amelialone Female (58) from North East London


Long very dark red/brown hair. Green eyes.
Told I have a wicked sense of humour.
Also from what I have been told I am somewhere between pretty and gorgeous lol.
A teacher who loves sci-fi.
If you would like to know more just ask.
I'm newly single, looking for someone to mend this broken heart - or at least soothe it a bit.

PS A couple of people have asked how I can be freshly out of a relationship if my profile has been on here since 2002. Not long after joining Midsummerseve I met a chap and we dated for over 5 years. In that time I closed my profile to prying eyes. When we split 4 weeks ago I reinstated it. I hope I have more luck this time.... ever the optimist!

PPS A new development! On Valentines Day I received a card from said ex. He said not a day had passed without him thinking of me, the wording of the card was sending his love.So that evening I went to his house, but took with me his keys and belongings he had left in case his card was insincere. He wasn't.... he was shocked and delighted to see me. He declared his love and the next thing I knew we were an item again. However,with his years of avoiding commitment it seemed we were going into the same old, same old. There was someone on this site I liked, and would like to meet, so I had to know exactly where I stood. I decided that I would propose on the 29th February then I would know if we had a future or if I should put it all behind me and just get on with my life.

He said yes!
A considerate man, kind, thoughtful, good sense of humour.
In employment and single - i.e. not in a relationship.

Latest news: Sorry guys, I found him!

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I'm 58 years old and come from North East London in the United Kingdom. I'm attached with one child. I'm 5' 5" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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