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Here goes!!!...I'm 6'4'' tall, short brown hair, 17 stone (slightly over weight), broad shoulders, small love handles, skinny legs, clean nails, handsome feet, blue eyes and Libran. I'm in professional employment and have my own house, car, teeth and hair. Not bad to look at, although not vain or shallow enough to call myself attractive (skin deep and all that stuff).
I'm quiet but confident without being timid or boring. I much prefer country pubs to clubs, love wrapping up warm for walks on a freezing cold day, I enjoy days out to the coast (Pacific preferably) and warm nights in with hours of conversation about anything and everything.
My work has enabled me to travel quite extensively although I have only just discovered Europe. One of my favourite places in the world is Cyprus, (maybe because I grew up there). I like to think it's because of the people, the culture, the scenery, the history and most of all the food. I intend to live there, sooner rather than later.

I've been told I have many old fashioned values and most certainly believe in chivalry. Saying that, I also like a woman to be capable and independent. I always try to put others first. I'm unconventional in many ways. I'm more of a Lark than an Owl. I'm also a realist with realistic ideals. I'm materialistic but not greedy, and not ashamed of it.
I like spontaneity (I may decide to go away for the weekend at 5-30 on a Friday evening). I feel perfectly at home in wellies or a dinner suit. I'm fiercely independent and often seem to be going in the opposite direction to the crowd, but still insist I'm going the right way. I have quite a dry / droll sense of humour. My favourite old time comedies are Blackadder and The New Statesman. My favourite film is The Life Of Brian. Horror films frighten me!

I used to be sporty but have become lazy of late.
I see myself as a 1961 Porsche, bodywork needs slight attention but engine and gearbox run like new. Could be a valuable asset in the right hands!

Some of my dislikes are: Smelly slavering growling groin sniffing animals with alopecia, religious weirdo's, slow drivers, bottled beer from pubs, suspicious minds (not the Elvis song), real ale, being made to dance, militants, opera, smokey atmospheres, people who love themselves, people who speak their mind to the point of rudeness, anoraks, strumpets, gold diggers, yodelling, arguments, pot noodle, 40 year olds trying to look 20, drunkards, bad personal hygiene, raw garlic, time wasters and rap music.

Some of my likes are: Marmite, olives, polite people, Northern accents, clean shoes, cinema, trying to play golf, Indian food, eating fish, going to the gym, cooking, badminton, ancient history, picnics, shopping, "Yes" shopping!!, curvy women, Greek salads, cars, classic fashion, crunchy peanut butter, people watching, cheese, barbecues and large breasts!! (I only said I liked them), (Not a pre-requisite) I'm trying to be truthful here.

After all that, I'd just like to say none of the above is set in stone. I would change any or all of the above for the right person........Could it be you?

If you'd like to know more then please drop me a line, photo appreciated if possible, shallow maybe, but realist. We all want someone pleasing to our own eye.......Beauty in eye of beholder and all that stuff. I wouldn't want to travel half way across the country to meet someone, and when I get there I find she looks like the wild woman of Borneo! or worse (Ann Widdecombe) sorry Ann!
Ladies Who Need Not Apply!

~ Those who think on-line dating is a last resort and feel embarrassed to be doing it, but they'll give it a go anyway.
~ Those who write e-mail messages in text form (It woz gr8 talkin wiv u, plzd ur feelin gud) or don't know how to use a spell checker!
~ Those with a profile consisting of just 3 lines, saying things like "I like going out and staying in" or "I love going on holiday", don't we all? You're on here I'm assuming to find the love of your life, put some effort in to it!
~ Those who only like to sit on the sofa in the evening, watch a DVD and drink something red.
~ Those with 5 kids under the age of 5, with 5 different dads, 5 Alsatians and who haven't worked for the last 5 years!
~ Those who are under the misapprehension that 5'3'' and size 18 is average.
~ Those with photos taken more than 2 years ago. The record so far is 11 years out of date! Why? Were not all blind and stupid. Just because your friend says you look 10 years younger than you really are. They're lying to make you feel good, that's their job! You'll get sussed and dumped the minute we meet.
~ Those who say they are attractive or very attractive. Says Who? You've been listening to your friends again. see previous point.
~ Those who would like someone resembling Richard Gere, but would settle for less. Take a look in the mirror, do you think it would really work?
~ Those without photos, what are you hiding? I'm not so shallow as to think looks are everything - I merely think they are 99.99% of the initial chemistry!
~ Those Germaine Greer types, you know who you are?!
~ Those who think I'm on here for a long term, long distance e-mailing relationship. I'm in my 50's and have never felt more need to expedite matters!
~ Those who feel that once contact has been made, exclusivity is their right! Wake up and smell the coffee!
~ Those who are asking for someone sincere, honest and with a good sense of humour. Wake and up and get real. People that aren't will tell you they are anyway! Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman managed to bluff us all for a while.
~ Those who can't map read, or parallel park on a busy street while being watched!
~ Those who look emaciated, I prefer someone slim, medium or on the chunky side of medium, definitely no protruding bones please! Body type is the first item I look at, and if I see thin on a profile, then I go no further. I find it a bit difficult focusing on personality when I'm looking at something that resembles an in-mate from Belsen.
~ NO married women, NO teeny boppers and NO Senior Citizens any more please!! In a strange way I'm flattered, but not the slightest bit interested. In my opinion under 40's are too young and mid 50's and up is way too old for me personally. Not being negative - just not for me.
~ Large tattoos, short spiky hair, facial hair and women under 5'1" are also obstacles for me, sorry.

If you think I am being too picky or negative, keep in mind I feel I have the same right as you ladies, to ask for what I want and like.
If you don't like my profile please just keep surfing by.
Please anyone contacting me, I am 100% genuine, if you're not, don't bother contacting me, even if I've contacted you initially. I have no time for timewasters, serial e-mailers, desperado's, gold diggers, good time gals or fakes. I prefer not to play ping pong with emails, I will expect a phone conversation early on.

The sort of person I'm looking for would be quite tall, 5'5'' and above. Must have own home and car (Aston Martin preferably). Some hair and teeth would be nice. Prefer someone in professional employment. You should be a non smoker or be prepared to give up!
My ideal lady would be kind and gentle, intelligent, well groomed, financially independent, open minded, sensitive, caring and adventurous. Someone who still has drive and a few aspirations. A person looking for a partner, a soulmate, an equal. Someone who will play 'last one up the hill' and enjoys a good fight in the swimming pool. Someone with a silly side but able to be serious when it counts. Someone who is okay with the concept of monogamy(fantasies allowed). Someone with manageable neuroses. Someone who is ready to embark on a serious relationship, not a casual affair. Someone who has consideration for others and is willing to reciprocate. Someone who plays golf would be nice. Someone opinionated but not argumentative and who stopped having tantrums in their teens. She would be divorced, widowed or single, probably not have young children and not live 5 hours drive away.
Like me, you will probably be a busy professional with little time to take the conventional route of meeting people.........Anyway, how many pubs, clubs and restaurants do you know that could compete with this?...with several thousand people in it, all sat in front of you showing you their details! My cup runneth over?

I would be a liar if I said looks weren't important, they are - but no more important to me than kindness, personality and intelligence.

I probably ought to mention I had a vasectomy 20 odd years ago, so if you're looking to have kids I'm definitely not the one for you.

Please note... If I do not answer your e-mail within 7 days I am not going to answer, please don't send more emails telling me how rude I am. Please show some respect for the above requests. I am not perfect but I do want someone that cares about my thoughts too.

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I'm 58 years old and come from Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 6' 4" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship and hobbies and interests.

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