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Back on here after 8 years away in a relationship that's died a death though given me two fantastic children.

Its sometimes hard to describe yourself accurately so being as open as I am, I asked colleagues and friends. What I got was unique, loyal, talker, steadfast, powerful and the person to turn to when things are going wrong.

Gentle guy who's wanting the most life has to offer. I'm straight forward open and honest - my bosses over the years have always said i'm too honest and nice for my own good mind you what does he know. I try and take life as it comes. If I tell you I'll do something I'll do it. I am open to most things and willing to try anything at least once e.g. I hate heights and still gave air a go at alton towers and loved it. I love dogs, its important to me that the lady loves them too, as taking long walks with them is something I adore.

I grew up travelling round the globe so seen a fair bit of it now, though plenty to go back and see or visit for the first time. I take chances with my heart and live for the moment rather than waiting and debating.

Outgrown the club scene, prefer the pub for quizzes and pool. though if you know of an eighties night on, I'm more than ready for a night of dancing the night away. I love films and with my excellent memory it comes in handy for the pub quizzes. Water or pillow fights or a bout of tickling never goes a miss.

I treat others as they treat me. I only judge only actions and inactions i.e. the what and how, not the why and learnt the hard way that life is too short to waste on indecision so I move now not next week. So please don't say you are going to do / can do something if you can't, I don't and do expect the same.

My musical tastes run pretty much to the song, if its a good ballad then I'll sing along with it though the rest of the world wishes I wouldn't. I've got a rhino thick skin for alot of things whilst at the same time sensitive, so rather hear a straight truth than another feeling saving platitude or lie - to me they are one and the same.

Tact, subtlety and hints rarely work with me, often need to hit me over the head with the proverbial two by four or something to get me to notice. Friends and colleagues all agree in the dictionary under sceptial and cynical it should have a picture of me with the caption "See this man".

I've learnt not to go off the first impression as we all have bad days. I know if its right with someone and that has never been determined from one meeting. Whilst I can chat freely and easily for hours at a time over the phone and msn, its hard work for me in person to chat smoothly until I can really relax with a person and know where I stand and where they stand with me.

There's very little that surprises me or makes me run for the hills, what's the past is the past, ok it made you who you are, as long as I know about it I'm usually fine about it.

Don't take me seriously in the common room, unless I say I'm serious or a serious matter is being posted by another, as I love to take the p**s there.

I vote various ladies gorgeous, bonkers, literary genius etc. on here if I think they are, the only time I don't message after that is if there's a barrier like very long distance in the way and I don't think it will work. I'm just sending a genuine friendly compliment that is all. I'll always be up for chatting there after if you want.
Can you tell the truth when everyone else wants and expects you to lie? Be reliable and dependable above all else? Have you learnt that the words you pick and the tone you use convey say MORE than the words themselves?

Your size, height, age aren't the main things for me, (dated size 6 to size 22, 5ft to 6ft in past) its what's inside that head which will get my interest. There has to be some attraction there or it goes nowhere in the long run.

Someone whose inquisitive, with plenty of passion, caring i.e. makes an effort and takes an interest, tactile, loves animals, lots of conversation as I like to talk and discuss anything from music to the news and definitely want someone whose decisive. I know what i want and don't want in life.

It would be really nice to meet someone who can really debate, challenge me mentally, push the boundaries in a philosophical or socialogical discussion.

I'm after a friend, partner and lover in one as I'm after the one you can't live with out rather than one you can just live with.

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I'm 47 years old and come from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. I'm single with two children. I'm 6' 2" tall and I'd describe myself as slim. I'm a smoker and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating.

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