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Useless as a dating site but a brilliant place to hang out if you like to answer banal, retirement home style, quiz questions on its foras.

So tell me. What is the colour of your favourite Smartie?


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I'm 63 years old and come from Dorset in the United Kingdom. I'm single with two children. I'm 6' 0" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I'm here for dating.

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Global Warming

Global Warming BEFORE
Global Warming (2 photos)
My Art

My Art (6 photos)
On The Beach

Walking to work ... though this photo was actually taken on the way back. (See next photo to view the route).
On The Beach (8 photos)
My DIY Lithium Battery Packs

36v 15ah DIY lithium power pack. A similar (brand new) bought one might cost around £250. I make mine for around £30.
My DIY Lithium Battery Packs (1 photos)

1998 International Inventor of the Year
Press (9 photos)
Book of Bunny Suicides

Book of Bunny Suicides (13 photos)
Miscellaneous photos

Miscellaneous photos (9 photos)
My Dinosaurs

My Dinosaurs (2 photos)

OTB (1 photos)

ASIMO. HONDA'S PET PROJECT. It has taken 13 years for technology to catch up but I am now 3D printing my own life size, intelligent, humanoid robot ... in my conservatory!

All posts written between Sept - Oct 2006.
Nostalgia (4 photos)
My Drones

My Drones (3 photos)
Roman Dorset

I found the coin photographed for the book cover at the unlisted, unscheduled Anglo-Roman villa site I have been field walking and metal detecting for over 40 years. I have hunreds of coins, brooches and other artifacts - all logged and documented.
Roman Dorset (6 photos)
Ebikes and pedelecs

Ebike featured photo.
Ebikes and pedelecs (6 photos)
Beach cottage and garden

Beach cottage and garden (4 photos)
My robot projects

My main project remains the creation of a life sized humanoid robot, (over the next couple of years) but I recently aquired a retro, collectable, 2001 humanoid robot designed specifically to train people about bot programming.
My robot projects (11 photos)
My patented technology and products

One embodiment of Gravity Technology. (The principle and the systems work as security, anchoring and fastening devices on all planes. (Horizontal, vertical, etc).
My patented technology and products (6 photos)
Postcards from The Beach

Postcards from The Beach (3 photos)
Thorncombe Beacon

The centre of my world. A location where nature is raw, the landscape is stunning and humans are rare visitors.
Thorncombe Beacon (34 photos)