Leeds Meet 05 September 2009

The pictures of the people waiting in vain to greet Captain Stuart (now to be known as Pug wash) due to his no show, hee hee

The Organiser, Honey, it must be a French connection!

Terrie, another Sweet Gorgeous lady!

Two more Yorkshire beauties, Rea1 and Faithy,

And another Yorkshire Lass Kaz2061, without a drink!

Ooops Kaz2061 again, this time with a half full glass!

Alliez with HappyHutton!

Happy Hutton With Rea1, hand on her heart, very nice heart I must say!

Alliez and Pooks123

Mystery Man ? and mystery lady!

The Back Row is Rea1 and ? The Front Row is Faithy and Abszaz

Another Beautiful Yorkshire Smile, from Mrs Robinson!

And here’s to you Mrs Robinson! I don’t know who is Flashing who here!

AndyMacg getting to grips with Faithy and Honey, a thorn between to roses!

The Lovely JoolsMcG

The Lovely JoolsMcG even closer!

AndyMacG and no I hadn’t had a drink,

Kaz2061 with yet another half full glass!

Everhopefull and infamyinfamy,

Ok who cracked a funny!

Even Lazmo found that one funny, lol

Rea1 spotted something she liked so this is where she took over the camera! was it the wooden floor?

Well it could be the wooden floor but it’s looking ominous!

After a couple of goes now she has got her eye in!

And the reward for all that hard work!

Oh Honey, Swoooon who was that gorgeous fella!!!

Ok, that’s the lot, now show me the way to the golf course!

27 photos.

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