Victoriana11 Female (79) from Buckinghamshire

Ex-secretary living in the Chllterns. A bit on the immature side (still think I am 29).

Interests : Auctions, antique fairs, CB sales, animals (2 cats) art, home-making. A country person rather than a townie - love village life. I enjoy my home and garden, and like eating out (and in). I like cars, computers and learning anything new. Water-colour artist. Love nature, especially Dartmoor area. Like to walk in the woods after the rain - the smell is wonderful. I would like to think I am interesting and fairly intelligent. I am also honest, tolerant and caring, and would very much like to make someone happy in a one to one relationship, where caring and sharing is of prime importance. It would be lovely if you were Lancelot and I were Guinivere but I am quite practical and down to earth , so I have to accept reality. I am really quite a nice person who cares for the feelings of others and their feelings are important to me. I am just a normal female with normal needs - and sorry lads, I am not into bungee jumping, scuba diving or even jogging(anymore).

I am often alone, but never really lonely. I find that time goes quickly and I have so much yet to do in this life. I just love being 'in love' and want to experience all those lovely feelings again, with that special someone. It would be impossible to stereo-type myself, I am a 'one off'.

I would like to meet that special N/S man with high morals, who enjoys some of the same things as myself and who can be a friend to begin with, and build a relationship of getting to know each other in a 1-2-1 situation. Someone to rely on when the going gets tough, someone who knows how to share. Preferaby someone taller than 5'8".

Someone who can be my friend, lover, confidante, soulmate and equal partner. Someone to share my life. Someone who is loyal and trustworthy, honest, placid and caring. Someone who I can make happy too.

I would be nice to meet someone who doesnt want to change me, who can accept me for who/what I am . Must love animals and nature, and enjoy village life.

If you are married, attached or just seeking a casual fling please do NOT contact me.


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I'm 79 years old and come from Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom. I'm widowed with no kids. I'm 5' 4" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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