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All over the world, Midsummer's Eve is known as the romantic and potent night of the year. Many believe you can discover the name of your future lover on Midsummer's Eve.
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Privacy policy

This privacy policy is a complete statement of what information we collect and how we use it. Your data is not used for any other purposes except those explicitly stated here.

Non-personally identifiable information

Non-personally identifiable information is the information our servers automatically collect when you visit this site; it is used to generate statistics on our performance and our audience. It cannot be traced back to you. It is collected whether or not you choose to join our site and includes:

  • URLs of pages you visit
  • your web browser type and version
  • the number of colours your screen is displaying
  • your operating system
  • the URL you clicked on to get here


Our service requires the use of cookies in order to track your user session. You cannot use the service unless your computer is set to accept cookies. A cookie is small text file placed on your computer which is sent to us each time you request a page. It contains a unique number, which is used to identify your session. It is used to ensure that the pages you see are tailored for you alone, and you do not see personal information from other users.

Personally-identifiable information

Personally identifiable information is information you explicitly give us, and in some cases it can be traced back to you. It is only collected if you join the web site. It is divided into two types: private data - that is data which we store and do not share with other users. And public data - that is data which we store and will publish to other users. Public data is in the public domain and can therefore be seen on this site and other sites in our network and may also be reachable through search engines and web directories.

Private data (non paying members)

  • username and password
  • email address
  • postcode/zip code
  • mobile phone number
  • date of birth
  • agreement to our terms and conditions
  • date of joining
  • account status
  • times and dates of logins
  • IP address
  • private messages sent to other members
  • email correspondence you have with us through our helpdesk
  • lists of favourites, winks, kisses and other bookmarks sent and received

Private data (paying members)

If you choose to purchase membership services or other optional services, you may choose to pay online. In this case further information is collected.

Our primary payment processing partner is WorldPay, a company in the Bank of Scotland group in the UK. When you make a payment the following information is collected by WorldPay, and where indicated it is accessible to ourselves:

  • credit or debit card details (NOT accessible to us)
  • name (accessible to us)
  • address (accessible to us)
  • email address (accessible to us)
  • phone number (accessible to us)

WorldPay privacy statement

Our secondary payment provider is PayPal. PayPal is an internationally renowned and trusted company who enable payments to be sent from email address to email address. If you use PayPal to pay for our services the following information is collected, and where indicated it is accessible to ourselves:

  • credit or debit card details (NOT accessible to us)
  • bank account details (NOT accessible to us)
  • name (accessible to us)
  • address (accessible to us)
  • email address (accessible to us)
  • phone number (accessible to us)

PayPal privacy statement

Public data

  • screen name (nickname used on the site)
  • country of residence
  • county or region of residence
  • sex and sexuality
  • age and birthday
  • number of children
  • marital status
  • number of children
  • height
  • build
  • drinking habits
  • smoking habits
  • self description
  • seek description
  • tags (hobbies and interests)
  • voice profile
  • photographs
  • photographs of real life meetups you attend (sometimes sent in by other members)
  • conversations contributions
  • list of friends linked to through the site

Confidential information about other members

If you raise a complaint about another member, we will deal with the complaint, but we will not be able to share any private, confidential information about their account with you. Similarly, we will not share private information about your account with other members should they raise a complaint about you.

We can only deal with help requests about your account. We cannot deal with help requests on behalf of another member. If you have a help request on behalf of another member please ask that person to contact us directly. This is because their private account information is confidential.

Termination of account

If you choose to close your account or your account is terminated by us, the above data remains on our system for up to 6 months. This is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure that if you wish to reopen your account, you can.

Secondly, we cannot immediately delete all your data because all messages, bookmarks and links you have with other members would instantly disappear. This would be tremendously confusing to the members you have links with.

If you do not return, your data is permanently and irrevocably deleted from our systems after 6 months.

The exception to this is your public conversations contributions which cannot be removed without destroying the threads.

Your email address

Your email address is used to send you a welcome message and for message alerts to be sent to your email account or to send you occasional bulletins about this site and other services which may be of interest to you. We do not under any circumstances sell, rent, lend or in any other way release your email address to other companies, individuals or organisations. We are totally against spam in all forms, whether sent by email or through our private messaging system.

Your home address

Your home address is used only if you make a payment to validate the card transaction. We do not under any circumstances sell, rent, lend or in any other way release your address to other companies, individuals or organisations. We do not send any post to your home address, unless specifically asked to by you (normally if you win a competition with a physical prize, or if you choose to correspond with us by letter). We are totally against junk mail in all forms.

Search engines, directories and other sites

Your public data may appear on search engines, directories or other sites on the Internet at any time. We do not prevent search engines from indexing our web content including your public data. This benefits you because people you might like to meet may discover your presence on this site through search engines.

For this reason it is important that you take common-sense precautions when preparing your profile and supply only the public information that you are happy for anybody to see.

Your public data may continue to be accessible through search engines even after you have closed your account here. We may not be able to easily get this information removed. If you do not feel happy about this, you should not use this web site and you should close your account immediately.

Your public data can also be copied without our permission or authorisation and may from time to time appear on unauthorised web sites. When we become aware of this we will take steps to get this public data removed. However removal cannot be guaranteed.


We accept advertising on some of our sites, from Adviva and Google.

Data Protection law

This site is run Midsummer's Eve Ltd. Midsummer's Eve Ltd is fully registered with the Data Protection Commissioner, and complies fully with the letter and the spirit of UK Data Protection.

Further information

If you would like further information about how your data is used, please contact us or write to us at:

Midsummer's Eve Ltd
Office 34
Surbiton Business Centre
46 Victoria Road

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