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Election Campaign 2019

Highlights 30th October

FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
16-Nov-2019 18:25 Message #4762609
Labour’s plan to nationalise, or first step, part nationalising BT and broadband worry me in several ways.
The frequent strikes of nationalised industries will cause chaos and cost industry billions of pounds.
State control, big brother, will be watching us and eating away our freedom.
They will be able to control what we receive on the internet and when like a Communist state.
They could manipulate future elections and referendums.
As a nation security could be our biggest concern. We know Labour and Corbyn have sympathies and close alliances with those we consider to be our enemies particularly in the Middle East.

I find the thought of Labour’s state control very worrying indeed.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
17-Nov-2019 01:17 Message #4762623
The Labour party have decided not to support freedom of movement (In manifesto).
Also free dental checks for all adults.

All Conservative candidates are going to sign something to say they will vote for the Boris Brexit deal, if they are elected.

Lib Dems are planting trees.

Nigel Farage is not having a good time at the moment.

Jacob Rees Mogg is at a party at Pizza Express.

Sorry that's Prince Andrew.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
17-Nov-2019 07:36 Message #4762625
Planting trees is good if it is partnered with controlling deforestation. This will do the planet far more good than electric cars and all that nonsense. The LibDems have got it right again.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
17-Nov-2019 11:25 Message #4762650
As long as its the right ort of reforestation, I know that sounds daft, but row of trees on parade like the conifer plantations so beloved of the forestry commission arn't quite the carbon sinks they might at first appear to be. What we need is broadleaf woodland, oaks, elms, beach etc, then we need an understory of smaller trees such as rowan, hazel and hawthorn, these encourage wildlife to live in the forests, this is what creates an eco system. I do think we need to ween ourselves away from the infernal combustion engine and hopefully more efficient electric cars, scooters etc along with green energy production will all help.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
18-Nov-2019 07:07 Message #4762716
Westminster voting intention:

CON: 42%
LAB: 28%
LDEM: 13%
BREX: 5%
GRN: 3%

via @Survation
, 14 - 16 Nov
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
18-Nov-2019 08:15 Message #4762724

Re your comment on the NHS and would staff benefit from a shorter working week.

I think it all ties in with zero hour contracts coming from another direction which is kind of, what NHS Bank staff provide or some, but much more expensive private agencies that sub contract to NHS.

In answer to your question, and just my insight, opinion, call it what you like.
It's not black and white but the Labour suggestion that we all would do a shorter working week could not happen overnight. I cannot recall the exact year, the early 70's maybe, when the working week went down from 40 hours to 37.5hrs. I think it was around the time I started training.

I think the next step could be down to 35 hours a week where employees could work 4 longer days or 5 shorter days, but I think this would have to combine with attracting more staff that are currently missing. I think it's 40,000 nurses at the present time.

One of the quirks of an 8 hour day on a typical ward is the overlap of staff at often the quietest time where 7am staff replace night staff, then the late staff come on duty maybe 11am, so you have double staff from 11am to around 4pm when the morning staff go home. Then there is the awful split shift where some staff are asked to not be paid and go home for the 3-4 hours early afternoon. In nursing though, part time work is relatively easy to find so I have never found that a problem when I returned in 1995 or even now.

I think the move would be to have a gradually improving minimum wage that would balance out by slightly reducing what is classed as full time. Evidence shows that working this way actually improves productivity because the employee is less tired and more focused in the hours they are in work.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
18-Nov-2019 08:20 Message #4762727
When we reduced staff working hours for the basic week every one of them wanted to makeup the lost hours with overtime so it wasn’t a shorter working week but a pay rise.
In the NHS it seems the scheduling of working shifts is more of a problem than the actual hours.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
19-Nov-2019 11:23 Message #4762842
I don't quite understand Labour's desire for less hours for everybody but their hatred of zero hours contracts.
The problem is this country is getting towards full employment, trying to find people wanting to work is becoming increasingly difficult.
As PNG says, companies forced to allow staff to work fewer hours will end up having to pay those same people at enhanced overtime rates to cover the shortfall in available staff.
Imagine the added cost to an organisation like the NHS, it would be enormous. They can't find enough staff as it is.
Labour seem happy to force companies to do this yet say it's wrong for companies to "force" staff to accept zero hours contracts...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
19-Nov-2019 18:58 Message #4762886
I saw Boris and Cobyn getting warmed up for tonights showdown, Corbyn looked suspiciously like a cat shut in a dairy, he was very relaxed and happy looking where as Boris was his usual pugnacious self posing in a boxing gym.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
19-Nov-2019 23:40 Message #4762914
Today 19th November 2019, television debate, Johnson and Corbyn.

A good debate, made better by the absence of Swinson and Sturgeon.
I find Sturgeon hard work, but Ian Blackford is even more boring.
Have the SNP got any decent politicians?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
20-Nov-2019 10:23 Message #4762937
I find the opposite to you NH, I find the Scottish politicians more verbally agile and more likely to answer questions directly. I only watched 20 minutes of the leaders debate last night and switched over, it was really boring and sounded just like PMQ's. I don't think either came out well from it.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
20-Nov-2019 11:09 Message #4762942
These debates drive me nuts, people moan about American influence and we then go down this road. We don't elect a President - it would be perfectly possible for the Tories to win yet Johnson loses his seat, the same could apply to Labour too.
If we have to do this I don't see why we don't have one debate that is shared by the networks and have done with it.
I didn't watch as I was working....
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
20-Nov-2019 12:18 Message #4762945
Mhairi Black is a fantastic SNP politician. I also like Ian Blackford.

Funny how Corbyn held the stats evidence of privatisation of NHS in his hands yet Johnson managed to deny it.
Also that Johnson had zero importance of personal insight on contribution to sincerity and also had to take the lead from Corbyn on empathy of victims re Bernstein/Prince Andrew issue. The BBC News this morning only replayed Johnson's last (copied) utterance.
Neros1954  Male  Devon
20-Nov-2019 12:22 Message #4762947
Corbyn and Johnson showed the nation just how useless they both are.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
20-Nov-2019 13:35 Message #4762948
I watched it last night too, and my thoughts about Corbyn were completely confirmed. He is a right twit. Heaven help us if he gets in, as he will break this country within 6 months. Where DOES he think all the money is coming from ! He forgets that money has to be earned, in order to be spent, and he is promising everything to everyone, which is just not possible. You name it, and Corbyn is promising to throw money at it.

I can remember in my lifetime that every Labour government has left this country floundering , and in debt. None of which were even offering what Corbyn is offering now, for goodness sake.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
20-Nov-2019 15:26 Message #4762950
So the deceit, or attempts to, by the Conservatives by sneaking in a Factcheck UK in Twitter to appear as the authentic source or correct information. This just shows how devious their promotions are to twist other parties and that they think it is OK to muddy the waters and mislead. If they don't know what fair is, how can they expect to actually be fair in their politics?

Now the authentic Fact Check website, not accounting for inflation, shows that debt when Labour left government in 2009 was £1011 billion, end of the LibDem/Conservative coalition was £1500 billion, then to date, in the region of £1750 billion.

This other website also shows how the Conservatives keep perpetuating the myth of Labour debts.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
20-Nov-2019 18:39 Message #4762964
A post on the NHS from "NHS Survival" Facebook group

"Ok those of you that work in hospitals need to put out there what’s happening in them. You are the frontline, the eyes of the truth. The media are not telling ppl so we will have too, we need to share either on here, insta, Twitter or whatever. Ppls experiences need spreading. No fake news that really isn’t needed. Johnson on live tv lied, he denied that he was selling the nhs off."

It's full of highly educated staff who all know the NHS is far from strong and continuing, but broken and failing and being gradually fragmented into private contracts.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
20-Nov-2019 18:43 Message #4762966
Yes the "fact check" website, all I can say is it must be pretty bad for the likes of twitter to start complaining.

I see the LibDems have thier manifesto out today a mix of tax and spend, but it all looks rather sensible compared to the wild giveaways promised by the others.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
20-Nov-2019 19:22 Message #4762970
I watched it last night too, and my thoughts about Corbyn were completely confirmed. He is a right twit. Heaven help us if he gets in, as he will break this country within 6 months. Where DOES he think all the money is coming from ! He forgets that money has to be earned, in order to be spent, and he is promising everything to everyone, which is just not possible. You name it, and Corbyn is promising to throw money at it.

I can remember in my lifetime that every Labour government has left this country floundering , and in debt. None of which were even offering what Corbyn is offering now, for goodness sake.

Corbyn is a danger to his party and to the country.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
20-Nov-2019 20:02 Message #4762972
So you prefer to ignore that it is actually Conservative governments that created more debt.

On Politics Live today, it was said that the choice of austerity has resulted in a poorer economy and a more employment on lowest wages and zero contract hours, a false perception of security that just ticks the box of lower unemployment but more poverty, food banks, and personal borrowing to make ends meet.

The economist who was interviewed on the same programme supports that a new kind of economics and that a focus on capitalism, growth and profit has not worked and is not sustainable.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
20-Nov-2019 20:45 Message #4762974
Labour have always created more debt but what is worse is the money they borrow is spent on pointless policies that sound good but do nothing for anyone. Taking the country into a communist like state will hurt the vulnerable and poor more than any other group. That is why even Labour is frightened by thoughts of a Corbyn government.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
20-Nov-2019 22:29 Message #4762976
What a load of tripe HotorWot.
You just keep spouting the same hogwash.
Corbyn is socialist not communist.
Read the stats.
Conservative leadership historically have higher debts. In fact austerity contributed to even higher debt.

Look it up, but not likes of Daily Mail or Express.
BlackMark1  Male  Leicestershire
20-Nov-2019 22:42 Message #4762978
Socialist or Marxist?
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire
21-Nov-2019 16:48 Message #4763011
1. In October 1936, Jeremy Corbyn’s mother participated in the battle of Cable Street in defence of British Jews after British fascists had staged an assault on the area. Corbyn was raised in a household passionately opposed to antisemitism in all its forms.
2. In 23rd April 1977, Corbyn organised a counter-demonstration to protect Wood Green from a neo-nazi march through the district. The area had a significant Jewish population.
3. On 7 November 1990, Corbyn signed a motion condemning the rise of antisemitism in the UK
4. In 2002 Jeremy Corbyn led a clean-up and vigil at Finsbury Park Synagogue which had been vandalised in an anti-Semitic attack
5. On 30 April 2002, Corbyn tabled a motion in the House of Commons condemning an anti-Semitic attack on a London Synagogue
6. On 26 November 2003, Jeremy Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion condemning terrorist attacks on two synagogues
7. In February 2009, Jeremy Corbyn signed a parliamentary motion condemning a fascist for establishing a website to host antisemitic materials
8. On 24th March 2009, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising British Jews who resisted the Holocaust by risking their lives to save potential victims
9. Nine years ago, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion praising “Jewish News”for its pioneering investigation into the spread of Antisemitism on Facebook
10. On 9 February 2010, Corbyn signed a Parliamentary motion calling for an investigation into Facebook and its failure to prevent the spread of antisemitic materials on its site.

Something doesn't weigh up. All the above actions, contradict the smear narrative coming from the press Barons ?
NoSaint  Female  Devon
21-Nov-2019 16:55 Message #4763012
Welcome back Maglorian. Interesting post. It doesn’t really surprise or contradict as the anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is an absolutely indisputable fact. It is also indisputable that Corbyn has done nothing to prevent the anti-semitism.
It is a shame for those not on the extreme left because poor old Jeremy seems incapable of making any decision on anything and the fact he has allowed this nastiness to be part of a once great party is a sadness for everyone.

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