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the elephant

Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Mar-2014 16:39 Message #4473845
In the sun newspaper 2 days ago there was pics of Sunder the elephant shackled and beaten in an Indian temple.2 years ago Sir Paul McCarney made a vow to get him to a sanctuary but the elephant still remains in capture.Im signing petitions like mad I came across CARE2 and quickly scrolled down to sign as video footage played and you just get drawn into watch and sit and feel so sick and numb at whats happening, and should never be,Iv'e replied to the Sun and now different animal organisations and pray like there is no tomorrow that Sunder gets released.

I just signed the petition "JUSTICE for Elephant abused in Jyotiba Temple : Sukanya Kadyan" on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:
PollyValentiniusPoppy  Female  Worcestershire 26-Mar-2014 22:41 Message #4473943
Come on everybody! Sign this Petition.

Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Mar-2014 22:53 Message #4473946
Polly,one site's got over 10,000 now,but know PETA have got involved and I have afew foundations to contact also.
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 26-Mar-2014 23:51 Message #4473963
I've signed that petition and also sent an e-mail via the PETA site.

I've been reading up about Sunder and have watched the undercover video footage - it's appalling. The poor creature can hardly stand up while he is being beaten. He looks so malnourished and de-hydrated.

I read a report in the Times of India that PETA had taken a case to court for Sunder's transfer to a proper sanctuary and the court had acknowledged that the mahout is untrained and that it is cruel to keep an elephant chained in this way but thay had adjourned the case until March 11th for a final hearing - I couldn't find anything about what has happened in that hearing - do you know if the court have made a ruling yet and what it was, Powly?
JEM95  Female  Oxfordshire 27-Mar-2014 06:11 Message #4473972
I've signed too, Powly.

Thank,you for sharing this in a thread - hopefully more people will be alerted to Sunder's plight and sign. People power can make a difference - just look what has happened as a result of the make-up free selfies over the last few weeks.

Good on you Powly xxx
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 27-Mar-2014 12:47 Message #4474041
Lady Iv'e copied and pasted this from PETAINDIA but trying to find out more by emails and calls,But on a blog last message said it's March 23rd so whats happening ???
During a High Court of Bombay hearing on 3 March 2014, PETA's lawyers Shiraz Rustomjee and Rohan Rajadhyaksha presented findings by elephant experts Dr EK Easwaran, Assistant Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry in Kerala, and Dr Yaduraj Khadpekar, senior veterinary officer of Wildlife SOS, who visited the 14-year-old elephant named Sunder on 19 February and argued that he is kept so severely chained that he's unable to lie down.

The findings showed that Sunder is displaying signs of severe frustration and mental distress, manifest as constant head-wobbling, swaying and other abnormal repetitive movements. As per the report and evidence submitted to the court, Sunder was displaying aggressive behaviour only towards his own mahout, Hyder Abu Bakr, and no aggression towards other people during the inspection, indicating that Sunder feels threatened by the mahout. Sunder is at the centre of a case in which PETA is calling for his release to a sanctuary.

Member of the Legislative Assembly Vinay Kore donated Sunder to the Jyotiba temple in 2007, and the elephant has been kept chained since then. In December 2013, PETA obtained video footage showing that Sunder's mahout violently beat him with a pole near a poultry shed, where he had been moved at Kore's behest. That same month, the High Court of Bombay ordered Sunder's transfer to a sanctuary, but he has yet to be released by Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Sarjan Bhagat. Kore and the Kolhapur Division of the Forest Department claimed Sunder was not being transferred because he is in musth (a period of heightened sexual urge, which can make captive bull elephants aggressive from frustration) and therefore cannot be transported.

However, the recent experts' report clarified that Sunder is not showing signs of a normal musth condition but of moda (or adolescent) musth and pointed out that Sunder can be transported to a sanctuary and should be, in order to avoid further damage to his mental health. The report also confirmed that Sunder's current housing facilities are grim and do not even meet the minimum basic standards.

After hearing the arguments by Mr Rustomjee and seeing the experts' report, the court acknowledged that the mahout is untrained and that it is cruel to keep an elephant chained in this way.

Among the stars who have taken to Twitter or joined the #FreeSunder campaign in other ways are Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Arjun Rampal, R Madhavan, Gulshan Grover and many others.

The matter has been adjourned to 11 March 2014 for the final hearing.

PETA continues to call for Sunder to be released to a sanctuary, where he can live unchained and in the company of other elephants.

P.s thanks Jem
Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire 27-Mar-2014 14:57 Message #4474067
Absolutely shocking
Have signed the petition

Pity this lovely animal cannot retaliate
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 27-Mar-2014 19:40 Message #4474133
Thanks Powly. I read that report too, which made me wonder what has happened since.

Since I last posted, I found some info on-line suggesting that the final hearing date had been postponed several times, due to the courts being too busy (apparently, such postponements are quite common)
I read a blog on the f/book 'Save the Elephants' site that Sunder's case had finally been heard on 23rd March but they are still awaiting to hear the verdict. Not sure how the Indian courts work but it all seems a bit confusing.
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 27-Mar-2014 19:56 Message #4474138
Thank you Lady - hope and pray,even the locals were outside court holding notices up asking for his release - Im trying hard to block the footage from my mind,elephants should be in the wild not treated like this...
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 28-Mar-2014 14:27 Message #4474312
...have a very detailed email from Peta India (sounds promising),If anyone needs to see it send me a PM with your email address and I will forward.

enjoy your weekend everybody...
EyesOpen  Female  Dorset 28-Mar-2014 16:04 Message #4474329
Have also been following this story and have signed the petition!
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 29-Mar-2014 20:33 Message #4474652
I too have just signed.
There are some really horrible humans in this story arent there.
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 29-Mar-2014 21:20 Message #4474679
... horrible vile bullying cruel low life ...
euphoria  Female  Cardiff 30-Mar-2014 10:02 Message #4474807
I've shared the story on fb to raise awareness of the plight of this beautiful animal

PollyValentiniusPoppy  Female  Worcestershire 8-Apr-2014 08:07 Message #4477389
I've just received an email advising that the Bombay High Court have ruled that Sunder is to be released to a Sanctuary.

Excellent news! Thanks for alerting us to this poor creature's plight Powly.

Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire 8-Apr-2014 10:27 Message #4477420
Good news I hope Sunder very soon gets his freedom in the safe sanctuary, he needs to see a kinder way of life
EyesOpen  Female  Dorset 8-Apr-2014 17:55 Message #4477523
Fabulous news, just received an email saying Sunders release is imminent!
Powly  Male  West Yorkshire 8-Apr-2014 20:01 Message #4477563
This abuse will finally END! The Bombay High Court has issued an order to release Sunder to a sanctuary. Sunder will now be able to live a more normal life—and one that is free of abuse—at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore. Yay!

Yep this is one good email I got too,It will be interesting to see the move and see him in his new surroundings - god bless him and all that have voiced oppinion to end the cruelty he suffered.
Luthien  Female  Cumbria 8-Apr-2014 20:14 Message #4477567
Brilliant news :)
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 8-Apr-2014 20:46 Message #4477574
Yes, it is brilliant news. I was so pleased to see those e-mails in my in-box giving the glorious news :) :) :)

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