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Are women racist when it comes to dating?

What do you think?

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panos  Male  central London 13-Dec-2013 02:29 Message #4444518
Female dating clearly discriminates by culture some studies claim.
As Ive already stated, I dont like to generalise but I've personally noticed that when it comes to daters, turns out women are the shallow ones;
"I never date outside my race" mentality...stereotypical brainwashed?
Is it prejudice/xenophobic to prefer one ethnicity?
P-E-P  Female  Somerset 13-Dec-2013 06:24 Message #4444519
More garbage.

I prefer blonds.
Does that make me hairist??
GentlemanAndScholar  Male  Northumberland 13-Dec-2013 06:49 Message #4444520
There was a study done recently on this subject using the facebook dating app. AYI (Are You Interested) Go check out:-

But basically white/Caucasian women prefer white/Caucasian men. In fact most women preferred white Caucasian men. Only black women showed a preference for black men too.

The most popular women are Asian in origin. Most men prefer a woman from a difference ethnicity. The second most popular women were latino in origin.

Black men and women received the least interest from other ethnicities.

I can only speak personally but my last girlfriend was from Peru and my last partner and mother to my children was from Malaysia. I think men are subconsciously predisposed to women of a different ethnicity because of enhanced genetic diversity. Women maybe drawn to white Caucasian men because of association with wealth, health and security.

I don't think its prejudice or xenophobia per se but more about basic genetics plus opportunity through modern travel to mix ethnicities.
nightfliight  Male  Northamptonshire 13-Dec-2013 07:55 Message #4444524
My personal experiences on dating sites and socially reflect the same findings as you reported GnS. I don't think it has anything to do with being racist just personal preferences for dating.
Darcyman  Male  East Yorkshire 13-Dec-2013 08:42 Message #4444528
I don't think it is in any way racist to be attracted to one race rather than another it is just a matter of personal taste, what attracts you attracts you what doesn't doesn't.
I used to be very attracted to pale skinned redheaded women but years of aversion therapy (marriage) cured me of that. lol
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 13-Dec-2013 09:26 Message #4444545
White women prefer white men, said the survey? Really? I must be an exception to the rule!
Mellow  Female  Lancashire 13-Dec-2013 10:34 Message #4444564
Interesting findings. I don't think it can be classed as racist, surely it's just personal preference for a certain look. My first choice would be for a tall,dark haired white man... the stereotypical tall, dark, handsome male, followed by asian men... I find them very attractive.
RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire 13-Dec-2013 11:13 Message #4444566
I don't think you can generalise or call women shallow for their preferences, feeling more comfortable with someone with the same culture surely isn't surprising?

Plenty of white women will only date black men. We all make our initial choices - and often change them when someone interesting comes along! It's not shallow to have a preference, it's often down to the population mix you are used to and who you come into contact with surely?
lucyjordan  Female  Tyne and Wear 13-Dec-2013 11:57 Message #4444573
I echo PEPs response
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 13-Dec-2013 12:07 Message #4444576
I prefer men when it comes to dating.

That must make me misogynist.
Nemesis  Female  Berkshire 13-Dec-2013 15:10 Message #4444620
I really wish the people who do these pointless surveys would find something useful to do.
MfP  Male  the West Midlands 13-Dec-2013 16:55 Message #4444630
Racist women are, in the same way that racist men are. Ironically, racists come in all races.
Orson  Male  Tayside 13-Dec-2013 18:11 Message #4444646
Orson agrees with dear PEP. More tabloid titillations for twerps.

Maggi Moonwytch  Female  Cornwall 13-Dec-2013 18:13 Message #4444647
I've never dated or had a relationship with any but British white men. Basically because no-one from another race has asked me. I'd be more worried about cultural differences than skin colour. I couldn't date a man who because of his cultural upbringing thought of women as inferior. But I've known a few white British men who thought that.

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 13-Dec-2013 18:52 Message #4444665
I'm trying to find a woman who is shortest...
mancab  Male  Greater Manchester 13-Dec-2013 18:56 Message #4444668
i'm a tittist.
johnlock  Male  Essex 13-Dec-2013 19:03 Message #4444669
In reality, most people want to be with someone of their own race, not racist but realistic.

Brundall  Male  Lincolnshire 13-Dec-2013 19:24 Message #4444675
Personally I think age is more important its no good a 30 something gent looking for a 60+ lady or the other way round.
I think 10 years either way is about the most suitable, what do you think ?
johnlock  Male  Essex 13-Dec-2013 19:38 Message #4444678
I wouldn't mind a 30 year old girlfriend! LOL

MissDirection  Female  West Sussex 13-Dec-2013 19:41 Message #4444680
personally, I try not to date outside me specieices
12sue21  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Dec-2013 19:42 Message #4444681
Think we are all entitled to date who we like, our own choices can include race, colour, and religion, it can include blue eyes, slim build or no ginger hair. It does look like people are being far to choosy, but that's life. In the real world we meet and like people with much less requirement's.
Hedgehog43  Male  East Anglia 13-Dec-2013 20:01 Message #4444688
Who cares if women are beng racist? No-one cares about being labelled a racist anymore. The word has lost all meaning thanks to arguments like this.
Hedgehog43  Male  East Anglia 13-Dec-2013 20:04 Message #4444689
12sue21  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Dec-2013 20:17 Message #4444701
Hedgehog 43,is that people feel ok to say what they do want, men or women?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 13-Dec-2013 20:24 Message #4444705
In that case, you may struggle on here, Miss D.
There are still a few dinosaurs around.

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