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Hello there everyone who has decided to read my profile. I updated it again today, and added a photograph taken at the weekend.

New update: September 2011 - now have a boyfriend! (am happy with that)
New update: November 2013 - boyfriendless (am happy with that)
New update: July 2016 - new boyfriend
New update: September 2017 - leaving the UK to go live in SE Asia.

I think I am rather funny and when out in company do seem to laugh rather a lot. I am definitely mellowing a bit more now and pick my argumentative discussions more wisely. If you are a bigot then I will just move calmly on rather than challenge you.

I am independent, work full time and have been divorced for many years. I am well travelled and enjoy reading books. I would go to the theatre more but Devon is not the West End. I come from Brighton and have lived in London before completely upping sticks and moving to Devon about 10 years ago.

A wench is not afraid to stand on her own.
A wench is beautiful, regardless of size, shape or color.
A wench is unafraid to use body, brains and brawn to get what she wants.
A wench doesn't need anyone to tell her how to live, love, look or dress.

(can't remember where I read the above but it seemed fitting for me at the time - hence my screen name).
Now in a loving, supportive and wonderful relationship; and about to embark on a brand new adventurous life-style. One-way ticket bought for SE Asia, leaving for India in September. Will be a digital nomad and so excited about this am fit to burst.

I would like to meet a man that is emotionally available and quite likes women and the differences between us. (He is!!)

That sounds lovely doesn't it!? (He is!!) (shall I pass you the sick bucket?)

Fave line of mine: Don't Trouble Trouble and Trouble Won't Trouble You.

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I'm 57 years old and come from Devon in the United Kingdom. I'm attached with one child. I'm 5' 2" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship and business contacts.

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