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Being Romantic

What is

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snowangel  Female  Avon 22-Oct-2016 08:14 Message #4661640
Is being romantic just for women, or do men enjoy it too? What is your idea of romance? is it just a a term coined by the movies for being kind, loving, considerate? What would be your idea of romance?
snowangel  Female  Avon 22-Oct-2016 08:15 Message #4661641
Flipping heck i asked twice, and i was trying to be academic. Ah well! hopefully you get the idea.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 22-Oct-2016 08:20 Message #4661644
I think it can be attending to the little things that you know your partner would like...often as a surprise and at unexpected times.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 08:56 Message #4661650
I don't know every many men that do things that they don't want to do, so I would say yes, men do enjoy it.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 22-Oct-2016 09:07 Message #4661651
"I think it can be attending to the little things that you know your partner would like..."

I think Nigel has got it spot on! lol.
I mean,
what could be more romantic than attending to your partners 'little thing(s)'

romantic gestures like, cooking him a 'fry up on a Sunday morning, ;-}
making sure there is a welcoming drink, (or more) when he returns from a hard day at 't 'coal face',
trimming the hairs that protrude from his ears,

and of course, sometimes, (like once a week)...

putting the bins out on a Tuesday night.

just the little things that make him feel wanted! lol ;-}
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 09:45 Message #4661662
gawd, you sound like a real catch, vanners.

And what do you do for her?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 10:14 Message #4661667
Snowangel, I came to the conclusion a while back that I have no idea what romance is. I know it when it happens, but it's not to do with flowers and chocolates. I think it's more to do with the connection between you both. I am thinking out loud now.
Maybe that's why when they do these survey about what people find romantic, sharing a meal and going for a walk are always right at the top. They are both occasions when you can concentrate on each other.
Going out for dinner to a crowded restaurant and still feeling like the only two people there, feeling like you share a secret that no-one else knows, is definitely romantic. I think it must be to do with shared intimacy.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 11:13 Message #4661675
romance is an expression of ones deep love ,an expression born out of an emotional attraction to another,ones deep emotional disire to connect with that person intimatelly.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 11:19 Message #4661676
i once took a romance test and got 14 out of 10,lol
Soul-Provider  Male  Hampshire 22-Oct-2016 11:54 Message #4661686
Agree with Nigel,little things mean a lot a bunch of wild flowers from a field will say more than an expensive bouquet
Justaguy  Male  South East London 22-Oct-2016 11:55 Message #4661687
True romance and consideration is
Being prepared with a clean soft fluffy towel to wipe up the sticky stuff
So neither of you has to go to sleep on the soggy patch in the bed ;0)
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 12:01 Message #4661688
hmmm and moving swiftly on :)
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 22-Oct-2016 12:16 Message #4661693
romance ?

its the foreplay to getting yer leg over, isnt it ?

AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands 22-Oct-2016 12:34 Message #4661695
No, i certainly don’t think romance is just for the women, being kind, considerate and loving works both ways, romance to me can be as simple as walking round the local shops hand in hand or organising a special treat for a special occasion, sharing something without question that you know one of you isn’t that keen on, simply remembering something, being on time for arrangements made, being attentive in the right proportion and at the right time, sending a txt at an unexpected time or a sporadic phone call even.
You can also be romantic with a bit of innuendo or flirting, like If a lady was to ask me what comes after “S” i know she is expecting me to say “T” so she could say “two sugars in mine, please” but i would probably be flirtive and say something like, “Breakfast in bed” then see them stammer ;-) lol

And then theres flowers, yes, they can be romantic in the right place at the right time but usually they just mean you’ve done something wrong or you’ve forgotten something ;-) lol

Phew, need I say more?

Andy (Old Romantic) Mac lol

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 22-Oct-2016 13:17 Message #4661701
Like Minnie I don't really know what romance is and its not something I think I've ever experienced for myself. I think romance is more important for men than women and its a projection of a softer side of a man onto a woman, in my experience men project many of their softer emotions on women as they seem to feel uncomfortable owning them themselves, which is really sad for everybody as we're not allowing people to be fully human. Many of the things that people think are romatic I find nauseating and breath taking, quite literally with some flowers dhalia's and chrysanths literally take my breath away, I can't stop sneezing.

I agree with fosy too, for many men its a maze of rituals they conciously move through to get sex, mind you as long as the woman knows ita game too it can be fun to play.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 13:19 Message #4661702
if a man has never run you a bath and layed some candles out then you probably misssing out on romance
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 22-Oct-2016 14:06 Message #4661713
I like a bath in peace and quiet, not with someone pacing about quietly expecting a shag when I get out or worse join me in the bath.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 15:22 Message #4661719
dont worry about that hen, when ever ive done it, il then retire with a chilled vino and watch a bit of telly in peace,lol
snowangel  Female  Avon 22-Oct-2016 16:44 Message #4661722
For me, being romantic is doing something for someone just because, not with any hidden agenda. thanks for the comments. :-)
JohnsGirl  Female  Bedfordshire 22-Oct-2016 17:11 Message #4661725
Is being romantic just for women, or do men enjoy it to.
I think if you know what a man/woman love like or enjoy being romantic is a vast field.
Could be something you eat or drink the way or were you like to relax. Could be making you a meal baking your fav cake or a weekend away. One of the romantic things that have been done for me is a little different.I had designed a horse shoe shaped garden with wild flowers loads of herbs and a variety of pots. I love it I spend a lot of time walking around that part of the garden. I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful home made Arbour small two seater water proof inside so I sit in it all year round. Has a table big enough for drinks Love love it. Bit different to the normal romantic gesture..but it is so me.

A simple rose is romantic or flower of your choice. Every year as part of my birthday I get a rose to add to my collection either for garden or a pot. It can only be ordered on my birthday but arrives in Nov. Thats when the rose companies start delivering.

Himself loves to fish and fish in a tank. So over the years kept notes on what small fish he likes for a 3 foot tank. Bought the tank and everything that goes with it and including the coloured fish he likes. Got help from someone who knows what they are doing fish wise. They set it up and brought the fish and food and things that go in the water. I have no idea so had to get help from a pro. When himself arrived and saw it he nearly had a heart attack he was so shocked lol. He loves that tank and those little fish which are a pleasure to watch.

As I said no matter what you do its all about love like and enjoy.
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 22-Oct-2016 18:26 Message #4661735
Romance can be writing a special poem just for you. Leaving little unexpected surprises, gift warpped, with a note to say, I love you. It can be that connection of eyes across a candlelit table and your fingers stretching across to touch. It can be climbing a mountainous peak, just to sit and watch the sunset together. Or walking hand in hand along a beach in the twilight, just as the moon appears on the horizon, catching you in its rays, as it shimmers across the sea. Or the surprise trip to the theatre, he has planned for weeks. The neighbours had known, as they are babysitting but you only knew on the day. Romance can be so many things but basically it is the way you react to the actions of another. If it is what you consider romantic then it is.
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 18:55 Message #4661739
difference between what the men and the woman think romance is here, are oceans apart,lol
herbie67  Male  Nottinghamshire 22-Oct-2016 19:12 Message #4661743
a good b.j is about as much romance as i can cope with these days lol
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire 22-Oct-2016 19:25 Message #4661744
you silver tongued devil you,lol
joolsy  Female  Essex 22-Oct-2016 19:28 Message #4661747
I remember my Wilson ... Every Friday he brought me flowers .. Well they were stalks with no petals .. They had been squashed in his work locker all day .. I loved them stalks and used to bring them back to life .. Which made him smile .. I've still saved all them stalks in box and they have turned to potpourri but I still treasure them ... For he was the only man who showed me I was loveable X he is in my heart always X my Wilson

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