Totnes Round Robin

My photos from the Round Robin Trip

The bunting is out - they must have been expecting us!

Grumpy old men? Fruitbat871, Lambsey, UsuallyLaura's arm, Basilicus (Rog01), Charlotte & Exl's coffee cup!

Colonel Mustard casting a spell at Paignton sea front. CM, is this the one you didn't want me to upload?

Fruitbat & Lambsey

So there is intelligent life in Paignton.

Here they come!

Walking down the street

Hey! Hey! We're the...... Laura, Charlotte, Exl, Rog01 + 1

Just seemed a tad incongruous - an ancient light with an energy saving bulb in it! :-)

The next train coming into Kingswear

Laura, Charlotte, Exl & Basilicus/Rog01

Shellducks to you!

A cormorant.

14 photos.

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