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Is religion relevant to today's society? Is there a God - or perhaps more than one? Does man have a soul? What happens after death? How do scientific advances impact on religious belief? How does spirituality manifest itself?

Some guidelines, to encourage good debate:

  • Please use rational argument to back up your statements;
  • Quoting from religious texts is encouraged, but please back up these quotes with your own views if asked
  • Use hyperlinks to relevant scientific evidence or religious authorities - make sure you link to authority sites though
  • Respect other's points of view
  • Answer any objections raised

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Is criticism of religions  (22)
racist and anti-
Jeff Male 
Orson Male 
8-Jun 18:41
It happened a long time ago  (38)
stories from past times
Blackjack Male 
fosy Male 
1-Jun 22:53
I hope I do not step on anyones foot here  (15)
when I say.....
Samx Male 
wonderoushen Female 
28-May 18:50
Has covid 19  (8)
turned religion on its head
aayan1 Male 
Minnie-the-Minx Female 
25-Mar 19:41
Have you ever  (13)
seen or experienced a Ghost
aayan1 Male 
NoSaint Female 
25-Mar 06:53
Have you ever  (2)
seen or experienced a Ghost
aayan1 Male 
aayan1 Male 
23-Mar 19:32
Is LOVE just another FOUR letter word,  (12)
Is LOVE disguising the fact it is also a portal into another dimension.
Blackjack Male 
HotOrWot Male 
21-Mar 00:02
Make a prediction  (21)
Mystic Not Hermit.
TimidTim Male 
TimidTim Male 
23-Feb 20:11
What does the story of Adam and Eve  (99)
teach us?
Jeff Male 
Jeff Male 
8-Feb 18:46
Is christianity  (29)
The West's only hope against islam?
MikeNorthWales Male 
Jeff Male 
19-Nov 10:25
tears, literally  (4)
infinitely appreciate n thank you soul
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
4-Nov 22:15
The Thought of You  (13)
Who feels it knows it
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
1-Oct 19:35
Truth  (31) Witheflow Male 
Witheflow Male 
22-Sep 17:56
Rattle That Cage  (14)
Through Darkness To Light
Rikco Male 
Elj Male 
1-Apr 23:01
Labelled As Unconditional  (3)
There Can Be Only 1ne
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
13-Mar 22:44
Science and Religion  (59)
more misunderstandings about creation
wonderoushen Female 
Jeff Male 
3-Mar 22:27
Drawn to a monastic lifestyle  (8)
but nowhere to go
wonderoushen Female 
wonderoushen Female 
26-Feb 11:16
But why?  (7)
Why not?
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
10-Jan 09:02
Don't look any further  (3)
Full faith in yourself, you were created because you got this, not simply because your parents had i
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
10-Jan 08:59
Stay True To You  (1)
True happiness comes from within, staying true to self goes a long way to achieving that happiness
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
24-Dec 19:06
I came to shine so I will  (1)
Being the light in the darkness
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
10-Dec 13:44
It is what it is  (14)
If it's happened then it was meant to be
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
10-Dec 13:42
Yay its annual catholic burning  (13)
wonderoushen Female 
wonderoushen Female 
11-Nov 18:27
Poking God with a stick  (49)
The disrespectful Parker space probe
Beach Male 
HotOrWot Male 
3-Nov 20:16
Jesus' female disciples  (10)
Written out of history
wonderoushen Female 
rosemarysteel Female 
3-Sep 18:18
Alphabetic Innerspitation  (6)
Laa la laaa la la laa
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
22-Aug 20:39
Inspire Yourself  (3)
Blah blah blah blah
Rikco Male 
Rikco Male 
1-Aug 11:48
PM programme item on the heroic struggles of Catherine Coreless  (37)
The cruelties performed in the name of Religion.
Timmee Male 
Timmee Male 
30-Jul 20:06
Don't Forget To Shine  (4)
People should need dark glasses to behold you haahaaa
Rikco Male 
joolsy Female 
7-Jun 15:10
Hello Darkness  (14)
If you can't find a light in the darkness, be the light in the darkness
Rikco Male 
Timmee Male 
6-Jun 13:34

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