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I'm a bit of a performer. Work, leisure, whatever, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting up in front and delivering: I teach, and aim to ensure my students enjoy the process at least as much as I do. And there's nothing I enjoy more than that special electricity which happens when you're on stage with a band or a a choir and it all comes together.

That's not all there is to me, though. I'm someone who loves to listen - it's in my job description! - and is as fascinated by the thoughts and ideas of other people as I am of my own...although I generally prove to be better at understanding the former than the latter.

I wear many hats, both metaphorical and real - at one end of the spectrum, I work one-to-one with people; at the other, I'm teaching classes, or getting up with a band I've never met to play some tunes I'm not really sure I know. The other hats tend to be woollen, or straw.

I like to know how things work. I was dismantling alarm clocks and radiograms as a kid; nowadays, it's more likely to be a dishwasher. I had 25 of the best years of my life programming computers and training users - in that line of business, the ability to converse with a non-ITer was a rare skill! An atheist with a passion for performing baroque and Renaissance church music, I also play electric blues viola, and recently got roped into playing bass for a Cuban jazz trio - WELL outside my comfort zone! Oh, and just for a laugh (ahaha), I've been trying my hand at standup comedy, which has been a most enjoyable challenge.

I'm on a bit of a trajectory. Doing what I do for a living can involve (if you choose it) a great deal of self-development. I'm learning a lot about myself, and crave putting that learning into practice, and enjoying the results.

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I'm 56 years old and come from Carmarthenshire in the United Kingdom. I'm separated with no kids. I'm 6' 0" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for hobbies and interests and business contacts.

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