bodhisattva Female (45) from Lothian

So, Bodhisattva is my name here, that was my choice 11 years ago when I moved to Edinburgh...
What is special about me? I was born and grew up in germany, the former GDr. When I was 22 I went to live in Japan where I studied Japanese and japanese and Tibetan Buddhism. after 7 years of living in Japan I moved to Scotland and lived in a Buddhist monastery for 3 years. I guess I was on a deep spiritual search, and one of my deepest prayers that I had there came true, more about that later...

From there I moved to Edinburgh to study counselling, Shiatsu and some other forms of spiritual healing.

Back to my prayer: :When I become a Lama [meaning Soul Mother in Tibetan, or Guru in india, or just spiritual teacher], I want to be able to work with people from any faith or religion:. These were the words that flooded through me one morning while I was doing my work at that monastery...
At that time I wrote a lot of poetry and then I did not realise how often in them I prayed to God...

Anyways: Over time I experienced the presence of God in my room and met my friend and spiritual teacher there who showed me how one can actually experience God and meditate on him, so to learn to walk with him and let him work through you.

And now I teach meditation to people, even over Skype and do spiritual healing work. Thus, my prayer has come true!!!

I ticked Christian for my religion, but am not attached to any church. In fact, the way most churches teach about God pushes him away so far, that's my experience.
If I had to go to church I would become a member of the Greek Orthodox church, because there people understand God and Christ as they did before all the true christians and Christed people were killed and the church was controled by the Roman Catholic church...

I often go to Cyprus, because my teacher and friend lives there now.

So, as you can see, my life is full of God.

I think of myself as a happy and cheerful person. I like a good sense of humor.

Some of my friends describe me as stormy, mystical mischievous and loving...

Some of my favourite things are:
my first cup of tea in the sun,
The twitter of birds,
wet grass under my naked feet,
laughing loud,
having the last word,
home made breads [I just found how one can make bread without yeast]!
Walking around Arthur's Seat
Going to Portobello Beach

And I love Edinburgh!

Oh, just one more thing!
My pictures here are a bit old, but I'm completely blind, so it is not easy for me to take any and put them up.
Sorry for that!

I want to meet people who are sensible, sensitive to others and who try to be honest.

I'm not making big demands here on relationship or finding mister right.
I have to think whether I am mis right for whoever comes my way, and that is more challenging rather than treating people like stock on the market...

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I'm 45 years old and come from Lothian in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 4" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I'm here for dating, friendship, hobbies and interests and business contacts.

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