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So what are the benefits of dating

a woman who is the same age or older than you?

YesIamStillSingle  Female  West Yorkshire 22-Apr-2014 13:05 Message #4480510
The subject of women dating men who are younger than them has come up on a number of threads recently - so it has made me wonder what our singles see as the possible advantages of dating women who are the same age or older than them?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 22-Apr-2014 13:06 Message #4480512
You get some sleep at night?
RumBassiousPenguin  Male  Essex 22-Apr-2014 13:14 Message #4480514
Love.. Simple.
romantIcsole  Male  Northumberland 22-Apr-2014 13:21 Message #4480518
lots of respect and understanding.
Cautious1954  Female  Berkshire 22-Apr-2014 13:45 Message #4480521
They may get someone who doesn't want to go out and drink into the early hours in some noisy nightclub who has a wealth of life's experiences which make her interesting and well informed. She may have travelled and be better company to be with on a cultural holiday.
She may be more inclined to want find a partner for life and settle down. We are all different and it takes all sorts.
Eljer  Male  North London 22-Apr-2014 16:42 Message #4480554
i do love a mature woman with greyish blonde streaks
just as long as its not sticking up first thing in the morning ;)
zen  Male  Cornwall 22-Apr-2014 16:46 Message #4480555
Although for some age is just a number and maturity a variable, I myself find that dating in or around my own era has slight cultural advantages, try talking to someone 10 years younger about Spangles or the Clangers. These things seem relatively unimportant to most people but being able to identify with and communicate about the era we were born and raised in is imho of great importance and the bedrock of a good relationship.
badman  Male  Suffolk 22-Apr-2014 17:09 Message #4480562
That's all very well but I have found that older women can't get their feet behind their ears without a lot of crunching.

(Might just get a slap for that).
Darcyman  Male  East Yorkshire 22-Apr-2014 18:16 Message #4480583
Lol Badman. They also tend to be more, erm, voluptuous, warmth in the winter, shade in the summer!
I think I am going to get a slap too. Lol
YesIamStillSingle  Female  West Yorkshire 22-Apr-2014 19:13 Message #4480609
Hmm ... very gallant bm and dm. I didn't post with any particular set of advantages/disadvantages in mind - I am just interested in exploring the subject because it keeps coming up and it seems that like me others on the site have been contacted by younger men, while sometimes people of our own age or even some who are older seem quite dismissive. It seems to me, that the issues might be different at different ages? and I am surprised that no-one has mentioned the children angle. A friend who had a much younger boyfriend worried that he may want children one day, while she had already had her children - and you have to wonder how welcome it is to some older men who find that they are going to be fathers again. As far as cultural references are concerned, that might also play into when your children were young too. Interesting posts, thanks for the insights.
Soul-Provider  Male  Hampshire 22-Apr-2014 19:30 Message #4480616
The benefits come from what you both put into it,whatever the age,
johnlock  Male  Essex 22-Apr-2014 20:28 Message #4480637
Dating someone of a similar age means that you are likely to have a number of shared life experiences. By that I mean that you will probably have listened to the same music, seen the same films, lived through the same national events etc.
At my age, it also means that she is going to be unable to have any more children let alone want them as I certainly don't want to start a family again now.

YesIamStillSingle  Female  West Yorkshire 23-Apr-2014 12:37 Message #4480771
Half my age would be just a year or two older than my eldest son - a bridge too far - though I would probably know some of the cultural references for that age group.
Liam136  Male  Essex 27-Apr-2014 17:01 Message #4481722
Well you can do all of the following together:

You can look at old versions of Top of the Pops and squirm with embarrassment at things that you thought at the time were uber cool.

You remember the same heroes and villains.

You remember when sophisticated foreign meals were taken out of a vesta curry box.

You remember when the Brits were rubbish at gymnastics and the Olympics and wonder just how we got where we are now.

You talk about the Miss World contests, which at the time were entertaining.

You remember when the word gay meant happy.

You think back wistfully and with pleasure at those micro mini skirts and hot pants worn by the girls.

You remember when older people were spoken to respectfully and you wonder what happened.

You recall that wine was not drunk by proper men.

You talk about your exciting holidays of the past, to Blackpool, Brighton, or Clacton.

You remember what is was like not to have the internet, or mobiles.

You talk about letters you used to write, and took pleasure using an old fashioned fountain pen to write them.

But above all, you look at the big picture and realise that actually, today we have never been better off as a country, or more integrated, or more inclusive, or more inclined to whinge about everything,

All the joys of being with a woman with similar memories :) Of course as a 15 year old I lusted after the friends of my 5 year older sister who were pretty, sophisticated, and totally unattainable to this spotty skinny kid. Of course now, I actually stand a decent chance of pulling one of them :)

YesIamStillSingle  Female  West Yorkshire 27-Apr-2014 19:32 Message #4481745
Good post Liam - as someone with a younger brother whose friends occasionally showed an interest in me, but were mostly besotted by our two slightly older sisters, it made me chuckle. Do let us know how you get on with wooing those five years older than you sisters friends Liam :)
YesIamStillSingle  Female  West Yorkshire 27-Apr-2014 19:32 Message #4481746
Good post Liam - as someone with a younger brother whose friends occasionally showed an interest in me, but were mostly besotted by our two slightly older sisters, it made me chuckle. Do let us know how you get on with wooing those five years older than you sisters friends Liam :)
Nuvo  Male  Merseyside 27-Apr-2014 20:13 Message #4481749
Suppose one of the benefits is being able to say you're actually dating someone!
Liam136  Male  Essex 27-Apr-2014 21:19 Message #4481764
My sister and I live at opposite ends of the country, so I don't get to see her friends :)

The older I get the more I realise that age is utterly irrelevant. It is that view of life that is the most important and how you link in together
bella111  Female  Devon 27-Apr-2014 22:03 Message #4481766
We are all different would not have normally looked at age, but last couple years most men my age and older seem so old, so prefer younger to go with my outlook, but as I said we are all different.
Orson  Male  Tayside 10-May-2014 16:40 Message #4484227
Orson thinks the obvious advantages of dating someone the same age or older are ones of a sedentary nature - in other words they move less. However as the nauseous phenomenon of dancing spreads like a floral cancer this seems less likely to happen - a terrible shame Orson thinks - and as many posts on this matter seem to testify - there is a paucity of men - Orson wonders why laughing.

As regards to dating younger ladies then Orson has no experience. Though, again in Orson's experience, the calculated intention of the latter to precociously flirt with one does not go unnoticed. That being said to take advantage of that is not on any agenda that any gentleman, such as Orson, might hold dear. Besides one could never replace a texting competition with one's chums or giggling at nothing in particular almost endlessly.

Luthien  Female  Cumbria 17-May-2014 21:38 Message #4486276
Orson is incorrect in his assumption that they move less.

Dancing. Not so much. :)
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 19-May-2014 08:04 Message #4486699
Orson is incorrect, Luthien. I move more now at my advanced age than I ever did.

Danced all night Saturday, as did all my Over 50s group (most of them in their 60s).

Dating ages? As long as it's fun, does it really matter?
HAPPYMATT  Male  South East London 20-Mar-2019 16:18 Message #4737220
In my experience you cannot beat sex with an older woman, they know what they want and how to get it.They also know how to please a man sexually cant beat them Matt
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 20-Mar-2019 17:08 Message #4737222
yeah MATT, we know all about your 'dreams & fantasies'!! lol

There's no need to drag up a thread from 5 years ago to tell us! lol
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 20-Mar-2019 17:10 Message #4737223
Just had a thought!! lol

perhaps MATT'S computer is running a blt (lot) s l o w!

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