FAITHY Female (71) from North Yorkshire

I am a Gemini.
love having a birthday about 6 months
between it and Christmas!!!

On this site for friends only!!!!! As I see a special friend (every few weeks due to the miles apart)!!!!!!

I love to be in good company,
I like to laugh a lot.
A real big kid at heart and definitely do not act my age.
I am always ready to help any friend who needs me.
Really enjoy meals out with someone who is good to be with and talk with.
(I do not eat any meat but eat fish, so not a complete veggy)

I have done both Salsa classes and have enjoyed Ceroc.

I love to go out walking, going to the theatre, meeting and making friends.

I had three small dogs together in the last few years but had dogs all my life. Who gave me great joy.
Sadly Little red Gini had to be put to sleep on 9th June 2006 aged nearly 18,
and on October 20th 2007 my sweet cream Cloe age nearly 17 was put to sleep.
Two dear Dachshunds.
My last little girl was Faithy my Butterfly dog.
Born on October 20th 1999. Who I share my nick name for this site with!!!!!!!!!! Sadly she has now gone to Rainbow bridge also on 10th November 2014. Love them all so much.

I was a voluntary Dog Trainer for 24 years at a local Dog Club up to a few years ago.

I had a divorce party 2006
and invited my close friends inc a special guy who I still see!
With all who had given me their support to help me through.
What a great time we all had!!!
after my too many years of hell !!!!

PHOTOS = on my Page are

My two late Dachshunds Gini (Red) Cloe (Cream)

ADAM FAITH who I have loved from been the of age 11.
(Sadly no longer with us. He died on 8th March 2003) Hence my nick name.

A photo of me in my youth!!!!

The real Faithy! My Papilion

A few photos of myself over the last few years up to the present day.

Gosh! life is so much better now.
Having much more fun.
Still so much that I want to do!!!

I just love being alive NOW that I am in my PRIME

(I had been Worried about that last big birthday
that I have had But now it has come and gone.
Thankfully I do not feel any different!!!!!) Scary stuff.
I am not happy about the years rushing by, but I have so much further that I would like to go!!!!!
As I do not like or want the alternative!!!!!!


I so enjoy being with people who are younger then me as my guy is.
Not ready for my bathchair yet!!!!!!!!!

I live between Leeds and York

Also only half a mile from my Daughter!
(Not too good an idea as we do clash a bit!!!)
I have two Granddaughters. The Eldest has just Graduated as a Commercial Dancer after been at Uni in Spain for the last three years, I did miss her. Thank goodness for FaceTime!!!

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---\\\--///---- Died From Cancer
----\\\///----- Or Who
------///----- Maybe Suffering
In memory of my Son-in-Law John. April 11th 2000.
Also his mother Dolly. May 17th 2008.
Good friend Betty. April 2004
Skye, my friend from this site. Feb 2009
Julie age 50, Dog club team member and friend. Feb 17th 2009
All who left us through cancer. Such a wicked disease!!!!!
I like meeting ladies and guys who will be GREAT friends.
My type of guys are fun to be with, have a kind face with a lovely personality and a great smile, Slim build.
For meals and days out. NONE SMOKERS, love Banter at the Meet ups.

I just so love to see a tall slim guy in his suit, A real city gent, WOW !!!!!

So hate to see or be near guys
with their beer belly hanging over tracky bottoms !!!!!!!
Why do some men think that they look good like this??
Beer belly are so off putting. Yuk.

I was married to a guy for 40 years, who put on far too much weight!!!
He died suddenly on 10th April 2015. Poor guy. Sad time for my daughter and girls. Knowing someone for over 52 years is a very big part of life. But he was not the love of my life!!! A very hard marriage due to alcohol and his bad temper (I divorced him on March 8th 2006)

Give me a guy who is fit.
(I mean the way he looks after himself) lol

I would also like to make friends with ladies
as well as men on this site who like a laugh through the threads, messages or at the meets. Or just to go for a coffee with.

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I'm 71 years old and come from North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with one child. I'm 5' 0" tall and I'd describe myself as slim. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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