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Blind date.


barney  Male  Surrey 11-Feb-2017 12:27 Message #4677240
Channel 4 are planning to remake the tv show Blind Date. Going to be shown on Friday nights. No names for who is going to host it yet.
They say its going to be aimed at younger viewers, why?. I think its more fun when they mix it up a bit with different age groups.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 11-Feb-2017 12:59 Message #4677242
It was bad enough the first time round, why bring it back? It sounds like they're going to do to that what they did to Through the Keyhole, that went from being a mildly amusing guessing game to a horrid trawl through "celebrities" homes whilst that nasty presenter shrieks at the camera.
barney  Male  Surrey 11-Feb-2017 13:34 Message #4677251
I guess they are clutching at straws to find something cheap to broadcast. Like the BBC did by remaking the old comedy classics which were not a patch on the originals.
I cannot Keith Lemon. All he does is mouth obscenities and vulgarity but then that seems par for the course now.
Eljer  Male  North London 11-Feb-2017 13:56 Message #4677253
how about a mse blind date, a thread with no pics, and whatever gets ya bits moving then thats the one you pick.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 11-Feb-2017 14:20 Message #4677260
I quite like some of the Keith Lemon stuff. He is just a character, created and played by Leigh Francis. He does some great over the top impersonations , David Dickinson being one. We don't get to see much of Leigh Francis himself. He seems to like creating characters and playing them, like Barry Humphries did with Dame Edna and Sacha Baron Cohen did with Ali G, Borat etc. The real Leigh Francis seems fairly quiet and shy in the few interviews I have seen with him.

Anyway, back to Blind Date, I don't know whether I would bother watching it nowadays. I remember getting fed up of the answers seeming so false and rehearsed, so I stopped watching after a while.
Eschifer  Female  Cheshire 11-Feb-2017 14:33 Message #4677262
"whatever gets ya bits moving"

Damn Eljer, my bits move even when I'm stationary...flobble wobble flobble

Don't think it could be redone to be honest. There have only been a few exceptions to this and one was Blankety Blank, can't think of the others offhand
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 11-Feb-2017 17:20 Message #4677278
I could never understand why people went on TV just to insult each other first time around.
londonlee  Male  Buckinghamshire 11-Feb-2017 17:24 Message #4677279
I thought Cilla was good and well suited to the show. I used to record it and just watch the actual dates and final comments. It fascinated me how a couple out on an all expenses paid date could manage to fall out with each other so quickly lol I did find some of the behaviour, usually the men, inappropriate as they flirted with others during the date.
I have a real interest in human behaviour and enjoy watching for that reason as well as a few laughs.
leogirl  Female  Essex 11-Feb-2017 18:35 Message #4677292
I lost my bits in the gym today in a vainn attempt to shape my flabby bits.
I am beyond KN*ered.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 11-Feb-2017 18:56 Message #4677297
It won't be the same without our Cilla.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 11-Feb-2017 21:24 Message #4677320
OHH why? yawn
Cilla knew it had had its day.

There is that other awful program Take Me Out so why re hash Blind Date.
And aimed at younger people you say?
Isnt every thing today!!
Cautious1954  Female  Berkshire 12-Feb-2017 08:55 Message #4677343
Blind Date was a bit of old fashioned simplicity but Take Me Out is more modern showmanship. I might be biased as I can't stand Paddy! I prefer Dinner Date which can be very entertaining.
barney  Male  Surrey 12-Feb-2017 12:47 Message #4677381
I quite like First Dates and First Dates Hotel. Saying that I cannot believe what some of the men say to the women and then they wonder why the women turn them down. No wonder they are single.
londonlee  Male  Buckinghamshire 12-Feb-2017 15:26 Message #4677425
I met Cilla a few times and really like her .. she was a lorra lorra laughs but I dont think I would want to appear on Blind Dates as I prefer to make a fool of myself in private lol.

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