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Now all the sports been cancelled

what would you like shown to replace it

brisinger  Male  Lancashire
17-Mar-2020 00:05 Message #4772884
I've got a freezer full of bread. I'm thinking of selling them on ebay and make a killing on the panic buying ;-)
Aely  Female  Hampshire
18-Mar-2020 19:37 Message #4773032
When I was about 13 the tennis got rained of at Wimbledon and they showed re-runs of my favourite Western series, Tenderfoot. I would rush home from school! Long time since they showed Tenderfoot. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.
Aely  Female  Hampshire
18-Mar-2020 19:59 Message #4773035
Of course, there is always the series "Survivors" (original version of course. An unlikely tale about a lab accident which lets loose a deadly virus which becomes a deadly Pandemic.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
4-Jun-2020 21:56 Message #4782136
Some of the sport is back. But I don't see Wimbledon anywhere. That would be so easy to do even without the crowd. Though it might not be financially viable I suppose.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
5-Jun-2020 07:50 new  Message #4782164
I like sport and I like watching sport but at the end of the day it is just sport.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
5-Jun-2020 07:56 new  Message #4782168
I thought that was really good, I Claudius; so yes, that would be good to see. Other than that, I hate almost all televised sport but would like to see more programmes about climbing, caving, walking...that sort of stuff...perhaps some programmes about mountain and lowland rescue groups, preferably in the UK simply because it's more relateable.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Jun-2020 08:42 new  Message #4782179
For the last few years....I've watched or listened to most things that I'm interested in via the internet.....things like youtube....

No need to wait till a TV company decides to film and broadcast something.....Whatever your interests....check out the internet.....and very much the majority of the's there....

Say for instance'll get as much caving as you want.....24 hours a day if you wished....It's all there....waiting for you...
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
5-Jun-2020 09:48 new  Message #4782191
Internet is ok, but I suspect like many, I don't have regular or constant internet access and the access I do have would soon be used up by watching films/you tube etc.
Text based stuff like this seems to use less data.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Jun-2020 11:52 new  Message #4782211
I can't speak for anyone else....We all have our own budgets and priorities etc....and some live in areas where the broadband or whatever isn't good......

but speaking for's worth choosing an internet package instead of a telly license.....Of course, that means you can't watch BBC or their Iplayer live....but things often get uploaded to youtube quickly anyway.....

For's one of those 'what did I ever do without it' kind of things.....Unlimited stuff....I'm currently watching some 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents.....' from the 50's and 60's......and also listening to some half hour spooky dramas narrated by Mark Gatiss...all when I want to....not having to wait for the broadcasters to broadcast them.....

It's certainly changed my way of viewing/listening......

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