Wildkatt Female (52) from South Yorkshire

Not been on here for years - Im still trundling alone - happily single but heart spoken for .. chasing my dreams x

Hi Im Katt..

I am an attractive curvy lass. Been out of a serious relationship for a few years now... but very close to a good friend who I will always be loyal too and am happily single and enjoying my freedom as I follow my path to a dream life that we share when our paths cross .

I am a sensitive shy but sassy fun honesty flirty boho lass .. freespirited hermit future writer and artist, tho havent spend much time pursing this. Its work in progress :) Ilove just going with the flow of life. The past has finally been left behind and the future will come..right now Im learning how to enjoy every moment and live in the now.

I am an animal and country loving lady. I used to have my own pets for therapy collection and animal sanctuary, this was closed following ill health and an accident with my husky team. Ive been recouperating whilst moving forward with a positive outlook and a second chance at life. I am a natually gifted healer and resently serving the community whilst i sort my financial ties out - I want to live out in a log cabin in the wilderness or on the road with a woodland base.. I cannot cope with peoples energies for to olong.

I value close friends but cherish those moments you can only share with someone special :) That said I know very few people in this area and hope to find likeminded friends to share my free time with.

I am quite a sensitive soul, empathic and emotional, yet am also a very strong independent woman with a stubborn streak. I do crave the old fashioned values in a gent - and of course a touch of romance never goes amiss, but above all I miss my cuddles on those cold winter nights.

I love to drive and explore places, especially visits to lakes and mountains. I seek someone to share the more homely times with.

I love cooking for people, entertaining or just sitting back and watching a good film, although the best views are out amongst Mother Nature herself and I would rather be out enjoying time in my camper van than sat on the couch for the rest of my life.

I am a recovering social phobic and still get anxious in crowded places or new situations if on my own.. however in a professional capacity I am quite the entertainer and organiser lol.

I have dreams - dont we all - whether that be becoming a true medicine woman or published writer. I love mountains, country, lakes, the sea and cannot resist paddling whenever I see water - whatever time of year !

I am a private soul until someone unfolds me like the petals of a flower. Perhaps I can be likened to Pandoras box - as the more you delve inside, the more you will find and be surprised and maybe even tempted by.

I can rough it as much as anyone else, or put on fine jewels and dresses, in fact I can adapt to any situation and this is one of my talents :)

I am very spiritual and believe in positive thinking. Many men have entered into my life, but only special ones have claimed a piece of my heart and continued on their own path.. I have been hurt in the past and admittedly find it hard to trust easily, tho I do not dwell on past issues it should be recognised I prefer honesty and openness and value myself now ... and would expect any man with me to do the same.

I love to read and gain knowledge - admit when I am wrong yet stand up for what I believe in with a passion !

I am sincere, genuine, honest, loving, sassy, unpredictable, stubborn, romantic, dependable, charismatic, full of wonder and childlike dreams, and totally unique :)

I love to my animals, dont mind camping, fishing, or watching films at home cuddled up in front of the fire, have a laugh with friends, meals out, cinema, driving, love bikes, want to have a go at sand surfing, jetskiing, quad biking and all the things that have eluded me to date, but are on my wish list :)

I am a very homely person and can make a home out of any place or any situation, I like to look after my man and love to please - whether that be flirty evenings or candlelit dinners I am a born romantic and poems and flowers will come his way because I love to give - and of course am not adverse to receiving this either !

I'm a traditional lass, very old fashioned and want a man to show his affection to me over time, allowing a bond to grow and that electricity to build between us.

I believe in life and know my soulmate is waiting for me. Life is a journey of lessons to make you stronger - I do not regret my past and look forward to a wonderful future.

I suppose I'm likened to a hybrid boho, hippy chick, gypsy, freespirit, medicine woman, farmers wife, darcys lady, psychic nut, zookeeper, tarzans jane and cinderella.. but dont let that put You off LOL.. I also come over as quite mainstream too.. and have a darkside that tempts many within :) I suppose it depends what life throws at me to which part of my personality excels at that moment.

Tho shy at first I become sassy and a bit of an enigma. People say I should write a book about my experiences! So I shall !

I am a giver rather than a taker, a lover rather than a leaver and am proud of the person I am. I know I have loads to give and have more problems choosing the perfect mate from many, than not finding one.. I want someone to want me and show it .. perhaps I like the old fashioned wooing and respectful dating.. tho Im not adverse to a bit of fire and spontaneity .. grins.
I am looking for other companions who repect my life and freedom - similar to my bestie kind hearted, loving soul, one with a great personality and a character that makes me smile on good days, yet can wipe away the tears with compassion on those bad days we all have sometimes. Someone who I can listen to for hours on end - from stories of travel, wisdom or just humour that gives you that belly ache and constant giggles - lol.. I love to laugh :)

I seek someone who will encourage and support me to get fit again. Recognise that I used to be active and wish to be again, am hidden inside a shell for various reasons and the one that breaks that shell will be rewarded with a true diamond !

(I used to be extremely active breaking horses, training dogs, trekking, and want to get back to this. Due to an accident when out scootering huskies, I ended up using a wheelchair due to injured knees and lost confidence in walking. Having been back on my feet I now need to tone up and get back in shape. I have never been slim - when I am back at my best I will be a size 18 with all the lumps and bumps in the right places lol - I am presently a big beautiful woman size 20/22.. so if you want the thin petite blonde lass.. walk on by, as I am a bubbly busty Brunette / dyed redhead with a sassy kinky fun mindset .. and can give any stereotypical blonde a run for their money lol )

He will beable to hold a good conversation - or just have a laugh amongst friends. Able to teach me things yet admire my intellect. I am intelligent and seek someone who is able to recognise this amongst my childlike wonder :)

He will want to unravel my different layers to find the person within, and be open to offering the same honesty, integrity and openness that I offer.

Your eyes mean more to me than your money, your heart means more to me than your past, your personality means more to me than your car, your life means as much to me as mine !

You are someone that once I meet I will ever forget, once I touch you will always remember, and once we are together will never want to be apart.

You will appreciate I am a strong willed woman with a touch of attitude that pops out and needs controlling sometimes lol. That said I can also wear the trousers and am not adverse to... in my world ...if needed.

I have children but they do not live with me - I cannot have any more. I am honest enough to admit this is my time to enjoy life now.

You would respect my friendships as I would yours, but be honest enough to voice concern where needed. You would also forgive easily when I have moments that need to be ignored.. and just write it off to me being female just as I would appreciate men have faults too !

im not looking for anyone right now .. but if you are meant to pop into my world im sure it wil happen -

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I'm 52 years old and come from South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 7" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I'm here for friendship and hobbies and interests.

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