North Devon 2010 Pt 1

Easter Pageant in Rainy North Devon but the competition was hot, hot, hot

Our Huggy Host, Lambsey

Our Huggy Hostess, Phantussy

The egg hunt organiser and prize giver Laura with Shaz,

Shaz grabs an early hug from the original Hug master

Argante, on the Sambuca trail

Shaz nibbles on a Prawn cracker while Ade chats with Auora,

I don’t know what Ally said but it made Lady from Leeds laugh

Saturday Lunch time, the skittles competition begins and phantussy takes aim with her first ball,

Lets Go Fly A Kite has a giggle as Nurse renames her (Fatima Kite)

ExmouthLady takes aim whit a nice soft ball in her hand

A short intermission for the birthday boy Nurse, to receive his cake

No….I is not sharing my cake with you lot

Come on Nurse, one good blow and they will all be out 1….2….3 Blow

Yey-hey, well done Nurse, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Oh yes of course the customary card with relevant age

Ah yes, this is what’s known as a bum shot

Get the technique right and this could be a winning bowl from FreeSpirit,

And the scores on the doors are!!!

The 2010 North Devon Skittles Champion is……”Free Spirit”

Also, a hug for this years champ


Is it a chest wig?

Is it a Devon Clan Sporran?

No….Blue eyed Jane, there's not a microphone down there!!!

AliceinW meets FreeSpirit

Torson, fewdots and lets go fly a kite share a joke

After the skittles competition it was of for a Tapas in the evening, Blue eyed Jane, Badman and Beamish are waiting patiently for service to begin

From the Left we have….Himself, David, Econ, Lady from Leeds, Ann with attitude and Destiny,

Lambsey and Judance

Torson, Fewdots, Eveready ExmouthLady and FreeSpirit all with empty plates tells another story,

P.E.P, John the Clueless, Judance, Himself, Ann-With-Attitude, with similar empty plates, yes the food was wonderful!!!

31 photos.

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