ChristmasSpiritdancer7 Female (66) from Merseyside

Am a happy, optimistic,spiritual,sensitive,non-materialistic,tactile,intelligent person,spontaneous,unconventional and definitely quite mad!
I work with people who have learning disabilities and thoroughly enjoy it,feel I've found my vocation in life and get a lot of job satisfaction from it.
Dress to please myself,depends what mood I wake up in,hippy-ish,spanish-ish(???),gipsyish...luckily my employers accept me the way I am,lol.Out in the evening to a rock club or pub...I AB LOVE MUSIC,dancing to Led Zeppelin,AcDc,Metallica or chilling out to Yes,Pink Floyd,Enigma,Enya etc,have New Age stuff too.Like listening to opera and classical music when the mood takes me. I enjoy doing crosswords(the harder the better),dancing,like a game of chess or scrabble,dancing,reading esoterical books (to educate my mind),dancing,walking(especially through woods or barefoot through clover...bit of a pagan)...water,starry skies,,mountains,castles,old churches..(am I meandering a bit?),sunsets,rain on my face,jumping in puddles...visiting the Lake District,Yorkshire Moors and Wales),dancing,talking(can chat for England),dancing,listening(once people start talking to me,they don't stop),dancing,laughing(my sense of humour is quite dry and I do appreciate someone that makes me laugh out loud),dancing,holding hands(touch means such a lot,sometimes more than words)and did I mention I like dancing?
Enjoy cultural holidays(ab love Andalucia,especially Seville,sure I've lived there in a past life) rather than lying on the beach as I like to do what the natives do.
Am also interested in the paranormal and attend mind,body and spirit fairs(soak up the energy,lol)whenever I can.Feel an empathy with Native Americans and love angels,unicorns and wolves!
Ideally I'd like to meet someone who loves music as much as me,who's not afraid to have a dance(headbang?),who's into live bands but if you don' prob...if you enjoy going for a meal,a trip to the cinema,or whatever,...I'm very easily pleased,am happy sitting on a park bench sharing a bag of chips.Just to spend some quality time together,having a laugh,good conversation and magical moments and let the future take care of itself!If you think we may get on,please feel free to contact me...if not,hope you find someone soon :)))

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I'm 66 years old and come from Merseyside in the United Kingdom. I'm separated with two children. I'm 5' 2" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating and friendship.

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