North London 11-Feb-2017 19:36 Message #4677306
me too with the girls lol
Eljer  Male  North London 11-Feb-2017 19:55 Message #4677309
meaning, crazy but nice people
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 11-Feb-2017 19:55 Message #4677310
I think that the visual inflections which are inherently missing online can often lead to people misreading others.
Eljer  Male  North London 11-Feb-2017 19:56 Message #4677311
phew lol
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire 11-Feb-2017 20:03 Message #4677312
Think it also depends on the perception of the reader of the profile too.

Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 11-Feb-2017 20:51 Message #4677315
"Can sites like this give the wrong impression of a person's personality?"

When any aspect of a person's life is observed, either directly, or through a medium such as this, what is certain is that the observer is not going to get a full and true picture of the observed - only a snapshot of a certain amount of time in a certain situation.

Add to that the fact that each observer will have their own interpretation of what they've observed so, in answer to your question:

While sites like this may not necessarily give the wrong impression they certainly won't give the right one.

sandy_sw  Female  Devon 11-Feb-2017 21:21 Message #4677319
*"Can sites like this give the wrong impression of a person's personality?"

Probably, but with on-going interaction there might be a clue to one's character.Delusional
perhaps, but good to be optimistic :-)
Cautious1954  Female  Berkshire 12-Feb-2017 09:00 Message #4677346
Without optimism dating sites hold very little.
iii  Male  Avon 12-Feb-2017 10:31 Message #4677357
Personally, I think the forum gives people the right impression.

There's often a bit of a reality distortion field between how people view themselves and how others view them. A person who is a game player, or is overly sensitive, or is overly political in a nasty way and other such character defects come out as they post in the forums.

I know full well that on here I come across as highly intelligent, knowledgeable with a love of my fellow man.

But in real life I'm actually a bit of a dick.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-Feb-2017 12:30 Message #4677375
I don't think that you can take anything too seriously or too literally that you read on here, until you have met someone.
How something that is written on here is interpreted is more about how the reader was feeling at the time and where they are coming from themselves. With the exception of someone who is unfailingly unkind or crass in what they post, I wouldn't take any single post too literally.
But I realise that not everyone thinks that way. I have been on here long enough to see so many occasions where someone has read something into something that just wasn't there or attributed motives to others based upon their own assumptions.
johnlough  Male  Kent 12-Feb-2017 15:08 Message #4677421
give a full and frank profile, should give a reasonable idea of what to expect! and always use decent photos, I think some people don't want to get any responses..ive seen some awful pix! eg looking UP at the face, out of focus, grimacing, with ex wife/husband, with kids, etc.. get a decent pic. tell as much as possible.. thatsa good basis!
Eljer  Male  North London 12-Feb-2017 15:15 Message #4677423
Pics with the whole of the head are good ones too

i had more responses when i didnt have a pic im not keen on profiles what say they are geniune and dont lie.
leogirl  Female  Essex 13-Feb-2017 13:28 Message #4677554
I hate pretending. There is no need for me to pretend.
Once you start pretending you have to continue which requires a very good memory which I have not got. . Most people would very soon find out what is real and what is not real.
Coming over more clever than you really are is just as bad as not paying attention to what you say and how you write it.

My profile is very dated ,some pictures are older than others , but basically this is what I am and whom I am.

brisinger  Male  Lancashire 13-Feb-2017 13:58 Message #4677557
I think some people don't want to get any responses..ive seen some awful pix! eg looking UP at the face

Does looking away from the photo suggest that the person doesn't pay attention? ;-)
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 13-Feb-2017 14:29 Message #4677566
I am doing my bit to make Britain fit and healthy.

I show my photo, and everyone runs a mile.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 16-Apr-2017 18:44 Message #4684558
jason and tit have got it bang on for me,lol
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 17-Apr-2017 09:28 Message #4684637
I don't think you're a tit, common or otherwise, Commontit!!

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