Help chapter Gifts

Help topic What are gifts?

Gifts are virtual presents you can send to other members via this site. We have a range of gifts to choose from, starting with our Virtual Valentine's.

Help topic How do I send a gift?

You can send a gift in two ways. Either click here to go straight to our gift shop and choose your gift first. In the gift shop you can enter the screen name of the person you want to send it to.

Or, you can click the link on their profile to send them a gift. This link takes you to the gift shop with their screen name pre-filled-in. This is handy if you're not sure how to spell their screen name.

Help topic What does a gift look like to the recipient?

First of all they'll get an email from us telling them they have a gift. This email contains a special, unique, secure link which takes them to the gift page. You can have access to this link as well so you can see what they see. This page contains the gift, your message, and your details (unless it's an anonymous gift).

Help topic How do I know if I have received a gift?

We'll send you an email containing a special unique link to your gift page. From there you can see the gift and any message from the sender.

Help topic What are anonymous gifts?

Anonymous gifts are sent without revealing the sender. Your recipient won't see your screen name or any other details about you. This is great for sending Virtual Valentine's for example. We will not reveal who sent the gift, even if asked.

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