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Election Campaign 2019

Highlights 30th October

persona_non_grata  Male  North London
2-Nov-2019 22:18 Message #4761270
I like much of what Corbyn says but I don’t believe he can deliver the things he would like to deliver in an ideal world. I would prefer a different leader for the Labour Party.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
2-Nov-2019 22:24 Message #4761273
I think if you (generic you) don't work for whatever reason Corbyn will probably be a bit of a godsend.
Ironically, those who work, will suffer as a result of his ham fisted policies....
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
3-Nov-2019 00:09 Message #4761278
The latest polls now suggest a hung parliament.
The Conservatives lead is cut to 8 points.

Good week for Labour.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
3-Nov-2019 07:14 Message #4761281
That depends on which poll you read...
Westminster voting intention:
CON: 39% (+3)
LAB: 27% (+6)
LDEM: 16% (-2)
BREX: 7% (-6)

via @YouGov
, 30 Oct - 01 Nov
Chgs. w/ 30 Oct

New ComRes poll for Sunday express

Con 36% (+3)
Lab 28% (-1)
LibDem 18% (-1)
Brexit 10% (-2)
Green 3% (-1)

Best PM - Johnson 32% Corbyn 18%

Labour dropped one (ooh err) despite Corbyn's rallying speech in Battersea....
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
3-Nov-2019 07:39 Message #4761283
Maybe call it 'the Blackadder election'?
I really do live in another universe.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
3-Nov-2019 08:09 Message #4761285
Think my decision on which way to vote will be on the way to the voting station...
NoSaint  Female  Devon
3-Nov-2019 08:43 Message #4761291
When you talk to voters across the political spectrum it is easy to see why Johnson is more popular than Corbyn.
Johnson will look after the rich, industry and the working man but will not forsake the poor and disadvantaged.
Corbyn will target and hit the rich which will affect businesses and jobs and in doing so will harm the poor and disadvantaged groups harder than any others. This is what socialism has done throughout the world and throughout history.
As much as I don’t like Johnson he would be a far better leader.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
3-Nov-2019 11:43 Message #4761327
I don't like either of them, I think they'd both be bad but in different ways. I think the smaller parties will be the king makers in this new parliament, so I guess as none of them trust the tories and rightly so in my opinion it will be an alliance of some kiind with Labour, either a coalition or confidence and supply which will moderate some of Corbyns wilder ideas.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
3-Nov-2019 12:18 Message #4761343
persona ng

So if you like the policies of a party but don't believe it possible to deliver them, then is it not better to vote for an ideal and at least get some of it?

I don't for a minute think all Labour's ambitions can be achieved in one term.

I don't think anyone can really KNOW how someone can perform if they haven't actually had a chance to prove it.

We already do know what has happened under to the vulnerable in society since Thatcher and that includes Blair.

Johnson has already proved to change his skin like a chameleon according to who he is speaking with. I don't trust Johnson on iota to do anything to help those who have been badly affected by austerity, but I do trust Corbyn to try, even IF he doesn't achieve all of it.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
3-Nov-2019 17:57 Message #4761389
I have to say I'm surprised and rather annoyed that Nigel Farage is not standing for election.
I'm not a Brexit party supporter and wouldn't vote for them but think it's a bit rich for him to be putting demands to the Tories when he clearly doesn't have faith in the project to stand himself.
I wonder if many others feel slightly miffed like I do - let's face it UKIP and the Brexit party were/are nothing without Farage. Has he just shot himself in the foot?...
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
3-Nov-2019 18:11 Message #4761393
I heard that Farage has already lost 3 attempts to win to become an MP but don't know how long ago.

I would be very embarrassing to be leader with his profile and not win.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
3-Nov-2019 20:23 Message #4761397
I'm not in the least surprised about Farage, I'd be more surprised if he did stand for election (or at least tried to), but he isn't a politician, he has always had one aim, to get us out of the European Union, once we're out he'll have made his contacts and got his name known and be able to live comfortably off the proceeds.
It'll sicken my daughter off though, she's talking about voting for them if they put a candidate up where she is and won't hear a bad word about him.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
3-Nov-2019 20:47 Message #4761398
I don't see how that can be true, he has stood 8 times previously apparently. And I really don't buy into this "doing it for the money" argument either, all top politicians like Farage, Johnson and Corbyn are rich, it goes with the territory.
There's something odd about this decision, this election was probably his best chance of ever getting elected and having real power, blimey he may have ended up in government, why would he be turning his back on that?...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
3-Nov-2019 23:21 Message #4761409
Farage wants to hit the campaign trail, and see how that works out.
Maybe he sees a new approach, its got to be worth trying.
At the moment the Brexit party would not win any seats, but all seems to be possible in 2019.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
4-Nov-2019 18:52 Message #4761450
He's an MEP, so he'd have to resign that to stand as an MP with no sure chance that he'll be elected, this way he can have all the noise and hoo ha of a GE and campaigning, whilst still keeping his EU job and himself with a public profile where he can be sure of media attention. If he resigned as an MEP and didn't get elected to Westminser, he'd either have to fade into the background or make another new party.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
4-Nov-2019 19:02 Message #4761453
He could be out of a job as an MEP soon anyway. I'm sure as party leader he could have the pick of the seats in the General Election to make sure he gets elected. Something is afoot, this decision just doesn't make sense to me. I smell a rat.
Three Brexit party candidates have already resigned because of internal wrangling...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
4-Nov-2019 19:17 Message #4761454
But does Farage actually want to leave the EU?
He has made a lot of money out of saying that he does.
And the money keeps flowing, if we do not leave.

Politicians make a lot of money out of the EU, even failures like Kinnock.
Very few would actually want to leave the EU.

Would that not explain the whole situation with Brexit?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
4-Nov-2019 19:38 Message #4761458
I do wonder if for Farage it is more about the principle of leaving the EU than actually doing it.
It will be interesting to see how potential Brexit party voters will view this - ardent Farage supporters will accept anything he does without question but floating voters may not. It feels like he is no longer totally committed to the cause, it's UKIP all over again...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
4-Nov-2019 19:55 Message #4761464
Just imagine it from a business point of view.

You get a job, salary about 90k, and you just have to talk now and again.
It gets even better, you do not have to go very often, because you want to close the business down anyway.

Why not keep the business open?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
4-Nov-2019 20:01 Message #4761469
Hmm it's a valid point but surely people like Farage want money AND power?
Without power in politics you are nothing..
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
4-Nov-2019 20:11 Message #4761471
I'm probably being gullible in believing him....but from the interviews I've seen, and the things I've read, he has said that he will serve the cause better by supporting the 600 candidates around the country....He will be travelling all over......If he was standing, then it would be all about him...but now he can help all the others....
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
4-Nov-2019 21:19 Message #4761482
That could be right TW, a Brexit party candidate gives a speech at the local sports hall, not many people turn up.
If Farage is there, a lot more turn up.
If Mcdonalds is round the corner, you have a full venue!
The_Jewess_Rebecca  Female  Herefordshire
5-Nov-2019 00:21 Message #4761514
This is the nub of the propaganda that keeps the 1% in fine wine and helicopters, as if we don't yet have enough evidence that what trickle down really means is the rich pssing on us while the Conservative Party hold their beers. Not taxing the rich benefits only one group of people in society : the rich.

Has anyone not noticed what has already happened to "the poor and disadvantaged" ? Earlier I watched some overfed Tory suit telling us how the Council owed the Grenfell survivors nothing because they were unsecured tenants. Then I read a piece about all the Conservative ministers with shares in private health care companies, then about some guy with MS whose benefits have been halved because he can touch his nose then about the desperate attempts of the medical profession to try to prevent the NHS being sold down the river to US corporatists. Last week A &E at QE Birmingham had a waiting time of six hours. Seriously when are we going to catch up with the youngsters and clock that the Tories are shafting us and don't give a sh
t if we live or die. The signs of stagnation, corruption, decline and chaos are everywhere but hey Jeremy Corbyn was wearing a green tie. Seriously?

I do wonder what Corbyn would have to do to please some people. His policies are mainstream and tried and tested in all the European countries I would love to live in. They encourage and harness innovation and enterprise, foster community, provide great public services and produce thoughtful, well educated citizens but weirdly we would rather vote in liars cheats and narcissists who use their time in office to rip us off and dismantle society. If we get another five years of their slash and burn we can kiss goodbye to everything that makes Britain decent.

Whatever, for me it's simple. A vote for the Tories = a vote for animal cruelty . I would vote for Corbyn on that issue alone.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
5-Nov-2019 06:09 Message #4761519
I do wonder what Corbyn would have to do to please some people.

It wouldn’t be easy as far too many detest the anti-British behaviour in his past. The sympathy towards almost every terrorist cause through the his life. That can’t be changed.
He could do something to stop the anti-Semitism within his party but he never has and he never will. I don’t think he is capable of even making the decision himself.
He could get rid of his puppet master Momentum and take charge of his own party. But he won’t.

I have been a supporter of Labour and many of its policies in the past but Corbyn embraces too much fantasy and too much longing for a past when we know clocks cannot be turned back to the 70s when the country was at an all time low thanks to those who thought like Corbyn. Extremists. Communists. Stalinists. Selfish, self-serving extremists caring only about themselves.

I’m not a fan of the Tories either and even less so since Johnson became leader but even the Tories at their worst would do less harm to the poor and the disadvantaged than Corbyn and his cabal.
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
5-Nov-2019 06:49 Message #4761527
Farage and Corbyn share one trait. Their wish to maintain the status quo. Farage doesn’t want Brexit he wants the continued fight for Brexit. Corbyn doesn’t want to be Prime Minister he wants the fight to get Labour elected.
They both look good in opposition.

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