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what can you do to help others ?

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
22-Mar-2020 12:44 Message #4773396
That's a fantastic gesture Jeff and good that you can afford to do it.

If any are on housing benefit though, could it not screw up their claims as it can be complex to get back in the system?
Just a thought.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
22-Mar-2020 19:13 Message #4773431
I always recognise how lucky I am in very many ways.

None of my tenants are on Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowaance, (as far as I'm aware), but it sweems that everybody may receive money from the goveernment during the crisis. If that makes some better off, then I'm pleased for them!

I don't know whether £zero rent will affect what they get paid. If so, then I might accept their rent and then privately repay it. (I have already informed them I will do that if rents are paid by standing orders that aren't suspended.) We'll see what happens.
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire
23-Mar-2020 09:10 Message #4773463
Topaz ..... just as I was thinking that I was talking to myself on my Meetup group virtual chat space, someone actually added something on the community chat page.

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