Travels with a lamb

May21st - June 2nd 2009

Packing is such fun!!

ready for the off - I'll drive!

Meeting new friends in Cannock

Having lunch with the girls!

Camelian & chriscan at the garden centre

out on our walk ....

smile please!

this wind is no good for the hairstyle!

Skittles meets shipwrecked for coffee

Lunch in Tadcaster

I'll be mother!

rea1 and Faithy

Skittles at John Smith's brewery

Ready for some R&R in Easingwold

Off to the North East, safely strapped in!

Skittles having a lol or two with euro and Ratty!

Psyssasy and Honey

... visiting the hens ...

... and Stanley!

.. having a slide ...

taking in the view!

Go on ... give me some meat, Dad!!

.. please Mum!!

early Sunday hugs!

bo, cakeloving and circe in the kitchen ..

..and a good time was had by all!

Skittles loves his new kilt!

Skittles chatting to wee Angus

Having a drink in Blackpool

Shorn! .. me not him!!

Blackpool Tower IS in the background .. honest!

The lamb with his sandcastle!

Waiting to eat in Bolton

C2mates. Serendipity & just ade enjoy the sun

Skittles quizzes Chris2mates

enjoying the sun ...

just ade, Denis & merlotman aka the 3 wise monkeys

.. having a jar with Jar Jar

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