handyandy47 Male (72) from Suffolk

At long last, here I am - you found me!
Need you to come in, be relaxed and see!
Do you like humour, maybe a joke, a jest?
Room for me for improvement, to be the best!
Establish contact, what you say, should we?

My interests?
I like to:
Cook good food (no dog food, packaged for humans, for me!);
Kiss & Cuddle (I'm a hopeless romantic);
Listen to Music (from classics to contemporary)
Mess by/in/on the water (amble, relax, sail);
Paint & Craft (I like art of all sorts from abstracts to sculptures)
Play games (board-, card-, computer-, but do not gamble!);
Travel (Seen much of Britain & the world, but much more to explore);
Solve and Create puzzles (Quizzes, Sudoku);

What do I know? A little of everything – you'd call me an opinionated Jack of all trades and master of nuns - but then I'm not religious, but a polyglot with a penchant, even panache for linguistics and lyrics.

If you agree with some of the above, our sense of humour might tally! I take life both with a pinch of salt and full shaker of fun - do you?

Well if you have kept my company so far and are not yet confused, message me!

What I am looking for?

A lovely missus, who hugs and kisses,
shares cars, no: CARES, as well as smiles and tears,
music all sorts, just a little sports;
cars, jets and ships, Few chips - they go on hips!
Is that you? Let's join in a brew!
But, I hate beer! What do YOU drink, dear?

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I'm 72 years old and come from Suffolk in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 6" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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