usuallyLaura Female (59) from Devon

happy, alone - but not lonely ! and certainly not desperate !!!

looking for what ? i don't know... ( perhaps it's a case of once bitten, twice shy ? )

and the simple question is...
is it better to have loved and lost ? or not to have loved at all ? is the past that makes us who we are, it shapes the way we feel...
i guess we have to get over it! before the future it does steal...

of those that caused us pain - hurt will do it all the time

we have to learn to move on, or it would really be a crime
our lives would remain static with trust and enthusiasm gone

we have to learn from times gone by even if they were wrong !

who knows what fortunes lay ahead ? ( and not just the monetary kind ! )

from now on look ahead with hope... and say what's on your mind

ok, so i'm divorced with a wonderful daughter aged 22.
and kind of think it's time for something for me, instead of being mummy all the time ?

so i joined this wonderful site !

i could go on to say i like this and i like that,

but i have noticed how many people like walking on the beach, so i won't put that !
as the beaches must be so crowded with all these hopeful midsummers' eve members having walks on them !
i just think it's amazing all these men don't find me there with my daughter walking our dogs.

i live in torquay in devon by the way,

and i have no idea whether i could cope with a long distance relationship ?
but who knows !

until i moved 17 years ago i was living only a few minutes away from a beach
( still in torquay tho )
however it was a shingle one ! which kind of summed up life a few years ago.

tho i don't think i look at life all the time thru rose tinted glasses ?
i do believe in happy ever after !

i'm not a devonian by birth, been here for 20 years.

i was born and bred for 17 years in Scotland - so actually i'm glaswegian !

and inbetween Glasgow and Torquay, i stopped off in and around London for 22 years.

i don't think i plan on staying in Torquay or indeed Devon forever.

someone with broad, strong shoulders and a big heart ( for my fragile one )

with a sense of humour to make me laugh

men who are married / in a relationship need not apply !

and no liars either !

nor men that have a problem with me being a single parent, it wasn't my choice, but hey i am one now and that's it ! otherwise i haven't a clue who i'd like to meet ?
( i have no set requirements as such i.e. height / weight / colour of eyes )

but actually i don't like facial hair and i do think too much of an age gap can be problematic...

oh and i think i should say if you are a vegetarian that it's too much like hard work for me...

how do i know until we do !
( meet that is. )

as you've looked at my profile, you'll probably find that i look at yours in return - curiosity is a great thing !

if you continually admire my profile, tee hee i will probably send you a p.m.
( personal message )

so feel free to play the gentleman and leave the first p.m. ?

but please don't send a kiss or ' admire me ' as it won't prompt me into sending you a p.m. first !

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I'm 59 years old and come from Devon in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with one child. I'm 5' 3" tall and of cuddly build. I'm a smoker and I don't drink. I'm here for dating and friendship.

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