Newbury Weekend March09

A great time was had by all!

Saturday afternoon at the races

Paulus3k,Judance and Lady Explorer : Cheers!

Blue Eyed Jane & Phantussy

ooo err!

Desert Warrior & Lady Explorer by the parade ring

Nurse & Blue Eyed Jane study form

Pricey, DougMc and Cakeloving

Paulus3k .. I won!!

Saturday evening meal, Direbus chooses ..

Hurry up, I'm starving!

Just Freddie and Gia

DW's favourite place ...!

Go on smile like me, econ!

Argante perusing the menu

Sunday, eating again . Toots joins the party!

Arbuthnot and Horn of Plenty

Don't be shy, Nurse!

A rose between two thorns?

Kisame finally made it!

Out in the sun, Tweetie Pie joins the gang!

Overlooking the canal ..

Kisame and her camera

DW dances with an unsuspecting lady in the pub!

MrEMan and Twinkle2

.. and Kisame gets the DW treatment!

27 photos.

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